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u/ChitlinSoulfood · 2 pointsr/Eve

I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned this yet. For background on Eve this book is actually pretty great. Since its a reader with individual papers its a bit uneven in terms of quality/value, but the variety of perspectives is pretty great.

Also, this recently(ish) published book by journalist /u/AndrewGroen is a great read too. It has some amazing details on some of the intrigues of the earlier days of Eve.

His talk at Fanfest in Reykjavik a few years back is amazing too, in terms of offering some insight into Eve's history, particularly a pretty fascinating story from Eve's history.

Especially if you're looking for a clearer understanding of OPSEC and its history/role in Eve both of these books are pretty great. Mr Groen, if he's still around on Reddit, may have some additional recommendations or resources as well.

note: these amazon links are not affiliate links! they go straight to the books' product pages

u/khaelian · 2 pointsr/Eve
  • PC: EVE is a pretty low-stress game on your computer. I can run at max settings in a large battle and maintain about 30 frames. My PC isn't the best, but it was about $1200. You can run what we lovingly call "potato mode" on just about anything.

  • Open world: If you can get there without getting shot, you can get there. On top of that, it's not like WoW where the mobs are going to kill you for wandering into a more dangerous area.

  • No steam. Nooooooooooooooooooo steam. I can't speak to other deals, but if you play this game for a year and pay a $15 sub the whole time, you have to put up with a year of steam to save 5%. You can also get the same deal on Amazon^(1).

  • Reading: EVE-University articles on their Wiki are super helpful. Also, there are a lot of really interesting lore stories out there like the Chronicles. I've honestly only read 3 of them, but they were all good. Inferno was probably my favorite. As for other resources, you can learn a LOT about the game from YouTube. The best EVE video producers are a corp called Rooks and Kings. They are very good at explaining things. I'd personally recommend The Drebuchet, The False Tower, Clarion Call 3, and The Anatomy of a Fight, but the rest of their stuff is good too.

  • Voice: Teamspeak is big in smaller corporations. In giant ones, they kinda have to use mumble just because it supports more users better.

  • American: It's the internet. There are a lot of jackasses. Just don't be annoying and you'll be fine. I'm also an American, but I'm from Minnesota, so that makes me nicer than you.

    ^(1 Courtesy of /u/Dinosplat)
u/Ashterothi · 5 pointsr/Eve

Hey man, Ashterothi from Hydrostatic, we provide good digestion of the information, but we are not a primary source material.

Here is a priority list for your study:

Lore Survival Guide by friend of the show Mark 726 - man he is amazing

Hydrostatic Know Your Lore for any topic you're interested in.

Hydrostatic Lore Panels - each is 2 hours of lore with some of the top lore experts in EVE. The first one is mostly background, and the following are processing the information as we got it.

EVE Source - an EXCELLENT Lore bible from CCP

EVE Chronicles - Over a decade of EVE narrative

Empyrean Age and Templar One - although many in the lore community have their reservations about Tony G. These are pretty fun romps through the EVE universe.

The Burning Life - Glorified fanfiction that takes a tour of EVE Online, honestly the above resources replace any value from this book.

EVE Wiki, past news items - Unfortunately time has rotted these resources (not inaccurate, but plenty of dead links and false trails)

This list is in order of how much effort vs. information you gain. Most of all I would recommend joining the Tweetfleet slack and come to the #lore channel. I literally knew nothing about the lore when the Drifters attacked. Like the rest of EVE, it isn't that hard to learn the lore as long as you put some energy into it.

u/TheExperienceD · 19 pointsr/Eve
  1. Start at the beginning of the Eve Reader Podcast series. There aren't many, and it passes time nicely during commutes:

  2. Listen to the "Know Your Lore" segments of Hyrdostatic Podcast (Again, the back catalogue is <20, so it is there on-demand):

  3. Get and read Templar One, the prose is a bit clunky but it is still fun and revelatory. It helps to have a bit of a background on the Lore before reading:

  4. Read a few chronicles. Pick a subject that interests you (The Seylin Incident, The Achura, The History of Caldari-Gallente relationships, Life in Amarr, etc...). Find those chronicles, and read them.

  5. Read blogs like Eve Travel, the new CZ columns on Lore, Follow Lore Hounds on Twitter. There's a ton there.

    Enjoy the Lore! It does add something to talk about on Structure Bashes.
u/Ilsensine · 2 pointsr/Eve

Here you go, can only use 1 ever per account so choose wisely

Honestly it's a great deal, the Plex alone covers the pack at this price.

If you use amazon and have never used "amazon cash" you xan get a $10 promo credit for loading your Amazon account with cash at a local retailer.

I handed the lady at cvs $20, by the time I got to my car my amazon account had a $20 gift card.
The Promo credit only works on items sold by Amazon, which the linked pack is.
So you get a $10 discount, pay $14.99 and have $5 in Amazon credit left.

I use Amazon all the time (infant, autos ships my ass {well her ass I guess} diapers and whipes each month) so I know I'll use the remaining gc balance.

At 15 this is an amazing deal.

u/ChribbaX · 3 pointsr/Eve

I got to where I am by pure luck imo. I had no goals of being what I am today, I kind of landed there through a number of lucky turns.

I feel there's not specific time I'm every time thankful for people trusting me and I enjoy helping out.

There's been moments of wtf and lol's - some covered in my Vegas and EDU presentations (youtube) else I also am happy shamelessly advertise my chapter in :)

u/khedan · 6 pointsr/Eve

If your friend doesn't have EVE : Source, it can be a nice gift.

Or an Amazon Gift card with which your friend can by PLEX (an in game item used to add 30 days time to an account, or that can be sold in game for in game currency).

u/lion_in_a_coma · 4 pointsr/Eve

Read a book

Edit: I just finished The Empyrean Age and it was pretty good. It gives a great background to why things are the way they are between the four separate races. I am currently reading Templar One (which is the second book of the series) and it is definitely superior and I am enjoying it a lot more. I am a huge fan of sci-fi and it's my main genre of book that I read so I am a bit biased but if you're into scifi as well I recommend the books.

u/xartin · 2 pointsr/Eve

Blue Yeti Black USB studio mic. it does come with a desk stand but the Rode PSA-1 mic boom i have that many others use with the blue yeti frees up my line of sight to all three monitors.

Bit pricey for both but definitely worth it for both compatibility and durability reasons. the rode boom arm comes with an adapter that fits the yeti mic, doesn't use springs on the boom arms which is a far superior design and the blue yeti by itself is just fantastic over a headset mic.

You can also get a pop filter and shock mount but adding both to the cost really increases the initial investment. they aren't really needed to make the yeti mic work but do add extra athletics.

I picked both up on amazon for xmas battlestation upgrades

Rode PSA-1 review
Blue Yeti Blackout edition Unboxing
Sound quality test differences between a crappy >$10.00 desktop mic and a Blue Yeti

u/CheraDukatZakalwe · 1 pointr/Eve

A couple of years ago a journalist wrote a book about Eve Online's community and how it's evolved over the years. Honestly, it's a good introduction into how Eve is played and a great read:

u/raphendyr · 2 pointsr/Eve

As a birthday gift I would go with AUR as it can be used for mementos (stuff that doesn't help you, but you can have and remember it was a gift from someone).

Though if you want to give something more useful, then you can buy game time or PLEX (it's mostly sold for in game money, but can be used as game time as your self too).

Or you can look here for real live items: (also there are few EVE books in Amazon this for example).

u/Andrew5329 · 18 pointsr/Eve

The "premium" one, not at all. The $10 one: yes

Basically difference between the $10 standard and $50 "premium" version is that the premium comes with like 20 million isk in free ships/modules and a plex worth 850 million.

