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u/Thatsneakyboi · 1 pointr/Etizolam

Look, I keep seeing you referencing needles with your syringe and you should not ever have to have a needle for an oral solution. You should be using a oral syringe such as this one it will work perfectly, and you dont need to worry about it contaminating, like others said, just wash out your container with some form of alchohol and that will clean any bacteria that may have formed. And it wont kill you, but I dont put my syringe directly in my mouth, just squeeze it over the top.

u/TrimPot · 1 pointr/Etizolam

I'm assuming you have a gemini-20 or something similar. Accuracy is about +/- 3mg with larger amounts. I'd suggest going for around 1mg/ml solution as this will be easy to measure and if you are mixing into 100ml+ the inaccuracy won't matter at all. You can find PG on amazon, you can also find it on some online vape shops because it's one of the main base ingredients in eliquid. Just get yourself a beaker to measure it out and a blunt tip syringe to measure your doses.

u/Notyou24 · 1 pointr/Etizolam

You dont spray etizolam solution in your nose, you swallow it. You buy propylene glycol and a bottle like this and mix it in there. The amount of etizolam you want to use is going to depend on the size of the dropper bottle. For example, 1 gram dissolved into 30mls of a pg solution would be 33.33 mg per milliliter. Hard to dose. You could do 300mgs into 30ml and get 10mg/ml which would be more even. To figure out how much you are dissolving just divide the mg's by the milliters you are dissolving it into. To measure the liquid just get a dropper or something that shows 0.1-1ml on it.

u/flippyflopped · 1 pointr/Etizolam

Sounds expensive: Whoops reviewer: "Picture shows it measures ml in the dropper, and it does not. only reason I bought. take a new picture and give me my money back please." There's are better deals that can be found, that actually measures. Edit2: