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u/Negative_Rainbow · 1 pointr/Fighters

In terms of games to play, Street Fighter V or Guilty Gear Rev are where you want to be. Street Fighter, despite all the complaints people have, is the game with the biggest playerbase, so you will find the most resources for that game. Guilty Gear has some of the best ingame resources for learning, and plenty of out of game resources so it also an excellent place to start.

As for prehipherals, if you want to try out stick on PC, I've heard the Qanba Carbon ($60) is a good place to start. I personally ordered one last week, can't report on the quality until it comes in, but the reviews are good. If you want a controller and are willing to learn dpad, the Hori Fighting Commander ($40) is the best pad on the market, I own one and it feels/plays fantastic. Also the fighting commander has ps3/ps4 support if you want to play in tournaments (most are played on ps4).

u/qspec02 · 2 pointsr/Fighters

It depends on your use case, but I find the place I am most likely to spend money first is on the board. I want/need something that easily plays all modern consoles.

That said, I think starting cheap can be perfectly viable. My first stick was this monstrosity. Which over time turned into this little cutie. I ended up paying an art commission, upgrading to Seimitsu parts, and though I've since moved on, I loved that thing.

I'd make sure the one you want has room in the case as not all fightsticks are easily moddable, but yeah... start cheap if you want and build up over a few months or so.

u/tattybojan9les · 2 pointsr/Fighters

Arcade world uk sell decent sticks and parts, generally Qanba are a pretty good way to go. There's a good deal on the Q4 which is a a little over budget but honestly its not a bad deal for a new stick.

Here's a Qanba if you're only looking to use it only on pc Be careful as it doesn't use Sanwa or Seimitsu parts, so the reliability of the controls may be a cause for concern.

Here's a Hori stick thats a little over budget but very much will suffice. Just be sure to use it in PS3 mode if you're on PC.

Otherwise look on ebay for second hand sticks, look for Hori and some Madcatz TEs.

If you're just getting into it there's a few budget minded sticks that you can go for like the fightstick alpha or the Hori mini. I wouldn't recommend them if you really want to get into fighting games, but if you get the for under £40 its not a bad thing to invest in to see if you're interested.

u/CkPhX · 2 pointsr/Fighters

It's okay. I sometimes fuck myself up by hitting the middle of button of the DS Pad (cause I fat finger it), but other than that it's just like any other pad. I'm hoping they port PS3 TE sticks for the PS4 SF5, but I'm not holding my breath. PS: Battery life blows on the DS4.

For setting it up at events, it's not complicated as long as people disconnect the DS4 that they connected. Pretty much someone else can make it super complicated for everyone else.

Edit: If you're looking for a alternative pad you could maybe look into something like this

It was on sale the other day for $29, so you could either get it asap or wait for it to go on sale again.

u/MrEdews · 0 pointsr/Fighters

Well, if you want to get into fighting games, Skullgirls has a great tutorial that teaches you the fundamentals of fighting games in general. Definitely one of my favourite fighting games.

Ultra Street Fighter IV is really good in Endless Battle. I don't play Ranked because I've had bad experience with the net code but aside from that, game is really really solid and it gets my recommendation.

I don't play Killer Instinct as I lack the console but everyone's saying that it is phenomenal, so it might be something to look into.

Maybe you should play with a pad for a little while to see if youre comfortable with it or not. If you feel that you really need a fightstick, then you could buy the Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai since it's pretty cheap and Hori makes good fightsticks.

u/BoatsandJoes · 0 pointsr/Fighters

I know it sounds crazy, but I've been using the keyboard on PC and it's actually working pretty well. ASD for movement, space for jump, attacks on numpad. It's like a free hitbox alternative, basically.

For console I just bought one of these. It's not that great but they're only 10 dollars. The buttons are great, the stick takes a bit of getting used to and after about a year my last one started flaking out a tiny bit. I can't justify spending $150 for a stick, though. A regular controller isn't that awkward.

u/Nousagi · 1 pointr/Fighters

I ended up going with a MadCatz Fightstick Alpha, and I'm very pleased with it.

(I've got a bunch of pictures of it on my blog:

I doubt any actual hardcore player of fighting games would like this stick very much, especially if they do not have tiny hands, but since I have very small hands AND a very small lap, it's right about me-sized. It has a stick control toggle switch to let the joystick serve as the left stick, right stick, or d-pad, and that ended up being exactly what I needed for ARPGs!