The big thing that makes starter packs desirable is the Cerebral Accelerator which significantly boosts the rate at which you train skills (and get up to speed) during your first month. If your still willing to spend $40 on EvE I'd reccomend buying the $10 starter and a pair of plex worth 1.6 Billion ISK.

u/merrytimes · 3 pointsr/Eve

Everyone loves subscription time!

But the mechanical keyboard or nice mouse is great for anyone who is into gaming.

u/StainWaggin · 1 pointr/Eve

A while back i got one of the offers for the newbie packs from ccp.... let me look it up and see what was in it. It was a solid starter. This one and all the skillbooks for it. 4.99 usd. you could probably look up the stuff for it and make a solid pack.

The Venture Mining Frigate is versatile, armored and has ample cargo space for loot.
Mine asteroid belts for ore containing valuable minerals.
Launch combat drones to fend off pirate ships and other hostiles you encounter.
Salvage wrecks for valuable components to craft coveted spaceship rigs.
Manufacture powerful starships with the minerals and resources from your voyages.
Build a Mobile Depot and enjoy your own personal storage station in your favorite corner of space.
The Core Starter Pack includes the Venture mining frigate, plus the skills and modules needed to get you started in exploration, combat, salvaging, mining and manufacturing. Additionally, the Starter Pack gives you 30 days of game time and the Prototype Cerebral Accelerator (skill booster), allowing you to make the most of your first days in the opportunity-filled universe of EVE Online.

The Core Starter Pack includes:
The ORE Venture mining frigate
A full set of modules and equipment to kit out your ship
Over two dozen primary skills, ready to train
Blueprints to build the Venture and the deadly Corax destroyer
Avatar apparel: male “Esquire” and female “Executor” coats (black)
A Mobile Depot personal deployable
Prototype Cerebral Accelerator (skill booster)

u/CoffeeAndCigars · 2 pointsr/Eve

CONCORD, it's all caps. They're not separate, they're comprised of the four Empires. There's a certain degree of separation, but CONCORD relies entirely on the four Empires sharing the financial burden etc. Think of it as a heavily militarized United Nations.

And yes, capsuleers directly interface with the ships through the hydrostatic capsule, but keep in mind CONCORD has control over all systems we interface with. Trade, comms (chat channels), contracts, station services etc etc etc. Hell, they even print and own all our currency. Our ISK? Entirely artificial, exists only for us and isn't part of the baseliner economy. They can wipe all our money in an instant. Why do you think we can't just bombard whatever planet we want? Why do you think some lunatic hasn't plowed his battleship armada into Dam-Torsad yet? We can't even target these things, exactly because we have these leashes. Which frankly makes perfect sense, because those invisible leashes are just about the only thing that could make these Empires go "Hmm, sure, let's have these mad gods roam our skies in multi-billion ISK warships. What can possibly go wrong?".

As for actual sources for this stuff, it's spread across a lot of places. I highly recommend going through the Fiction Portal , Backstage's Evelopedia backup (limited, as the datadump from Evelopedia lacked a bunch of stuff. It's being slowly but surely rebuilt on the Fiction Portal by volunteer ISDs.) and buying Eve Source at some point.

I'm not going to annotate shitposts on reddit with specific sources, because after over a decade of playing and roleplaying in Eve, devouring all the fiction and lore, it's just too much fuckin' work.

u/sycopat · 9 pointsr/Eve

It's mostly just official chronicles and stories that are available elsewhere but I'm still partial to

Of the three novels, all of them are fairly old and some stuff has been retconned but The Empyrean Age was good, My copy of Templar One seems to be missing a lot of punctuation but I managed to make it through after I adjusted to it.

The Burning Life is very tonally different and I couldn't even force myself to finish it.

More recently, Eve: Source is a dedicated lore/art book released last year but I don't have it so can't comment on it's quality.

And I see someone's already linked True Stories

u/Good_Apollo_ · 1 pointr/Eve

No. but you can download the steam version, for free i believe. Then buy "Plex" from Amazon which is good for game time (or isk, in game currency) and redeem on the account you made via steam.

u/Vargralor · 1 pointr/Eve

I highly recommend reading the Lore Survival Guide linked from the site. It covers a great deal of lore information.

