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u/halfshellheroes · 5 pointsr/Eugene

I think more than just an issue with simplicity or difficulty this is a matter or feasibility. A grad student could easily get their dissertation doing this project for just one molecule. However if you're serious about this let me give you some advice.

  • When I say decomposition pathway, I mean physically what are the molecules in your battery doing in order to produce a current or energy? This will require a large understanding of electrochem and physics as well as an exceedingly up to date understanding of material sciences in the physical chemistry field. I recommend start by reading publications on current "next gen batteries" and see where that takes you. If you go to the UO science library you can use their computers to go through the literature. I'd recommend reading Journal of Chemical Physics, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, American Chemical Society, American Physical Society, and/or Physical Review Letters

  • Drop this notion of a permutation set, or at least limit it to a molecule class (with specific allowed elements or lengths). Unless you set up exceedingly smart parameters all you will get is 99% of your data being for molecules that absolutely can't be used for batteries. For starters, do you want to find organic compounds that combust like gasoline as a source for fuel? I think you more likely want something like a Lithium ion cell which would require you to look at transition metals. Be less concerned about being able to make a set of 10^50 molecules and instead focus on how (from a general molecule motif) would you generate energy in current form. How much energy do you get from a redox reaction of Li in acid versus a complex of (Li)_n. An added complexity is that the order in which you arrange them will also change the bonding. This isn't just, will it make a linear chain or will it fork, or will it be circular; this is going to involve analyzing how the electrons interact on an orbital level. This work is basically probing the question of how catalyst work (an answer to which would undoubtedly get you a Nobel prize).

  • Being that you will most likely need to do some type of oxidation reduction reaction (you'll see a lot of excitonic processes currently being used for energy) to generate free electrons this guarantees that you will need to do ab initio quantum calculations. In order to do that you have to basically derive the energy of losing however many electrons in a specific manner in a vacuum at 0 K. HF will NOT cut it. You will need to use several high leveled theory basis sets and compare the results. This means you will not only need to understand mathematically how these calculations are done, but also understand quantum mechanically how best to represent poorly defined things such as single charge states, ionization, and far more complicated advanced topics.

  • Look into Density Functional Theory (DFT). For reactions that mix between classical and quantum (semi-empirical) it's the current standard way to go. That being said, this is not a technique that can be generalized to any molecule. Every simulation is exceedingly specific to every case.

  • You will need computers. Lots of computers. Either you build your own super computer and drain your bank account funding the electricity (you will need to be a billionaire to do this) or you do what any sane theoretical chemist would do and apply for grants to some of the XSEDE super computers. Keep in mind the grant cycle just ended so you'll have to wait until next year to even begin applying and you'll need to convince way tougher scientists than me. If you're planning on doing semi-empirical and especially if you plan to do any ab initio calculations you will need a lot of computational resources. Try playing around with Gaussian (g09) available for free on most linux machines to get an idea of how long these calculations take and how much more processing power and memory you'll need.

    Here are some books and resources that will catch you up McQuarrie, Cramer, Marcus Theory, and all things Mukamel for electron transfer.

    Good luck!

    [EDIT]: As far as temperature goes, that's a concern more so for the effects on a classical level, so you need a MD or semi-empirical system with a good forcefield defined.
u/chadcf · 20 pointsr/Eugene

Near Eugene? Or in Eugene? We're a pretty small city, so living near work is pretty swell as you can get around by bike and save on gas. 15th and Lincoln is a good area, had a grad student friend who lived there. You're far enough away from campus that it's mostly grad students and less noise, but still pretty close to downtown. Where to live depends on your goals though, proximity to work, proximity to restaraunts/bars, bike friendly, quieter, safer, etc etc.