Thanks everyone for all of the great suggestions. I learned a whole bunch about fightsticks during this process!

u/GildedApparel · 1 pointr/Fighters

Are you looking for something on the smaller or larger side? This one is rare and has good parts, but for the price you can get something like the Qanba Obisdian which is very nice imo. A few other good options at that price are the Razer Panthera (if you can find one) and the Hori Tekken 7 stick. All of these that I mentioned will work on both PS4 and PC

u/KwyjiboTheGringo · 1 pointr/Fighters

Gootecks book is cool as a quick guide to get up and running in SF4 with Ryu. He also defines a number of important terms. It's free to read on amazon if you sign up for a 30 day trial:

Sirlin's book is great for getting into the right mindset. DHood123 linked it.

u/Goliath--CZ · 1 pointr/Fighters

well. dualshock 4 is a very viable option. although you would have to use th Dpad (which is also a very viable option). you will have to getused to it a lot. if you want a fighting stick, there are some pretty cheap options. - a very cheap fightstick for entry level - improved model of the previous one. has better build quality, parts and is more sturdy, but also more expensive - this is mayflash f500, but with sanwa buttons, which are pretty much the best arcade stick buttons you can get.

you dont have to sink hundreds of dollars into a fightstick


i myself am using a dualshock 4 with the dpad, and it's very viable. half circles are giving me a bit of trouble in tekken, but that's because tekken 4 half circle motion is stupid

u/Keravnos · 2 pointsr/Fighters

With the PCB, five 24mm buttons, eight 30mm buttons, joystick, and USB wires/connector you're over $100 (that's without a touchpad, balltop, shaft sleeve, extra wires for the home/options/share/R2/R3 buttons, PCB harness, and shipping).

Then there's materials and time spent on a decent case - $20 to $30 I think would be reasonable.

In the end I can guarantee that you will save at most $10 if you built this from scratch. And that's if you spend almost nothing on the case.

I'm not trying to stop you from making you're own stick - I've done it and loved every minute. But honestly if saving money is the biggest concern, I think buying a prebuilt is the way to go. There's a reason that independent stick builders charge insane amounts of money for a custom project.

u/DontPoke · 2 pointsr/Fighters

As always I can recommend the Venom stick route. It is a relatively cheap stick that is compatible with PC and PS4, it has a great base, easy to mod (no soldering required, can change art), with okay-ish stick and buttons. So if you mod those to Sanwa:

u/MANTISxB · 1 pointr/Fighters

mostly universal. He has a fighting game book that i read quite a bit and its good for learning a deep understanding of the game. Going to lazy link a few of these so i apologize in advance.

u/thec0re3 · 1 pointr/Fighters

There are actually two books that have been created if you want to take a look at them.
Here is a free one(have to sign up to get it):

Here is the other but it's $5 dollars:

You can also check out cross counter's youtube channel they've kind of been the main content creators outside of drunkardshade that are trying to teach folks how to play.

Been working on something myself but it's not easy to compile all these examples and make sure not to leave any important details out of it.

u/gershmonite · 2 pointsr/Fighters

Check out the Hori Fighting Commander (also has an XBox One version). I just started using it a few weeks ago while waiting for holiday sales on fightsticks, and found it to be an excellent gamepad. It isn't universal to other games because it doesn't have analog sticks, but for fighters it really does a great job.

u/MySoulStillBurns · 2 pointsr/Fighters

If you live in Europe get the PS4 Venom arcade stick. It's very moddable and works natively with the PS4. You wont have to pay the inflated prices either because it's made for Europe and not the USA-

I'm American and I have one of these and I love it. It's very easy to swap the buttons and joystick to a different brand. I have Sanwas in mine, and you can upgrade it similarly while staying close to $100 for overall cost.

u/wisdom_and_frivolity · 1 pointr/Fighters

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u/Brodusa · 3 pointsr/Fighters

You can start on this one

It's not the best thing out there but it's not bad either, buddy of mine got this stick changed the artwork on it and replaced the stick with a balltop quicklink and the buttons with Crown buttons. (he wanted to try them out)

It will get the job done for getting used to using a fight stick and will last long enough for you to save up money for something better.

u/skunkowns · 1 pointr/Fighters

thanks for the replys, I`ll think i go for a stick because i dont have any controller skills anyway. Thanks for the help, what about this stick? or should I wait till SF5 support Directinput?

its realy hard to find xinput fightsticks here in Germany and if I order one in USA/Japan the fees are really high.
Edit: Iam very sorry about my bad english

u/AoF-Vagrant · 4 pointsr/Fighters

Looks horribly uncomfortable to me, and that d-pad looks like it'll only be good for zangief players. But maybe it'll turn out ok, we won't know for sure until it comes out in a few months.