The EVE Fiction link on the site is the new portal CCP has put up and contains the old lore articles, Chronicles and short stories. The bulk of the theories are derived from information across the various Chronicles and the novels "The Empyrean Age" and "Templar One" which can be found on Amazon. I also spent several week re-reading the news articles found on the EVE World News pages.

u/fatnerdyjesus · 1 pointr/Eve

I'm not at work right now, but it's from this. It's about 7/8" long x 6/7" wide and probably 4" tall. Those third party sellers are pretty expensive, I think I got mine for $40, maybe $50. Here's a video of it.

u/tank-n-spank · 3 pointsr/Eve

The good news is all it'll take is a bit of money and a bit of time on your part but you can salvage your friendship.

First off you need to go here and get that. Then it'll take some willingness to learn about your friend's addiction. You can find the relevant information here.

u/silma85 · 2 pointsr/Eve

Be open about your relationship with EVE with girlfriend 3.0. If she's the right one, she will accept it and might even gift you some dank loot like this.

u/INITMalcanis · 1 pointr/Eve

The usual cycle is an entity takes a large amount of space, then grows stagnant as they have nothing they need from anyone else. Eventually the good FCs leave or go inactive, and the group's concerns are dominated by money. Eventually their greed outreaches their grasp and they get their shit kicked in by (usually smaller) active, experienced, motivated groups who suddenly find themselves in possession of a large amount of space...


Some groups deal better than others with this "affluenza", and take active steps to keep their 'content creators' active and happy in an effort to stave of the decay. But to date, every large spaceholding entity in EVE's history have been through this cycle. In the last few years we have seen the fall of:


(Currently) NC/PL/PH, aka "PanFam"


Last year: The "Drone Russians" - a combine of Russian groups that held the drone regions for almost a decade


2017: Stainwagon: Another russian-led group based in the regions around Stain


2016: the CFC/Imperium: the coalition led by goons which held most of the North (from Cloud Ring to Geminate) - mighty as the Imperium appears now, it's less than three years since it was perceived to be equally mighty, but in only a few months every sov system was lost and many of the previous members left and/or disbanded.


I very highly recommend The Empires Of EVE for a detailed account of the history of the game up to just before the start of the fall of the Imperium. My understanding is that Mr Groen is working on a sequel

u/valiantiam · 2 pointsr/Eve

Looks like it may be a book poster of some sort for an eve universe book.

Was not able to find an official poster though like the one in the image above. Possibly was a special printed poster to be handed out at the event.

u/SeraphEssael · 7 pointsr/Eve

EvE Universe, got the special edition when it came out. Amazing artwork, even has the Sunesis in it, goes to show how long they've had the models. Wonder how many more models that are concept art will make it to EvE.

u/skolebruker · 1 pointr/Eve

Ill buy it on amazon then: Is the amazon starter pack better than steams starter pack?

u/thecrazing · 2 pointsr/Eve

Here, $10 to upgrade your trial -> full account, 30 days, a nice booster as your char is already 21 days old, I don't think the booster will help you as much as it would've, but.. And a couple shirts. Not the best Starter Pack I've seen, and not the best price for a Starter I've seen, but it'll do the do, and better than the frig you get on the official forum, IMO.

If you can find another starter pack sold elsewhere at a better price, even better. Starter Packs can be used to convert trial to full. BUT! As others have said, avoid Steam. These days it's just another point of failure and some limitations, and IIRC you would have to start over completely, which as others have said, is suboptimal.

u/Jacks_Inflated_Ego · 1 pointr/Eve

They're mainly their own legitimate books, so you'd need to buy them off Amazon or something.
I haven't read them but i've gotten parts here and there and would honestly consider getting it if I wasn't a broke student.

u/G_to_The_Bell · 2 pointsr/Eve

Basically these.. and what you get is what they deemed equivalent because some of the things these codes gave you are not in game anymore.. there is a spot in account management to redeem codes like this but these are invalid because of the changes however as I said they will still honor them, it just needs to be done manually via petition.

u/CeleryStickBeating · 4 pointsr/Eve

One of the codes that was given out with Second Decade Collectors Edition

"A “Mystery Code” that will grant owners special, but currently secret, benefits related to future CCP products and events."

