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u/Go0m · 8 pointsr/FiestaST

Hey all, I got a bunch of info from here and the forums, so I thought I would give back and drop a few links.

First is the roof rack. I think the rola roof rack is the best looking and ends up being one of the cheapest.

Next up is the cargo box. I thought getting one this long would look stupid, but it's way better than I imagined. The rocketbox 11 is one of Thule's cheapest and big enough to fit my huge board in. No noticable drop in mpg, either - hovering barely above 33.

The backup camera is a fantastic upgrade. I followed this post and dug into the forums posted there. I would double check the apim codes because it's a tad dangerous and I didn't use the same exact codes as u/brbauer2 (I have the 2016 w/ sync 3). Shoutout, by the way, the album was super helpful. Also, the pins we inserted to the wiring harness didn't connect with the head unit, so I shredded a small amount of foil to bridge those connections.

Canying Car Trunk Handle Rear...

BAFX Products Bluetooth...

And finally, I like having my windows down in the rain, so I got them smoker vents.

Maybe someday I'll get that accessport/intercooler and a rear motor mount, but I'm loving it as it is!

You all bought awesome cars, thanks for the help, catch you later.

u/Freejack02 · 7 pointsr/FiestaST

For that range on a stock vehicle, there's a few things I would recommend:

  1. Rear Motor Mount. Not exciting, but it's 100% recommended eventually and will make the car feel better (less wheel hop, no problems down the line with a blown mount). Does require some tools to install (jack, stands, sockets) but is very straightforward. Popular options from Whoosh, Cobb, lots of companies. $90 - $150 or so depending.

  2. Pierce Front Chassis Brace. Great product, will make the car feel more together and reduce wheel hop under hard acceleration. They come in a 2pt, 4pt, and full 6 point versions. I personally have the 2, it's great, but I want to upgrade to a 6 at some point. Also a 2 point version from Whoosh that is cheaper and virtually identical. Requires same tools as the RMM. $100 - $300 depending on type and company.

  3. Hi Flow Air Filter. Simple, cheap, and most people end up getting them anyway. Plug and play, just need a screwdriver. $30 - $70 depending.

  4. Gorilla Lug Nuts. Sounds weird, but stock FiST lugs are atrocious and will fail eventually... save him the headache and get him some newer, better ones. Ones like THIS work great and are cheap. Need a lugwrench and a preferably a tall cliff to chuck the old ones off. $30 - $60 depending.

    There's plenty more you could go with, but it's hard to know how far he's planning to take the car.
u/stapleton87 · 1 pointr/FiestaST

I have an update on my own blend door problem. Because I'm a glutton for punishment I went ahead and bought the Dorman replacement that I mentioned in my other comment and did it myself instead of taking it to Ford. I can confirm that the Dorman part is significantly heavier, physically thicker and higher quality than the OEM unit. The gear set is in a slightly different arrangement and the gears themselves are more robust. I can also confirm the overall shitty quality of the OEM part.

The install wasn't quite a nightmare, but it was challenging. I used this video as reference though I didn't have to take the driver's seat out. I also had this handy mini ratchet which was absolutely perfect for the job along with a T20 bit. Now the tricky part which I wasn't quite sure of going in: I switched the car on and turned off the HVAC assuming that doing so would put the actuator in some sort of parked position. This probably isn't necessary since it likely goes back to the same position when the car is turned off. Anyway, after removing the OEM blend door I noted which position the output shaft was in. There's a little arrow on the casing that part of the gear lined up with. The new unit's output shaft wasn't in the same orientation. So, I plugged the Dorman unit in but didn't install it, turned the car on and switched the HVAC on and off to put the new unit in the same position as the OEM one. After that I noticed the output shaft still wasn't in the correct orientation. So, I had to open it up and take out one of the drive gears so I could reorient the output shaft. Once I did this the new unit slid into position pretty easily and I tested it out and BAM, no noise and the climate control works as expected. Now to see if this one lasts longer than 13,000 miles but after seeing the two parts together I really think it will. Hope this helps someone!