As a Columbus transplant myself, you'll probably find it a pretty easy transition (at least I did). Some notes:

  • No sales tax is awesome
  • You can't pump your own gas
  • No one really uses an umbrella
  • Invest in a good rain jacket
  • It rarely dips below freezing and snow happens once every 2 or 3 years. I find winters far far preferable to Ohio. The typical winter day here is in the upper 40's with off and on drizzle.
  • The beach is cold. Even in August. Don't wear shorts and t-shirts like you would on the east coast. Bring a sweater even in summer. Don't plan on swimming.
  • It does not rain in summer. Like, ever (mostly). It is glorious. But you will miss summer thunderstorms (we don't get those).
  • We have a lot of bums and homeless people. You'll get used to it.
  • People here tend to be friendlier, more talkative, and often weirder.
  • We take our beer much more seriously out here, though from my recent trips back to Columbus the beer scene there has also started to pick up.
  • You can get Jeni's Ice Cream at Capella Market, and Graeters at Fred Meyer. We don't have Bob Evans, White Castle or Waffle House :(
  • If you want to explore the outdoors, start here
  • Get an REI membership. You'll use it.
  • Don't leave your bike outside if you can avoid it, no matter how good of a lock you get.
  • If you plan on driving to snowboard/ski/snowshoe, get snow chains. You are legally required to at least have them in the car in the mountains (and they will check and ticket you). They tend to cost about $80 or so and you can buy them at Les Schwab and return them in the spring if you never use them. Practice putting them on before heading to the mountains. Unlike central ohio, we have real mountains and no road salt. No matter how good of a snow driver you think you are in the midwest, the mountains out here can be TERRIFYING.
  • Visit Crater Lake. Preferably in June, when it's warmish but there is still snow on the ground.
u/mrtoddw · 30 pointsr/Eugene

So Mimi has responded back:

"Hi Todd,

Happy to answer your questions. My book is called Passionate Journeys: Why Successful Women Joined a Cult.

While there were individual devotees in Eugene between 1981 and 1984, there was no group presence. However, Sheela and KD Mayor of Rajneeshpuram) spoke in Eugene in an event sponsored by the ACLU in 1982. In the Willamette Valley, they had a much larger presence in Salem and of course Portland.

When the group dispersed, very few individuals settled in Eugene, although some passed through on their way to other destinations. Over the decades, there have been some Osho (Rajneesh’s new name) meditation sessions near the university.

Thanks for your questions and you are welcome to share my responses."

I /u/mrtoddw have included the link on Amazon for the book:

u/CalifOregonia · 4 pointsr/Eugene

Others have mentioned William Sullivan's guidebooks, this one is virtually the hiking bible for our area. There is a newer version that I couldn't find on Amazon, but has recently been made available at REI.

If you plan on staying in Eugene for awhile that book is worth every penny. Just make sure to be a respectful hiker if you buy it, many of the trails that he lists used to be fantastically secluded, but have recently become much more popular.

u/StevelKanevel · 3 pointsr/Eugene

Yeah, the snow camping around here is great. I'd suggest picking up a copy of 100 Hikes in Oregon as a start. Once you hit August I recommend pretty much anywhere in the Three Sisters Wilderness for backpacking.

u/GretaX · 2 pointsr/Eugene

You're welcome! They send you a bright blue non-removable sticker to put on your bike, identifying it as registered with the police. Could be an additional deterrent, who knows.

Locking: Sturdy U-Lock (like the New York Fahgettaboudit) through the frame & rack, sturdy cable lock (I have this one) through the wheels and secured to your U-lock. Locks are still only a deterrent, but that and locking in a highly visible location could be enough. At least, I've had luck with it. Knocks on wood

u/shward · 1 pointr/Eugene

Get this book:

It's a really great read. Explains the basics. And like several others here, I'd be happy to go over some photography basics with you.

