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u/LongEditor · 0 pointsr/Flipping

So I'm just starting out - like haven't started yet. I'm going to try and sell some of my old stuff first to see how this goes. I'll be moving accross the country in the next year, so this coincides with me wanting to get rid of things so I don't have to pay to move it. If I like it though, I'll buy more stuff to sell when I get to my new location. However, the logistics of packing and shipping is really confusing.

Here are my questions:

  1. Is Amazon strictly for high frequency sellers, or could people like me, who are just trying to sell off old stuff - also use the platform? Not many things I'm selling will have original boxes etc. As of right now, I'm leaning more towards eBay and Craigslist. However, I'm not near a big city right now so I'm not too confident in Craigslist.

  2. What type of package scale do I buy? The things I'll be buying range in sizes. I've seen people link little scales like this. I'm not concerned about how much weight it can measure, more that it's too small to efficiently weigh bulkier packages and items. For instance, I have some bulky coats that I plan to sell. I can't imagine that little scale will be able to weigh that.

  3. Is it better to explicitly charge shipping or to increase the price of the item and sell it with "free shipping?"

  4. The logistics of how much to charge for shipping (or account for shipping in your price) is completely lost on me. Like, I'm supposed to weigh the item fully packed - but if someone orders more than one thing, I'd have to re-calculate weight or re-pack it entirely. Also, with shipping services like First Class, they charge more depending on how far it's going. So how am I suppose to list a price if it completely depends on who buys it? Similarly, it might make sense to ship it priority mail flat rate. So like, am I supposed to just throw out that perfectly good packaging material every time I decide to use a flat rate envelope/box instead?

  5. Which packaging material am I suppose to buy? I have zero experience shipping anything that isn't a prepaid return item in its original box. No idea which boxes will fit which things. I've heard to use poly-mailers for non-bulky clothing. And to use cushioned-envelope mailers for small things. But which sizes? Is it better to buy an assortment of different things and just hope I have things that use them all - or to just go big and pay for the extra postage?

  6. Is it better to pay for postage online or to do in the post-office? Should I do it through ebay (ebay seller portal) What happens if I unintentionally underestimate how much it weighs when buying postage online? Is it returned to me? Do I get billed? Is the customer billed?

  7. Which shipping options should I always include? When should I require a signature? Should I always get a tracking number?

  8. I don't understand how many ebay sellers are able to turn a profit for things. For example, I see many people selling things on ebay for less than a $1 with free shipping. Wouldn't the cost to ship that item cost more than that though?

  9. I have an ebay account that uses my real name. I've never sold anything on it - I just use it to buy things. It's about 9 years old. Should I create a new account if I plan to sell things? I notice that most sellers have a name for their ebay business
u/mesophonie · 1 pointr/Flipping

I agree about the background, but it was my only option since my house is so dark! It's funny because just this morning I ordered this kit:

I'm pretty excited about it. I feel like I can't get much detail from my pics, and figured getting a solid background would improve things tons, as well as less distracting. Plus i can't for the life of me get a good pic of a solid black or white garment outside.

I use my galaxy s4. I know other sellers use their cell phones as well, and I personally don't intend to change that. I don't feel like getting a nice expensive camera isn't in the cards for me at the moment. Plus it's super convenient for me to use my phone.

u/LKMercantile · 4 pointsr/Flipping

Plain background (doesn't need to be white, but that's super generic and easy), good lighting. Natural light is great, but it can also limit the amount of time daily that you can take good pictures during. And a couple of decent lights aren't really that expensive.

It can be as simple as a large sheet of white tagboard and a couple of lights. I personally just use my phone as a camera and a cheap/small lighting setup I found on Amazon. Here's a photo I've taken with my low-tech setup.

u/MurphysMagnet · 1 pointr/Flipping

I use my phone. I've had a couple of high end Panasonic and Canon DSLRs, but I switched to just using my phone a while back. The higher end models have a "pro" mode that will let you adjust just about everything. Most of my pictures come out super clear with an almost invisible background.

If you want to stick with your camera and just need more light different light boxes could help or maybe a light ring. Good deals on Amazon and eBay.

You could also just take pictures in natural light if that is at all possible.

I'm currently using a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and I was using these lights until a few days ago when I found this kit in a Goodwill

u/endpaper · 1 pointr/Flipping

You don't want to spend any money on ink! You want to spend money on toner!

Buy a laser printer. If you want solely black and white, I recommend the [Brother HL-2270DW] ( If you want to print color pages, go with the [HP LaserJet Pro 200] ( I've had a color HP LaserJet for years and I love it. My labels and packing slips look great. It's nice to print out good quality color photos for personal use as well. The laser printer is a 4 cartridge (black, magenta, yellow, cyan) consumer, whereas the black and white requires only one toner cartridge.

Avoid inkjets. They smudge. They blow through ink. They will make you angry.

Don't worry about the printer effecting your profit margins too much. You will have to sink some cash into your business to get it started. You will save time and money by printing your postage at home. Buy a [good scale] ( while you're at it.

u/carlotta3121 · 3 pointsr/Flipping

A very cool invention! Bet this person has made some bank. :)

That, combined with a hair dryer, makes it so much easier to remove labels.

ETA: I found one of these, Used, on eBay and it's perfect. It's the small travel version with a folding handle and has Tourmaline crystals in it which help reduce static electricity. It's great for my hair, as well! :)

u/nekrad · 8 pointsr/Flipping

Accuteck scales on Amazon are pretty popular around here. It's useful to have one where the LCD screen can be moved away from the scale (for when you have large boxes). I have this one:

Don't spend too much time on a business plan. It's more important to get some practice at actually selling things. Good luck!

u/Wallcrawler62 · 2 pointsr/Flipping

When I first started I built a lightbox similar to this. I used a box, spray painted it white, and cut up old t-shirts for the sides, then used a piece of large paper for the backing. I have a DSLR I use for photos but most cell phones these days are good enough to take great shots for ebay.

Once you have a lightbox, you can either use light from a window or some cheap lights with stands. Some people use cheap work clamp lights.

I've since upgraded to the AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio. It's a bit of an investment but makes great results.

u/nametemplate · 2 pointsr/Flipping

I've used this one

and this one

Personally I like the first one better. The bigger base is very nice. edit: you need to consider the size of the packages you're weighing. I need a scale that will measure heavy packages, the first one is better for that sort of thing. For general purpose ebay selling I'd get a scale that measures up to say 50lb, that should be good enough. Or maybe 2 scales, one for small stuff and one like the 2 I listed for heavy packages.

u/OminousRectangle · 3 pointsr/Flipping

Lighting is a huge part of it! Here's the lightbox kit I bought. It comes with two lights- they're not super strong, but again, they work just fine for my purposes and I've been perfectly happy with it. You may want to scale up to a larger size if you do bigger pieces on a regular basis... When I periodically have a larger thing (like the Mr. Coffee machine) I just say "screw it" and take lower quality pictures, or I set it up on a giant white piece of tagboard in natural lighting (during the middle of the day) so I can get a few shots.

u/BladeBC · 2 pointsr/Flipping

I have this one from Amazon. Terrific quality and it folds up when not in use. It’s a great size and so far has been big enough to photograph everything I’ve been selling. Folds up nicely so you can store it away when not in use. I can’t say if it has helped me sell things any faster but it definitely adds a level of professionalism to your listings that makes it stand out. Definitely worth it.

AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

u/87AZ · 0 pointsr/Flipping

I picked up some 2-up 5.5x8.5 labels from amazon, those 2 per sheet labels. Anyway, I noticed that within a few hours of applying them to the box they're curling up in the corners, so I have been using extra tape and taping the labels down to be safe.

Can anyone recommend some better labels with better adhesive?

These are the ones I use now:

u/iMacCarthy · 2 pointsr/Flipping

Laserjet over ink jet is preferred. HP has a line of printers that work over wi-fi. Look for Wi-Fi direct HP printers. Possibly buy used on eBay with a return policy. Others may work, but I’ve seen HP invest the most in this tech.

Also, I recommend using half sheet labels from Amazon. PM me and I can send you some extras I have (I switched to a thermal printer now that I’ve reached a nice scale). They save you time from cutting and using tape to attach labels.

If you reach scale (for me 1000+ orders), find a thermal printer (like Dymo 4xl) and probably buy a laptop.

u/ridestp · 3 pointsr/Flipping

I bought this tape from Amazon

2 bucks a roll at 164 feet/roll, and it is a little thicker tape. Works great and is a pretty good quality. I will never buy anything else again.

u/tkCrown · 3 pointsr/Flipping

Buy a scale. I got mine for $20 on Amazon and it weighs up to 75LB but also can weigh in ounces.

Anything under 13 oz. can ship first class for usually less than $2-4. I use poly mailers and bubble mailers for this purpose.

(I don't know if these are the best choices for your purposes, do some research on what size items you typically sell and buy mailers accordingly. These are what I buy and they fit anything from DVD's, small trinkets, and XXL jackets.)

Buy packing tape, bubble wrap, poly mailers and/or bubble mailers.

Packing tape:

Bubble wrap:

Poly mailers:

You print your shipping through eBay/PayPal because they give you a considerably decent discount and then can print straight from whatever printer you may have access to and tape it onto the package. It's acceptable to write it on a piece of paper and tape it, but then you have to wait in line at the post office (with prepaid labels, you can just drop it in the package drop box) and pay for tracking there.

u/LocalAmazonBot · 1 pointr/Flipping

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Amazon Smile Link: this heat gun

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u/TheBadGuyBelow · 1 pointr/Flipping


They seem okay. I am on the last bit of a roll that i ordered from them, and while i did not measure it, it looks to be accurate compared to others that I have measured. The segments tear easily where they are supposed to tear and the quality seems pretty decent.

I would go ahead and place an order, I think you will be happy with them. I ordered a couple more the other day.

u/oceanalwayswins · 1 pointr/Flipping

I mostly sell clothing. But I do occasionally sell electronics and glassware. Now that I've gotten pretty good at estimating weight on clothing, I don't weigh them until I actually go to ship. I know that a pair of jeans is almost always going to be over 16oz, so it will go priority mail... etc.

Here's the scale I have (and LOVE)... it can run off batteries or plug into the wall, and is on sale for $17 -

You can order free priority mail shipping supplies on the website. My favorite is the flat rate bubble mailer, it's under $6 to ship regardless of weight. The small flat rate is also a good one. The medium/large flat rates are only good if it's your cheapest option. If you are mailing a 3-4 pound item across the country, flat rate will be cheaper... but if it's going just a short distance it's probably cheaper to mail it based on weight. ALWAYS ship first class if it weighs under 16oz, it's much cheaper. I buy padded bubble mailers in bulk on amazon/ebay, and they end up costing around 20-25 cents each. When I worked as an office manager, I had to routinely take items up to the UPS store to mail and they charge an arm and a leg for their boxes and shipping supplies. Also, UPS probably isnt your best option on most items. I've only had to ship FedEx twice, because the items were very bulky/heavy. Other than that, I exclusively use USPS first class and priority mail.

AFAIK, insurance is free for up to $50. I rarely purchase insurance if the item sells for more than that, because most of my inventory is clothing and I pay very little for my items. If you're shipping electronics, I would probably splurge and pay extra to get them insured.

u/joehx · 1 pointr/Flipping

i just ran out of packaging tape. i don't need any immediately, so i'm looking for good, cheap tape. is this duck brand any good? any better / cheaper places than amazon?

u/hallsgator · 7 pointsr/Flipping

Smart phone scanner app

Godaddy Bookkeeping subscription


Thermal label makers such as Dymo 450 plus House Labels 30334 R (make sure any labels you get are removable)

Regular printer and half sheet labels for printing

"Sell as set", "Do Not Separate" etc stickers

USB Scanner

Boxes large enough send in the items

Packing material to pack around the items

Impulse sealer

EDIT: Forgot about tape. You will need lots of it. This is the best tape in the world.

u/vi-ruu · 4 pointsr/Flipping

I got a Dymo 450 for under $40 on eBay, but I think current listings are closer to $50-60 (Amazon has the 450 Turbo for $50 right now). If you do eBay and Amazon, a Dymo 4XL might be a better investment because it can do USPS, UPS, Fedex, and FBA labels. You'd have to buy labels separately for both, but they're fairly cheap on eBay. I believe an alternative is the Zebra LP2844? If you have a Mac, you'd be better off sticking with the Dymo because the Zebra can be difficult to set up on a Mac.

I don't know much about laser printers, but I think most run around $100. A lot of people will tell you thermals are better because no toner to replace.

u/southsideson · 1 pointr/Flipping

Here doesn't really look predictable at all. It looks like 3 times its gotten cheap, also if you need a lot now, there is a 6 pack of 6 rolls, and amazon is selling them "used" which probably just means that they have some packaging damage for about $60 for 36 rolls, not the best, but still a pretty good price, especially if you need it soon.

u/poorwhitecash · 4 pointsr/Flipping

I like the sparco tape that's somewhat popular here. Only when they go on sale for $6.99 or $7.99. No way would I pay $15. It's thick and works well enough for me. But I am not a packing tape guru. Some guys need quiet tape, etc. When on sale, these are great.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Flipping

Scotch is great if you're shipping light weight items.

I use

stronger, thicker, longer

I ship 50 pounds regularly and this tape has never failed. Plus it's cheaper per foot.

u/cakeisatruth · 1 pointr/Flipping

This is the one I have, and it's pretty great.

u/UMFreek · 2 pointsr/Flipping

Get yourself a carton/box resizer. It makes resizing a box super easy!

1 X Cardboard Carton Box Sizer and Reducer by Unknown

u/wayofthemoney · 4 pointsr/Flipping

Bought this set on amazon. Soon realized the light box is completely useless and doesn't give a professional lighting quality. I just use the lights (don't forget to bounce of the light off a white surface) and a table lamp I already own. Paired with my iPhone 6S plus camera, results look very professional and clean. Best of all this set up cost less than $50! I believe two of the LED lights are going for $30 on amazon.

Set up on amazon



u/picklelady · 3 pointsr/Flipping

Best scale, it's the last one you'll need to buy. I bought a smaller one at first, but then had to buy another. Just buy this one first and save time and money.

u/mnl2 · 1 pointr/Flipping

Can anyone recommend this?
AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

My pictures have been sucking and could be a lot better with lighting like this and I like the way it folds up and stores nearly. Hefty price tag though.

u/avisioncame · 1 pointr/Flipping

Anyone that isn't hip should check out the Amazon Basics photo studio. I have one and it's awesome and so easy to setup! I bought mine "used" (just an open box item) through Amazon Warehouse for under $120.

u/bretstar · 1 pointr/Flipping

I got this via S&S for like $11. Best tape I've used so far.

u/w1ngzer0 · 2 pointsr/Flipping
  1. Get a shipping scale. This will allow you to accurately weigh your item and print shipping labels via eBay. Accutek 8580
  2. Anything that's under 15.999 oz packed goes first class. You'll get a discount and pay $4.something vs full costs to them if calculated, or pricing higher to offer free shipping. This 15.999 oz weight is weight only TMK. I've sent snapbacks in 8^3 boxes and only paid first class because the weight was under 15.999 oz.
  3. Since you're doing clothing, order padded flat rate mailers from USPS. $6.50 your cost.
  4. Use the following fitshipper calculator to figure out best methods of shipping to each zone:
  5. For anything that doesn't fit in a PFRE and you want to offer priority, learn cubic priority and cubic softpack. Put it this way, 8x8x8 box can go to zone 8 for under $11, priority.
  6. Read the other resources on fitshipper's site. There's a calculator for how much to shave a box down to go down a tier for cubic priority, etc.