If you want one for Christmas, this is your best (only?) bet:

u/_Nibelheim_ · 6 pointsr/Fighters

PS4/PS3 & PC - I own this fightpad, many people say its the best fightpad on the market, I would concur.

XBONE/360 & PC

Fusion by PowerA is also releasing a wired fightpad this fall you may wanna check out.

u/sjdfksdjf · 6 pointsr/Fighters

I would recommend the tekken 7 rap4, same parts but different layout (arguably more ergonomic) and more wrist space AND has headphone plug support.

Check the comment section for more pictures

u/BubbScrubbWooWoo · 4 pointsr/Fighters

Try this:

Only £65, works with PS3/PS4/PC and is easily moddable. I bought one to test whether or not I could get used to a stick and ended up dropping in some Sanwa parts later once I'd adapted (which was super-easy to do).

Have a read of the reviews, people really seem to like them.

u/Erosys · 1 pointr/Fighters

I'm actually leaning towards the Hori at this point. One more set of questions, if you don't mind. I don't want to eat up more of your time.

In your opinion, how does the Hori compare to this? (

Second, yay or nay on the Sanwa Octagon Plate?

u/NicoGal · 3 pointsr/Fighters

Simplifying Street fighter by Gootecks helped me a lot. His beginner series on youtube is also really good. This is focused on street fighter but the fundamentals carry over.

u/Tek_Nicale · 2 pointsr/Fighters

Sorry if I wasn't clear but I meant more the newer HORI FC since it seems to be the cheapest good option.

u/megatornadox · 3 pointsr/Fighters

Take a look on the Hori FC pad. Its a pad specific for figthing games that has an impressive dpad.

u/Hiruandan · 2 pointsr/Fighters

This is the only sub-100 bucks stick I played with that didnt suck:

And building your own stick is barely cheaper if you are not living in the US cause of all that shipping if you want quality parts.

u/Tierehl · 1 pointr/Fighters

Your other option is what I did, buy a MadCatz Brawlstick, and swap it Sanwa buttons and a joystick from FocusAttack and it will end up costing you around $80 depending on what system you buy it for and when you buy it (I assumed for PS3) and you will have a tournament ready fightstick.
PS: I changed the artwork for it, I didn't want The Rock and Triple H looking at me when I'm trying to mash DPs.

u/nayte23 · 1 pointr/Fighters

This fightstick is ps4, doesn't mention pc but I'm sure you'll find out if you google it. Apparently its a decent one... not incredible but a decent starter

u/zZSleepyZz · 1 pointr/Fighters

I got one of these compatible with PS3, PS4 and PC and at a good price.

u/lixecon · 1 pointr/Fighters

So, if I may pick your brain a little more, what is this difference between this and this ? Mainly, is the price gap worth it?

u/Hatchie901 · 1 pointr/Fighters

If you're interested in a new stick, the TE-S is 20% off at Amazon right now. There probably won't be a better deal during Evo

u/CaptainNeuro · 3 pointsr/Fighters

Amazon has this up

Damn good, especially for the price. If you REALLY want Sanwa or Seimitsu parts (though Hori's own aren't terrible by any means) it's a 5 minute swap job.

It does work on PC as well as PS3/4.

The only thing it's missing, in fact, is a headphone port, but that's not massive.

u/WarMachine_Rhodes · 1 pointr/Fighters

Get an arcade stick that can easily swap out parts and is xinput compatible since you are going to be playing on pc most of the time. Xinput is basically any xbox 360 compatible controller although hori has made some of the ps4 hrap works with the microsoft xinput drivers on pc so that would be a good choice if you ever decide to go to some tournaments where ps4s are used. I say get an xinput stick to avoid compatibility issues since the xinput controller api is compatible with all fighting games on steam

u/yousie642 · 1 pointr/Fighters

This is the one you have, correct?

As long as your pc can recognize it at all, x360ce should recognize it, which should in turn allow KI to recognize it.

Or you could use joy2key or xpadder, which let you map any controller input to keyboard inputs

u/Noughiphiet · 2 pointsr/Fighters

Well the mini controller won't break your wallet at $30 ($20 on amazon right now). Unfortunately It would seem that it is PS4 only. The original PS3 Fighting Commanders are rare and if they suffer from the same issues as I experienced then I would avoid it. I just realized that they redesigned the PS4/3 Fighting Commander is the original design they used for the Hori Mini PS4 controller. So I would totally grab one new! ($40 no less)

I would highly recommend learning an arcade stick in the future as there seems to be much purchasing options for you. I did indeed come from an Arcade background. Well over 20 years ago my home console was a SEGA Saturn; so I had that perfect 6 button controller for games like Darkstalkers and Street Fighter Alpha (the saturn arcade stick is kind of a piece of shit). When the Dreamcast came out along with that lackluster controller for Fighting Games and I switch to the Hori/Agetec arcade stick. When the original Xbox came out I switched back to controller after trying every single Fight Stick that came out on it (pelican, Nuby, etc) and hated every single one of them.