Edit: So I've got everything in one place for people stumbling across this here's the link to the Dorman part. It is Dorman 604-400 Air Door Actuator replacing OE part BE8Z19E616B

u/jiggydan · 4 pointsr/FiestaST

I saw this same setup posted here and got it immediately. Works very nicely and in the months I've had it, it's prompted many friends and family to get it for their own cars. Some links for those interested:

Proclip dash mount

Scosche magic mount

u/slaggie · 2 pointsr/FiestaST

Hmmmm that's interesting. Mine haven't died on me yet. What kind of climate are you living in? Because I'm from So Cal so it wasn't exposed to low temps but it will be to higher temps. But so far it's been good to me. I purchased this one.

and this is back in Mid January. The only hiccups I notice sometimes is when I put it in reverse there's a slight flicker but doesn't happen all the times but I think it's just from the camera turning on. Also the ring around the lens is beginning to turn bronze.

Otherwise mine has been great so far but I do live in no snow, no rain weather. Just sun, sun, sun. Wonder what yours could be going on or why it dies.

u/TheDannestDan · 1 pointr/FiestaST

I went with these on recommendation from several people in this sub. They feel pretty high quality and look great with black wheels.

u/csmanuel · 9 pointsr/FiestaST

You're missing a lug nut! Please get that replaced ASAP. Do not replace it with OEM lug nuts. They are known for swelling. I really love the McGuard lug nuts

Its a pretty red flag that the nut is missing. That tells me that someone at some point did NOT torque those lug nuts properly. You need to double check the torque on all of those lug nuts. 100 ft-lbs is spec.

As far as wheels is going to cost an arm and a leg to have someone professionally re-finish those for you. If you are a DIYer, I would try to save some money and do it yourself, and accept that it may not look perfect. Otherwise, pick up a set of OEM wheels in better shape (probably $300-$400) or go aftermarket

u/whoTakesTossit · 1 pointr/FiestaST

I use the DYC stuff. It works well, for about the same price as the Griots. It smells pretty strongly, though.

u/brbauer2 · 5 pointsr/FiestaST

These are the three that people seem to use from the Fiesta ST forums.

Ravenol MTF-2

Motul DSG

Motul Gear 300

You'll need to get 2L to do a full change, 1.7L capacity. I haven't changed mine yet, but I've read it's much easier to refill if you remove the air box and gravity fill instead of having to pump the new fluid in.

You also can't go wrong with the OEM stuff.


u/INeedAnother · 1 pointr/FiestaST

I am pretty sure these are the Husky mats, not Weathertech. As w0lrah pointed out, the rears on the Weathertechs are two pieces.

Husky mats on Amazon

u/SparXFTW · 3 pointsr/FiestaST

Subwoofer, Amp, 8 gauge cable kit, trim removal set, Fuse taps, and T-Taps

As for a guide, I just used other guides online and pieced them together. Really should have made a well-documented one when I did it, but I installed mine 6 months ago. Already forgot certain things. Just remember to look up the speaker wire colors for the back speakers before you tap into them and know that putting the power cord through your firewall from your battery is going to be a total bitch :)

Also just to clarify, the fuse taps are for the remote wire going into the amp. I tapped the sunroof fuse as it shuts on/off with the ignition (I don't have a sunroof, but it shouldn't matter if you do or not). Also also, that black cable going into my amp on the left side is a bass knob that came with the amp. That's wired all the way up into my glove box, so it can be adjusted easily if it becomes too much. The wires with kit and everything are long enough that you shouldn't need anything else, and everything tucks away in the door seem guides so nothing is showing at all.

u/Mr_McLynch · 1 pointr/FiestaST

Auto Ventshade 94547 Original Ventvisor Side Window Deflector Dark Smoke, 4-Piece Set for 2009-2018 Ford Fiesta

u/BionicBarnacle · 5 pointsr/FiestaST

In response to you and /u/StuckXJ, it looks like this mount. I have this one mounted on my windshield for my AP since it has a built in magnet and it works extremely well.

u/darkjedidave · 1 pointr/FiestaST

I switched out all my cabin bulbs with these and have been really happy with them.

u/Jvepps1 · 1 pointr/FiestaST

Make sure you get the Dorman brand ones or you will be replacing them again. This is a stronger part that fixed the issues with the OE ones.

u/iSamurai · 1 pointr/FiestaST

Yes, there are plenty of posts on here about them. I preemptively bought these and they have been just fine:

u/leaferiksson · 1 pointr/FiestaST

Ravenol J1C1002 SAE 75W-80 Manual Transmission Fluid - MTF-2 Full Synthetic API GL-4 (1 Liter)

This stuff meets ford spec and is the favorite on the forums.

u/Manhattan_Flapjack · 15 pointsr/FiestaST

It cost me around $50-$60 I think. I used this camera and I used this OBD2 adapter. I also needed some small connectors to plug the video wire into the back of the head unit (these things).