    Edit: See further comments here:

    TL;DR: Get a scale, stop paying for over the counter rates.
u/KetchupIsForWinners · 3 pointsr/Flipping
  • A smartphone
  • A PayPal account
  • A postal scale -- I have this one
  • Half sheet sticker labels for print at home postage
  • Goo Gone is magical for removing sticker residue

    Depending on what you commonly sell, bulk buy padded mailers / boxes for that size. Stop tossing any boxes & padding material from shipments you receive. Figure out somewhere to store that to use for your outgoing shipments. A good chunk of the boxes & padding I use is recycled from another shipment I got in.

    Definitely getting yourself set up to manage printing postage from home vs. waiting in line at the P.O. should be a big priority overall. There is no way I would enjoy flipping half as much if I had to wait in those lines to mail every item.

u/80spizzarat · 1 pointr/Flipping

I have two of the Accutek scales but recently found one for about the same price that I like a lot better.

I was looking for another scale because I needed one with an adjustable display. After I got it, I found it will weigh as soon as you put something on the platform without having to turn it on. With the Accutek you have to turn it on and wait a couple of seconds, and it turns off automatically after a minute or so. So by the time you're ready to weigh the next package you have to turn it on and wait all over again. After I got the AWS it was incredibly annoying waiting on the Accutek.

u/Dahvied · 1 pointr/Flipping

This one is amazing

Right now it's listed at $99 but it frequently goes on sale, either on Amazon, Office Depot, etc., for $49-79.

You can buy the toner on Amazon for ~$10-15 and it lasts 2000+ prints.

I bought it for school because I'm in grad school and print a metricfuckton of handouts and it has not once had a problem for me. I've had HP's, Canons, Epson, and all the others, but this Brother is awesome. However, don't ever buy a Brother inkjet printer, those are terrible except as paper weights.

u/Fieldguide89 · 1 pointr/Flipping

I still use a regular printer. Thermal printers are nice, but I didn't have 200 bucks to spend on a printer.

Invest in some label paper. It'll save tape and time. Here's what I use

u/votech · 1 pointr/Flipping

I think a lot of us enjoy this one. Having the display seperate is nice Accuteck ShipPro 110lbs x 0.1 oz. Digital Shipping Postal Scale, Black (W-8580-110-Black)

u/awesomesauceitch · 1 pointr/Flipping

I have this for 3 years. Had to replace the 2 AA one time. Works great.

American Weigh Scales Table Top Postal Scale, Black

u/Mr_Algorithm · 2 pointsr/Flipping

I bought this one 2 years ago and love it. Haven't had any issues with it and I haven't had to change the batteries at all (it also came with an AC cord to plug it in)

I have no affiliation just sharing what works for me.

u/rare46 · 5 pointsr/Flipping
This is the one I use. It has lights built in to the top so you don't have to worry about external lighting. I usually have shoes in stock and this has been big enough for everything I've sold and photographs them well. The only shoe it doesn't photograph well is black dress shoes (glare, but I imagine that would be similar for any set up like this. It's not really cheap but blows the old light box I had out of the water.

u/cl350rg · 3 pointsr/Flipping

The Amazon Basics photo box has served me very well. Packs up nicely too so it doesn't take up a lot of space when I'm not using it.

u/Kairiot · 1 pointr/Flipping

Use a scale here is the one I have, I like it and eBay's shipping calculator to get a good idea of the shipping cost. Unless if the item is very heavy, priority flat-rate is generally more expensive than a non-flat-rate box. I'd just do media mail for a dvd set through, you aren't amazon and buyers generally don't mind the "delay" of the media mail.

u/nasieo · 1 pointr/Flipping

I picked this one up about a month ago and its been great so far.

u/RainbowSpectrum · 1 pointr/Flipping

I have this scale. Works great and spot on accurate with my local ups scales.