It's been a while but the U of O had a group of people that met on campus and went on photography walks from time to time when I worked there. It might be worth investigating if they still do that.

u/kookaburra1701 · 2 pointsr/Eugene

Not Lane County/Eugene specific, but Oregon Geographic Names is a really fun book that talks about...well what it says on the tin.

u/SuckItWhoville · 7 pointsr/Eugene

Pick up a copy of this for next time:

You won't have to search very hard to find a copy. Heck, it's even sold at the True Value on Willamette.

u/[deleted] · 16 pointsr/Eugene

I'm citing a story from this great book

Basically GM and Firestone bought shares and properties in the rail system and shut it down as a way of forcing people to take buses. I'm paraphrasing, of course.

u/echoman503 · 2 pointsr/Eugene

Jackson here, I am an aspiring author, with poor grammar and I'm an awful speller. Without spell check and proofreaders I would be helpless. Working on my second book on homeless cures and myths. I was headed up to Portland because my eldest son had passed through there and felt it was required for my second book to have information from there. I ended up in Eugene and staying because I saw a different thing; a housing issue and a homeless issue, separate and combined

I communicate the message well; homeless people are not null and void. I've been working with the city for 7 plus months on creating a better place for all.

Maybe you should leave...

The homeless residents here are just like you, stuck in the world they envision as survivable! Most all on the streets living would rather be inside, but for the restrictions imposed by the ever exclusive market of housing and 700 plus on a TRW/TU/EF report. Now needed to get a good job, loans, rental unit, and more. Nobody ever educated the masses on these impacts on one's life. And many out here are on disability income, preventing them from being housed in their community with a 700+ and clean criminal history.

I have grown boys, both college grads struggling getting jobs in their fields of study. I owned a business for 20 years in NJ. I could go that direction again if not for being married to the cause of giving a voice to those I see are nullified without investigation, based only on status.

u/Ihavesiftedthistles · 1 pointr/Eugene

the Sentinel. the Chronicle. the Daily Sentinel. the Sun. the Star.

There's a book about it Haven't read it, just found it in a google search pondering your inquiry.

u/NetaliaLackless24 · 2 pointsr/Eugene

You know, I was wondering the same thing! Crazy idea, include a link to what it is in the post!

I'm assuming it's this "best seller" on Amazon. I don't get it though. It's not released yet and there are zero details about what's in it besides a 96 page book. It says choking hazard, so I'm assuming there are at least dice and maybe some figs.


u/etherbunnies · 1 pointr/Eugene

Interestingly, this is why the KKK in Oregon wasn't focused on african americans--there wasn't much to persecute. Instead they focused on the Catholics. The laws on private schools here stem from that period, trying to shut down parochial schools.

If you're in the mood for a rabbit hole, the minutes of the KKK in La Grande were found, examined, and published.

edit: And I just realized this is my instinctive response whenever the Oregon as Racist Utopia piece gets linked. The take home should be, the KKK in Oregon was destroyed in about a decade. Their dirty laundry was aired (various financial scandals,) and the local newspaper editors absolutely dogpiled on them for their bigotry.

u/EugeneLawyer · 6 pointsr/Eugene

I've got Kryptonite 997986 Black 18mm New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock ( I bought it for $72 )

Tougher steel, thicker, stubby, and locks on both sides of the U. Because it locks on both sides the thief would need to cut the lock twice.
The lock still can be cut with a battery powered angle grinder, but it will take longer.

All u-locks are not equal. Cheaper u-locks can be cut with bolt cutters.

u/ZikaPositive · -2 pointsr/Eugene

Wow, you're still going? You know you can date people without fucking them right? Also, men can be friends with women.

And now you're implying that I'm transphobic? Damn, okay that's not cool.

>Think of it less as unsolicited advice and more as warranted social feedback for writing what comes across as a creepy post on a local subreddit.

Yeah, if you really thought I came across as creepy then that's really just your personal interpretation. That says more about you than it does me. You seem like kind of a jerk.

You have a very condemnatory attitude. Here, I have a book for that.

It's not too late. Start living a healthy judgment-free life today!

Edit: after thinking this over a bit... Let's just pretend that my post was a sad and desperate attempt to find someone. Admittedly, this is how you interpreted my post. So, what if I was suicidal and this was a last ditch effort to find some connection that could give me some kind of hope, enough to carry on.

Is telling someone in that state mind, that they are repulsive, really the best thing to say? Don't you think you could have treated this situation with a little sensitivity and compassion? If you really thought my post was sad and desperate than your reaction to it was very cruel.

Edit part duex: Also "female" is both an adjective and a noun. Look it up in the dictionary.