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u/Vitamin_Lead · 2 pointsr/FATErpg

I'm not an ultra-light packer by any means, but the dice might be worth their weight because of their intrinsic novelty value and entertainment for kids, who might not really enjoy the tabletop / roleplay if it's way too spartan / basic. I know even my adult friends like the RP experience with some embellishment. I use a roll-up map like this one with some markers to help draw out the situation as we go and some folding paper "figurines."

Maybe use a dice roller app on your phone with a nice animation, but some cheap clear dice or mini-dice might be worth taking.

Also, "ranger beads" or pace-counting beads can pull double duty for keeping count of things. You can use regular coins or currency to sub in for Fate Points and other things.

u/AuthorX · 9 pointsr/FATErpg

There's no boxed set for Fate and the only thing you really need are dice, but there are a some things that can be helpful:

  • Index cards and a sharpie or dry-erase cards and a dry-erase marker, for writing aspects

  • Either dice or a deck of Fate, the deck lets you draw a card and tells you the result with the same probability as rolling four Fate dice (if you reshuffle after every draw - the probabilities won't be affected much by a couple of draws in a row, though). There's even an official app you could get instead, which can simulate the deck or dice rolls.

  • Some kind of token for Fate Points. They sell Fate Point Coins but you could also get a bunch of glass beads from a game or crafts store, or poker chips.

    You may even want to get two colours of fate points so you can distinguish between player and GM points (instead of drawing checkboxes like they do in the video, I put a fate point on the card to indicate free invokes - that's when it's useful to keep track of which is for whom).
u/Kalranya · 3 pointsr/FATErpg

What you're after is unclear. You say you're looking to emulate a cinematic experience, yet you're refusing to use cinematic resources for inspiration. Why?

There aren't many books that are going to tell you how to roleplay good action scenes. If you want to learn to think like a screenwriter, start here, but if you want to farm ideas for cool scenes, either go watch movies you want to emulate or take a film analysis class.

If you want to see what someone roleplaying good cinematic scenes looks like, go look at John Rogers' appearances on Tabletop (Fiasco and Fate Core).

u/ComicBookNerd · 3 pointsr/FATErpg

You can pick up a small bag of vase gems at your local hobby store for next to nothing as well (cheaper than the Amazon link).

I have a set of black gems and a set of red gems and they work fantastic. The weight and tactile feel of a vase gem seems perfect. I use the black for player invokes and red for GM invokes (placed on NPCs and the like).

u/kzielinski · 4 pointsr/FATErpg

There was an official Sailor Moon RPG. It was put out by Guardians or Order and is based on the 1st Edition of the BESM system. It shouldn't be too hard to take the material here and adapt it to FATE.

Though really for any game where the main characters are kids, I'd be more inclined to go with Fate Accelerated edition. I think Approaches fit the genera better then a skill pyramid does.

> Does anyone have any good ideas for scenarios?

Just go to wikipedia and read through the episode list.

and there are your starting situations right there.

u/ZacZero · 3 pointsr/FATErpg

Our group uses these clear acrylic table card holders to display half-sheets of paper with our aspects written on them in big block letters.

ChefLand Acrylic Sign Holder/Table Card Display/Plastic Upright Menu, 4 by 6-Inch, Clear, 6-Pack

This makes it easy for everyone to suggest compels, etc.

u/gandothesly · 1 pointr/FATErpg

I bought one of these: The Notebook Ltd. Noteboard Pocket-Size Dry Erase-Board.

It's great for mapping areas, brainstorming, and other things non gaming uses, too. I'll probably buy one more for gaming, to have two.

u/MadBlue · 1 pointr/FATErpg

Touché. :D

Anyway, hopefully it'll be available through a vendor with a reasonable international shipping price. Local shops and Amazon Japan just aren't options as they tend to just import small quantities from the US and pass on the full shipping cost to the consumer. I mean, Dresden Files Accelerated is $45 and Blades in the Dark is close to $100. :0

u/SteelCrossx · 1 pointr/FATErpg

I use this dice cup. It will hold two sets (8) of the Evil Hat dice in the base without much wiggling. I have two cups and four sets of dice which is quite a bit to share and it keeps dice from exploding everywhere during rolls.

u/treetrnk · 1 pointr/FATErpg

This is what I do for aspects. I also bought one of these dry erase notebooks for whenever I need to draw out zones.

u/s-ro_mojosa · 1 pointr/FATErpg

Those are some good ideas.

I did pick up a copy of GURPS Horror, 4ᵗʰ edition to see what ideas I can gleen from it.

u/svarogteuse · 2 pointsr/FATErpg

I am currently running one Amber game and playing in another both FATE. Most would assume those would be done the Amber Diceless system .

The one I'm playing in started that way back in 2006 and converted around 2013. Its played once a year at a con. We have a wiki for it

The one I'm running was started under FATE. I have 5 players playing as Disney Princesses in Amber competing to be a lady in waiting for Flora. The FATE system allowed me to develop the characters much more than the Amber one did. There is a wiki for this one too but its closed off so my players can't see anything. You just can't do aspects like this with Amber alone:

  • Concept Aspect: Once lost energetic and inquisitive princess
  • Trouble Aspect: Raised alone in a tower by an abusive witch
  • Aspect: Frankly, I'm too scared to ask about the frog
  • Aspect: 100,000 hours of art, baking and reading
  • Aspect: Barefoot wielder of the frying pan

    Sample Character sheet