Weighmax 2822-75LB postal shipping scale, Battery and AC Adapter Included Weighmax

u/Bout350z · 5 pointsr/Flipping

I use this scale
It goes from 0.01 oz all the way to 110 lbs and is great for weighing small first class envelopes all the way up to larger FBA packages.

And at $29.99 it beats the ~$40 scale that only weighs up to 11 lbs that came from Staples.

u/ColoradoKEV15 · 2 pointsr/Flipping

Have this one and it works great, I found it on

Accuteck ShipPro 110lbs x 0.1 oz. Digital Shipping Postal Scale, Black (W-8580-110-Black)

u/APotatoFlewAround_ · 1 pointr/Flipping

This is the scale I use. It's great for the price.

u/Recin · 2 pointsr/Flipping

I use these. Somebody here suggested them and they work great. I get the 200 pack and it comes out to just over 6 cents per label.

u/somermike · 1 pointr/Flipping

I have this sealer and [this roll of tube] ( and [this heat gun] ( that I picked up to do a run of 100 board games.

All three are great, but I don't use them any more. I'm not willing to ship them (just too heavy), but if you're local to Boston by chance, we should talk.

u/Old_Bay_Boy · 1 pointr/Flipping

I'm getting pretty frustrated the quality of my photos, especially with brighter, neon, or pastel clothes. I'm currently using these + a white sheet flat lay + iPhone 8 camera. I try to take photos in the lightest part of my house, but it's gray as hell where I am during this time of year. Any suggestions on improving my setup or technique? TIA.

u/Jack21222 · 2 pointsr/Flipping

It's a low cost, low quality printer. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Compare the specs of my printer, to the one you linked,

The Brother one can be connected via wifi, has a higher resolution, and prints about 50% faster. But, you're paying an extra 50 bucks for it.

So, it's all up to you. I'm sure the canon will be fine. The brother will be better.

u/Kendizzle · 8 pointsr/Flipping

Everyone couple of weeks, someone gives a link to this tape on amazon when it goes on sale, and it seems a lot of folks here are happy with it.

u/MrKane123 · 2 pointsr/Flipping

This It's the same one I've been using for years and so far knock on wood it's worked like a charm. Has the detached read out, can be battery powered (AAs) or plugged in (comes with adapter)

u/halothreefan · 1 pointr/Flipping

$16.99 prime and goes from 1oz to 50lbs (iirc)

I use this one and am happy with it for what I need.

u/kmully · 1 pointr/Flipping

I got a scale for ~$20 that was well reviewed. If I could go back and do it again I would get one where the display attaches via a cord so you can see the weight without having to pick the box off of the scale again.

This is the one I bought.

I would get something well reviewed like this.

u/_imjosh · 1 pointr/Flipping

> try to get something like an Accutek acb440. It's got a huge capacity

who needs a 440lb capacity for flipping? The problem with some of these scales with really large capacity is they don't perform as well at the bottom of the range. Here's an amazon review:

"Scale does not register weights under 4oz. Still increments properly after that, just no good for very light objects."

>Just jump in and get a scale that will last forever. I got lucky with my scale, it's a Mettler-Toledo PS-60...$44 at my local thrift store where I found mine

sure, if you find that scale for $50, you should buy it. but if you need a scale now, get the ~70 lb accutek w/ the remote screen for $25-35.

edit: 110 lb accutek, this one

u/Marksta · 1 pointr/Flipping

What do you think of this one? 110 lbs and detachable face.

Is the benefit of the detachable face for big packages that obscure the reading?

u/osirisad · 1 pointr/Flipping

I buy this when it goes on sale:

I bought it for $6.99 with free prime shipping last time around.

u/pmUrGhostStory · 3 pointsr/Flipping

Lol here is the opposite of what you want. I did the poster board thing but got frustrated. I'm sure there are cheaper versions but I bought this.