Street Fighter 4 came out and Madcatz and Hori stepped up the game with making high quality and more importantly; available arcade sticks, so I never looked back.

u/D1screet · 6 pointsr/Fighters

Honestly, the new Hori Fighting Commander

The MCZ fightpads have issues largely surrounding the DPAD.

u/Bureka · 2 pointsr/Fighters

It's $120 CAD from if you want it faster. Qanba Drone

u/ChafCancel · 2 pointsr/Fighters

Either a Qamba Drone or you search for a second-hand HORI HRAP for less than $100.

u/Gargenville · 1 pointr/Fighters

This one.

Apparently they only made them for the 360/PS3 though.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 1 pointr/Fighters

Non-mobile: Hori Real Arcade Pro 4

^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/MathewKinetix · 1 pointr/Fighters

Alternatively, if you're looking for something smaller, but equally sexy

u/OutlawFMA · 2 pointsr/Fighters

The ones ones I know of are the normal size ones in silent and non silent versions.

There is the non silent version, both of them came out in December in Japan.

u/lucksak · 1 pointr/Fighters

Ok, if this is a long the lines of what you were looking for Gootecks also has an ebook Kindle version still looks to be free, its mostly based around sf5. And so does Daigo I personally havent read either of these but might be up your alley as a look a the theory behind fighting games (admittedly skewed towards street fighter)

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Fighters

I used this one for a long time with no issue at all. Any madcatz fightpad will generally be a good purchase.

That being said, stay WAY away from this piece of shit (or any PDP products) and this one. The first one I had TWO of and both lasted about a month. The second is alright, but the d-pad really isn't good. Anything with a diagonal motion requires extra effort to make it work.

u/IMSmurf · 1 pointr/Fighters

hey I'm not as serious about fighting games to buy a $300 stick (which is absolutely crazy do they come with heroine or something?) Anyway I was looking at this and wondering if this is good enough to hold me for awhile?

u/ilovedonuts · 2 pointsr/Fighters

what platform? there's no reason to go custom or spend a grip on your first stick.

buy used - check CL or ebay or the trading subforum that /u/narcowski linked
or get this hori stick. i have one it's fine. -

u/IronBadger9 · 2 pointsr/Fighters

you CAN use DS4Windows which is great you can set everything on the controller

or you can get the alternate Fighting Commander that Hori sells which has an XInput switch the problem with this controller is that the home button doesn't work in XInput, which makes it worthless to me lol

personally I don't like tinkering with programs to run controllers so I just stick with my 360 Fightpad

u/Post_Toasties · 1 pointr/Fighters

Hori is putting out an xbox compatible Fighting Commander at the end of the month. Same price as the Playstation version. Can check out on amazon.

u/BaC0nz13 · 1 pointr/Fighters

I have never used a fighting stick before. I am going to buy a fight pad instead. I am looking to play UMvC3 on PC (and maybe PS4). My xbox one controller does not work anymore. The RB button is broken. I used my xbox one controller for MKX, the D-pad seemed okay.

  • HORI Fighting Commander 4


  • HORI Fighting Commander

    From what I have read the Fighting Commander 4's d-pad is more reliable. I have read that some of the Fighting Commander's d-pad break pretty easy. Would it be better to spend the $65 over the $40?
u/ArcticSin · 1 pointr/Fighters

you could always go for a madcatz alpha if you like arcade sticks but want something more portable, or obviously a fightpad if you really want a controller

if you're dead set on a gamepad, either the xbox one gamepad or the steam controller, since you can set to analog to act as a clicky arcade stick when you set the haptics all the way up (which is what I used to use)

u/ManOnPh1r3 · 3 pointsr/Fighters

If your main goal is to get away from the 360 dpad, there are pads you can use to avoid the higher costs of stick.

Either the Hori fighting commander or a PS4 controller may solve your problem.

u/Kerzizi · 1 pointr/Fighters

Is this the Vewlix then? That's the one I got. Maybe I'm confused. I assumed that was the RAP 5 because there's a RAP 4, and that they were just calling it V instead of 5. I have been seeing Vewlix abbreviated as VLX, not V, but again I could be wrong as I'm just diving into this.