I used this thread by /u/brbauer2 as a guide, which was very helpful.

It was kind of difficult, but mostly because I don't really have much experience with the wiring stuff so I went slow to make sure I didn't mess up any splices or anything. I also initially put the wrong wire into the back of the head unit, so I had to take it back apart and use the right wire (the thread I used shows a red wire in the back of the head unit connector, its actually the yellow wire from the video cable that you want) but that only took maybe an additional 30 minutes.

Overall, I'd say go for it if you're interested!

u/BradApples · 1 pointr/FiestaST

Here are the ones I bought and they fit:
Amazon Link

I think I just looked up the size of the stock ones and found some with matching thread dimensions.

u/crazyrussian540 · 1 pointr/FiestaST

> I tried your 2nd link,, meh... not so impressed. The seller sent me a 2nd bottle after I showed him how dark it was compared to stock. The 2nd bottle was a bit better, but not by much.

Thanks! That's exactly the input I was looking for. The eBay seller actually also replied to me overnight with the following

>To be honest we are not too sure on the US Spec models.

I did do some research and found out that even though the US and Euro Rado Grays were supposed to be the same, they may have been slightly different since its allegedly a very hard color to mix. Also found the paint code for Rado Gray, but I can only find one reference to it anywhere on the web, and it happens to be Color N Drive (same kit as the Amazon link in my OP). I may actually give that one a try. Will report back if I decide to do it.

As for lug nuts, I am planning on ditching the OEM ones. Currently I'm using the set that came with my steelies from Tire Rack and just got this set of black Gorilla lug nuts for when I go back to summers.

u/maschwa · 1 pointr/FiestaST

inno cross bar system with a malone j pro 2 kayak attachment. Here is a link the the malone

u/jrentfro2910 · 2 pointsr/FiestaST

I bought one off amazon, it's 21.99 and only works with android but it works amazingly. BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool for Android Devices

u/CarmelSack · 6 pointsr/FiestaST

u/mweidner311 · 2 pointsr/FiestaST

LEDs 10 for $10 prime shipped

YITAMOTOR 10 pcs T10 Wedge Samsung High Power 1W NEW White LED Light Bulbs US 194 168 192 921

u/twomonkeysayoyo · 1 pointr/FiestaST

Blend door actuator. Get it replaced under warranty and do it again later or buy the Dorman unit.

u/slowmman · 2 pointsr/FiestaST

>I deflated the tire down to 15psi

not sure what this was supposed to do, you need this tool to do the relearn procedure. I think I followed this procedure to get it into learn mode last time

u/lordgeese · 2 pointsr/FiestaST

I just put on the husky and they are pretty killer, I think amazon has them on sale right now for $135. Last week it was for 125. The only thing is for our cars you have to cut the rear section a bit but it was a paper that tells you how.

u/Irishprde · 2 pointsr/FiestaST

McGard 64015 Chrome/Black Bulge Cone Seat Style Lug Nuts (M12 x 1.5 Thread Size) - Set of 4

u/1_64493406685 · 2 pointsr/FiestaST

I think it all depends on what your goal for the vehicle is? Do you plan on tracking it? or just to make it a bit faster around town? Do you want it to look a little modified or stock?

Anyways, I'll link a bunch of stuff I personally prefer and in the order I would install them...


u/omen87 · 3 pointsr/FiestaST

If winter is a problem you could get the OEM ST floor mats: Amazon

u/TheDoodieMonster · 1 pointr/FiestaST

I’m using these, no problem with it.

DPAccessories LCB3B6HE-BK04016 16 Black 12x1.5 Closed End Bulge Acorn Lug Nuts - Cone Seat - 19mm Hex Wheel Lug Nut