So much faster for me to take pictures now. Lots of room for big objects, no external lights to set up, great pictures, folds up easily if you need the space. Plus I use the voice control on my camera to take pictures. Now it's put in object, say shoot, turn object. Pictures are done in minutes.

u/rosesarered330 · 1 pointr/Flipping

I've been using this one for the past few months, and it works very well. My favorite thing about it is that the display is separate from the scale, so big packages don't cover it up and make it difficult to read.

u/letsgodevils123 · 1 pointr/Flipping

What is a good photo studio/light box for a starter who does not have much space in his house? I bought this because it looked like a good deal. I don't hate it, I just hate the amount of editing I have to do on the photos because of poor quality. Like this one I need to do a TON of editing to fix some of the imperfections.

u/Toastedpubes · 1 pointr/Flipping <<<<Scale

What type of box to put it in: If you sell a xbox 360 game, a padded bubble mailer will work just fine. Your ultimate goal is to limit the weight, while still securing the package. Shipping prices are based on weight/dimensions. If youre shipping something larger like a blender, then you would find a box big enough to fit it, while also allowing room for padding.

I stay away from mailing large things because its a pain in the ass to find a box big enough, and then after padding, shipping is like $30. All depends what your ROI is.

u/danielleiellle · 1 pointr/Flipping

Buy bulk peel-and stick labels. I like the half-sheet ones... Fba splits their labels in 2 and usps on eBay lets you print a half-sheet.

u/Brooksc08 · 2 pointsr/Flipping

I just bought this one a few days ago:

I like having the screen separate so bigger boxes don't cover up the readout

u/JDB3326 · 1 pointr/Flipping

That's not the good stuff though. The good stuff is the Duck brand shipping tape. I get it on Amazon.

u/bugmochi · 2 pointsr/Flipping

I've been doing this only for a few weeks. I bought this scale: Yes, you can use any printer. You can print on paper and attach with tape or pick up some labels to print on. I bought these: but you can get cheaper ones that aren't Avery. I typically ship via USPS. If you're shipping through eBay it should show you the cost difference. USPS is most often cheaper unless you have a large or heavy item.

u/Cabanaman · 1 pointr/Flipping

Here is what I do, and I ship things for very cheap.

When I get a bundle of free boxes, I will put aside a few to use as backers for first class packages. I divide up the box (usually the prefolded sides are finely sized for it) and cut them out. I will take the DVD, wrap in 2 layers of bubble wrap (not much) and place one of these sheets of cardboard on each side and tape them together. Then they go inside these cheap poly mailers.

I have sold hundreds of DVD sized items and never had one break this way.

u/gunsashands · 3 pointsr/Flipping

I've been using this tape because I saw it recommended on this sub. It gets the job done! Sometimes it goes on sale for half the price it is now.

u/Fakename998 · 1 pointr/Flipping

I use this one: American Weigh Scales Table Top Postal Scale, Black

u/mttl · 1 pointr/Flipping

I'm still using these rolls from Amazon that were posted here a while back. The reviews are all horrible and there seems to be a chance they will short you on the amount of feet, but it has been fine for me.

u/jm1982 · 1 pointr/Flipping

I bought this one in 2010 and it still works

Weighmax 2822-75LB postal shipping scale, Battery and AC Adapter Included

It's $19 on Amazon so pretty reasonable .

u/JohnnyNintendo · 2 pointsr/Flipping

Amazon Has it on sale right now too.
This is the older model, but its the one I use.
Its thermal, so it takes no ink. I buy the labels from a 3rd party seller, i think its called "house labels"

u/Blarco · 1 pointr/Flipping

A cheap laser printer and half sheet labels will cost about the same as a thermal printer. Printer toner is cheap and lasts a while. Cheaper if you buy aftermarket toner or figure out how to refill toner.

u/flipperripper · 2 pointsr/Flipping

I recently bought this off Amazon for 20 bucks. It was suggested by a few members on here. Its can go up to 75lbs. The other day I took a package to the Post office and the lady remarked how exact I was with the weight.