Edit: Never found anyone to pass on my Dust514 codes too... Maybe Nova?

u/cosmicdragon1111 · 1 pointr/Eve

It's actually more affordable in the long run and early game to pony up for a plex. starter packs are notoriously bad

this one though : is best : this one though with the accelerator

still plex is best cause plex is 20 and that is 20 and... you get the idea.

u/Hunwin · 7 pointsr/Eve

  • Comes with a PLEX, golden pod implant, gnosis BPC, and a few other in-game things (see OP).
  • A really cool book.
  • A board game that will turn any gathering of friends into a homicide scene.
  • An IRL Rifter*
  • A CD of Eve Music done by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra
  • Some Dust items Oh wait... yeah... about that...

    *Note: Rifter is actually USB hub and cannot fly without assistance.
u/Acias · 1 pointr/Eve

First iff it would be best to use a referral from someone to get the 21 day trial, then look out for some starter kits, there are sometimes some for 5 Euro/ 5 Dollar, which also activates your account and gives you some starting items.

Here would be an example for

u/allmappedout · 2 pointsr/Eve

This is the book I think you're referring to.

Andrew Groen is great, and his second volume covering closer to the present is being written as we speak (

In terms of looking at map flows, might be what you're after?

u/JadekMenaheim · 5 pointsr/Eve

You should consider picking up a copy of The Art of New Eden. This is just a sample of the beautiful art inside.

u/platinumarks · 3 pointsr/Eve

It's cheaper at Amazon right now, including on just one PLEX if that's what you want (plus you should be able to use gift cards if you get any for Christmas).

u/segv · 3 pointsr/Eve

...if there's still time for delivery. PLEX could work too, i guess, but really, this is getting a bit tacky. Have you considered one of the "normal" gifts like, i don't know, decent quality alcohol this friend likes?

u/Dinosplat · 2 pointsr/Eve

I'd like to add that Amazon has the same steam deal and you can apply it to a regular (read: non-Steam) account.



edit2: also if you haven't read then you should probably get to that.

u/m4ve · 5 pointsr/Eve

After you read "The Empyrian Age" pick up "Templar One"

"The Burning Life" is chronologically(IRL) between the two, but is its own novel.

u/ccp_paradox · 5 pointsr/Eve

I can see it on Amazon as still in stock. I don't know how reliable that is, as it says it's back-stocked.
Worth a shot if you do want it perhaps.

u/Azami_Nevinyrall · 2 pointsr/Eve

You should read Empyrean Age...It basically promotes child sex slaves!

u/Ian2401 · 2 pointsr/Eve

I dont have the Steam version, that is why I am asking if I buy this: ( will it be able to be redeemed as the Steam version?

u/cheapeveisk4u · 7 pointsr/Eve

The Yulai Convention; the Secure Commerce Commission Outer Territories Act of YC 105; the CONCORD Exodus Act of YC 106; and the CONCORD Sovereignty Act of YC 107.

Source: EVE: Source.

u/AndyLorentz · 1 pointr/Eve

These Friendly Skies is a short story from EVE Source. No way to read it online, I'm afraid.

u/cheshire_chelien · 1 pointr/Eve

Eve backstory


This book (Though some of it is outdated)

u/Komm · 19 pointsr/Eve

If you're in the US(like me), here's an amazon link for it.

u/somethingoranges · 1 pointr/Eve

In terms of an EVE book for coffee tables, not necessarily a strategy guide though...

Maybe EVE Source ?

u/LurkTV · 4 pointsr/Eve

The Desktop.

