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u/boybandsarelame · 3 pointsr/Firefighting

No idea about the helmet. As far as tools go

non contact voltage tester

Works great for double checking the utilities are off or isolating a particular circuit if you don't want to leave someone's house entirely without power

4 in 1 screwdriver

For screwing and unscrewing things

Reasonable sized channel locks

For a while I had vice grips instead of these but found with gloves on they were a little too clunky to manipulate. Works great for grabbing and loosening like gas connections to dryers

And this rescue tool dealio

Works as your battery cutter, prying tool, gas shutoff and a spanner. I cut one of those little locks that secures piv valves and commercial sprinkler systems with this thing before my partner could make it back with bolt cutters so that alone was worth half the price

u/alexer03 · 2 pointsr/Firefighting

Along the FDNY line, "The Last Men Out: Life on the Edge at Rescue 2." It's by Tow Downey and is a great read about the evolution of the rescue units in the FDNY over the years.

u/greasywiener · 2 pointsr/Firefighting

This book is great. Good examples of the questions they will ask you and the reasoning behind a solid response.

u/GrimStourm · 3 pointsr/Firefighting

Not sure if hes religous but my wife bought me this. Its small so you can carry it wherever you like and contains highlighted verses that pertain to fire fighters and some of what we endure. HCSB Firefighter’s Bible, Red LeatherTouch

Otherwise a St. Florian medal is also nice, the guy is going to have some tough days so anything to remind him he's not alone.

u/s1ugg0 · 1 pointr/Firefighting

This is the extinguisher I keep in my vehicle

I didn't mount it because I didn't want to drill holes. But it should be secured so it doesn't bounce around. Mine fits snugly in this And the organizer is secured via the straps and buckles.

u/s1m0n8 · 1 pointr/Firefighting

> think of this as a life change, not a diet. If you change your life you'll stick to it, if you constantly tell yourself you're dieting you'll fall off the wagon eventually.

This is a great book on diet.

u/strewnshank · 1 pointr/Firefighting

3000 degrees was pretty good, about the Worchester cold storage fire.

u/mopbucketbrigade · 1 pointr/Firefighting

Firefighter Functional Fitness: The Essential Guide to Optimal Firefighter Performance and Longevity

u/noonenowherenohow · 3 pointsr/Firefighting

just some suggestions:

Gerber multi tool

window punch

small screwdriver (with changeable bits held in the handle)

Streamlight helmet mounted light

radio strap (if he has his own radio and doesnt have one already)

cable cutter multi tool (i have this and use it all the time -

extra structural firefighting gloves - most volley departments will only issue one set of gear, so its good to have an extra set of gloves in case the others are wet or need to be cleaned


if ur in the US try this link:


I could go on and on.

u/Punani_Punisher · 3 pointsr/Firefighting

One of my favorite cookbooks fire related or not: Firehouse Food

u/FireFightersFTW · 2 pointsr/Firefighting

You might want to switch to a non locking carabiner. I have a similar set of webbing. When using the carabiner with gloves, in smoke, and in a hurry it's kind of hard to unlock. Mine doubles a bail out kit and it's much faster to deploy.

Besides that I carry the normal set. Channellock, a steamlight., a prusik, door wedges, and safety glasses.

Here is a pic I took when I was issued new gear about 6-8 Months ago.

u/dgarne60 · 4 pointsr/Firefighting

Young Men and Fire by Norman Maclean. Its about the Mann Gulch Fire in 1949 that killed 13 smoke jumpers. Its about wildland firefighting but still a good read.

u/lost_in_transition_ · 1 pointr/Firefighting

Hey, what kind of books are you looking at reading? Fiction? Non fiction? Training? There's lots out there.

For training and knowledge for work, I would always suggest the IFSTA book

It's a little over 1600 pages full of detailed information of most aspects of firefighting

u/glasspenguin · 1 pointr/Firefighting

I bet your fire academy will be using one of these two books as the basic firefighting textbook:

[Essentials of Fire Fighting and Fire Department Operations] (

Fundamentals of Firefighter Skills

So you might want to ask the academy what book they use, or just get whatever you feel like. Because more info never hurts, right? Personally, I got both of the books above and another textbook as well. I liked being able to see how different books presented the information.

u/RexBearcock · 8 pointsr/Firefighting

Fire extinguishers come in different types. A dry chemical extinguisher rated for A-B-C (3 most common) would handle nearly anything you may need in a standard house. Probably get one in the 5lb range. You'll probably want more than one depending on size of the house, one in the kitchen, one in the garage, for example

[example, but not necessarily a recommendation] (

u/[deleted] · 8 pointsr/Firefighting

"Report from Engine Company 82," by Dennis Smith, a Bronx firefighter back in the 1970s. Brutal stories, funny stories, it's all in there.

u/idontgetitohwait · 1 pointr/Firefighting

It’s a bit spendy to buy on ones own but this is what my academy used: Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills

Perhaps you can find a used one for a decent price. Or you could go find a volunteer fire department, and they’ll get you all set up. Many colleges also offer 2- and 4- year degrees in fire science that you end up with a bunch of certifications, sometimes including paramedic- which many career departments require.