Weighmax 2822-75lb

u/cutecutecute · 2 pointsr/Flipping

This is the one I got, and it weighs down to grams (I use it for my skincare line, too.) And only $20!

u/highvoltorb · 2 pointsr/Flipping

This plus a white wall in my house. Adjust the levels in photoshop.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 0 pointsr/Flipping

Non-mobile: This

^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/chazwhiz · 2 pointsr/Flipping

Get a set of these Scotty Peelers. For sticky residue you can use rubbing alcohol or Goo Gone. I've also seen people suggest lighter fluid or hairspray, although I've not personally used either.

u/RasKunt · 3 pointsr/Flipping

I have this one but will be ordering this one soon.

u/Youkahn · 3 pointsr/Flipping

Tbh bud, if these replies are even remotely similar to how you'll be treating your future customers, your account won't last long.

On a more relevant note:
^ affordable and reliable, bought in 2015. You neeeeeed a scale

u/kyonu · 2 pointsr/Flipping

Is this a good scale for 50lbs? About to upgrade my Flipping location and need a bigger scale.

u/botabota · 2 pointsr/Flipping

Scotty Peeler is the god at removing price stickers. You will also need to use blow dryer/heat gun to activate the glue, whilst removing the tag. Check youtube for more info.

If there is some glue leftover (usually the case for old old tag) then you can try using googone or similar products.

u/BL_SH · 4 pointsr/Flipping

A box reducer will save you loads on shipping. That might not be the best price, it's just the first google result. I think I paid $9 from my box guy.

Protip: tape over the corners where you reduce the box. The box is a little weak there, and more likely to break.

u/swynfor · 3 pointsr/Flipping

Heads up [Sparco] ( is on sale again at $7.97.

It typically gets posted when its on sale but I figured it wasn't worth a whole post since it's happened several times recently and most people check this thread anyway.

u/lowberry · 1 pointr/Flipping

What about these:

Those are the ones I ordered, 8.99 for 200 sheets and I think 400 labels. not too bad. these seem to be the ones everyone is recommending. Ill probably never use them all anyways, or maybe over the course of a few years

u/meow_said_the_dog · 3 pointsr/Flipping

I just picked one from Amazon. It is this one and has been accurate. For the most part, a scale is a scale.

ACCUTECK All-in-1 Series W-8250-50bs A-Pt 50 Digital with Ac Adapter, Silver

I'm upgrading to this one this week because I am tired of dealing with trying to see the weight with large boxes:

Accuteck ShipPro 110lbs x 0.1 oz. Digital Shipping Postal Scale, Black (W-8580-110-Black)

u/Productpusher · 2 pointsr/Flipping

I can’t stress it enough for anyone that has a smartphone and can download the amazon seller app ( should be free even if you just open an account and never sell ) the Amazon lightbox below ($135) and their app gives you pure white background without doing anything and can fit up to knee high boots.

No photo skills needed at all and it’s a lot less space than the big ass lights and tripods people keep using . The only time it’s not perfect is if your item has a lot of white against the white background .

u/sords · 1 pointr/Flipping

I have obtained similar items when buying iphones and video game consoles. I can't recommend these particular ones, but the cords I have come in handy. First one is for the several different apple products, 2nd link is for ps2/ps3, wii and xbox 360. The particular one I have has an adapter for some older nintendo consoles.

This things pretty handy. Is it the device that's broken or are my batteries dead:

scotty peeler

goo gone

barkeepers friend

magnifiying glass with light good for looking at little markings or tiny text

upc scanner

u/hmm___ · 2 pointsr/Flipping

hm, what brand is it?

For printing shipping labels, I would go w/ a thermal printer. They are purpose built, relatively simple/less moving parts, and they have no consumables besides labels (no ink, no toner, no drums etc etc) And they are relatively cheap