Was asked for a full parts list. Here is everything in one spot. (xpost)

u/lochiel · 2 pointsr/Eve

Templar One

I suggest reading Empyrian Age first. You can skip The Burning Life.

u/SilverTabby · 1 pointr/Eve

Subscriptions usually don't go on sale, as there's a near-permanent 30% off sale on the 1-year sub. Of course that mandates wanting a full year, and having that much $ upfront...

Occasionally Amazon will have a sale, but you can't rely on that usually.

u/Quintane · 1 pointr/Eve

Yea, sometimes reddit accounts spam their referal links for hope of a kickback. I think its a '/tag=' that should warn you its a referal link.

Your link could be shortened to;

u/NguTron · 1 pointr/Eve

For me, on right now its $238.90 CAD, which exchanges to $210.439 USD.

Getting it straight from CCP is about $121 CAD when you include shipping. It's fricking ridiculous.

u/bagehis · 8 pointsr/Eve

As an interesting side-note, the K-space sleeper ruins can only be found in Minmatar space (Ani COSMOS Constellation). The human Sleepers, not the automated drones that people fight in w-space. So, it is likely the two races were connected before the Eve Gate collapsed.

Sleepers are in some kind of VR-hibernation thing inside the w-space stations, defended by sleeper drones. The lore is that empire people are harvesting the hibernating bodies of sleepers, cutting open their heads, and ripping out an implant that they then stick inside the heads of DUST soldiers. Sleepers are sometimes able to take over control of the soldier's body (lore) through the implant. For more info, read Templar One.

Needless to say, there's probably a lot more going on that isn't "public" yet. The Sleeper-Minmatar link has not been touched much in the official lore.

u/funlesss · 1 pointr/Eve

>It is hated by everyone including devs.

Hated so much CCP had him write the Dust514 book.

u/polkovniknades · 9 pointsr/Eve

There's some lore stuff here on the Eve website.
There's a lot more in EVE: Source
I also recommend EVE: The Empyrean Age which chronicles the events that lead to the Empyrean Wars (and Faction Warfare) and how they all linked together.

Side note, in EVE Source, there's a short story of an interview between I think it was a news reporter or something and a capsuleer that really caught my attention and my favourite part of it was this:
"What about the people under your command?" I ask him. "Do you find a need to reconcile yourself with their deaths?"
He looks down at the table and for a moment he's silent, then he says, "None of those people were unaware of what they signed up for. They know there are risks, same as with any other profession. Sure, the primary goal of my alliance is making money and expanding our influence, but that doesn't mean we don't care about the people in our employ. Our agencies send out personal letters of condolence to the families of every single person who dies on one of our ships. We provide insurance payouts to next of kin for all ship personnel."
"So essentially," I say, "you learn to not care about the people that have to die because you're furthering the aims of your corporate overlords."
"What I'm saying, Mr. Peltast," he replies, not skipping a beat, "is that these independent adventure seekers, having been informed of the risks, willing take their lives into their own hands when they sign up for crew duty. They are amply compensated, make no mistake. More importantly, they know they're playing their part in something that is bigger than they are. As am I. As are you."

Makes you think huh, those folks who signed up to be crews on my Procurer probably didn't intend to sign up for crew duty on a Battle Proc. But they had fun, right? :D

u/itdepartmentof1 · 10 pointsr/Eve

I believe the lore doesn't really point to capsule pilots being immortal inside and outside their capsules in a black and white way.

For instance, the book EVE: The Empyrean Age recreates the capsule pilot 'is immortal where ever he is' situation multiple times.

Random dev post about this stuffs:

I would rather believe capsule pilots are immortal after the hard work and the first brain scan death they have to go through in order to become one.

Grey area.

[I hated the way they talked about the Stealth Bomber pilot activities in regards to dropping the bomb on those drones. It kinda of ruined the book immersion when the author called it, "An AOE weapon" and then explains what AOE means. How about bomb? Everybody knows bombs go boom and what damage they do]

EDIT: Spoiler tag... why you no work.