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u/dubflip · 2 pointsr/Fahrvergnugen

I have a '74 hardtop camper, and storage can really be an issue. The inside of the bus is frustrating to use if there is crap everywhere. Generally, I try to have as few loose items as possible. I have a bin (18" by 24") that I try to get all of my camping gear into. As soon as we arrive in camp, that box gets moved under the bus. Valuables are kept in the locking glove box or hidden under the seats. I also like my current solution of a soft bag that we stuff all of our bedding in that stays in the trunk during the day. Me and the GF then each have one bag for our personal items. While in camp, we make room by each placing our bags in one of the front seats, where it can be accessed from inside the bus or through the front doors.

If you are about to add a back futon bench and doing some camping, I have a few other recommendations for you. A glove box lock is a must have. So is a front window sun cover. I'm really happy I installed a second battery with a battery switch. This allows me to use a deep cycle battery in camp to power my lights / chargers / music, without risking killing my main battery.

Additionally, seat covers really help if your upholstery doesn't match or looks really old. (

EDIT: Also, you might not spend as much time in camp actually inside the bus as you may think. My #1 accessory is this REI alcove shade structure:

It is just the right height to put behind the bus and open the back door into, or it can be setup outside the sliding door.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Fahrvergnugen

I do have Muir's book. First one I purchased actually. I also have a UK based book I special ordered called "How to Restore a VW Beetle".

We're making strides. I was just cleaning it up a little today as a matter of fact. Please keep in touch and if you're terribly interested I'm tracking my progress along with personal stories of the car here at Beetle Blues

EDIT: Added link to book.

u/funkyhomosapien · 3 pointsr/Fahrvergnugen

Even better than that one is this one:

I have both. This one gives step by step details specific to your bus and the correct details pertaining to your engine.

Don't get me wrong, the keep your volkswagen alive book is good for encouragement and common sense, but the service manual is where it's at. On the Samba, it's referred to as the Bentley manual. It really is the gold standard.

u/Quethandtheheatsinks · 1 pointr/Fahrvergnugen

Half the price here. I don't even own a VW yet and I bought one. It breaks everything down very simply, yet seems like it could guide you on any problems that come up.

u/comfortador · 2 pointsr/Fahrvergnugen

I say go for it, the cost factor is really no different than any other 40 year old car; the thrill being able to pull the engine out and work on it with just a floor jack makes any daunting task that much more manageable.

My first was a '73 Super and then went on to two "74 Supers and a"74 Westfalia...wish I still had the Westy. I totally agree with /u/throwingupandcrying in finding a specialist for any task you're not ready to handle, but also get your hands on the Muir repair manual use it with reckless abandon.