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u/joshkerrigan · 1 pointr/FloridaTrees

I feel for you man. I keep up with these tree subs & r/IBS. I used to not get out much. Medical cannabis has been a huge blessing but it’s still not a “cure”, if that any makes sense.

Personally, I’ve been eating a lot of smoothies and alternative food ideas like soylent, and other replacements. I have IBS & slow transit constipation, so finding stuff that’s easy to digest & keeping my stool soft/moving is vital in my treatment.

If you want some over the counter stuff to try, I’ve been having success with magnesium glycinate (as opposed to regular magnesium, which absorbs much quicker) and these gimmicky-looking gluten pills.

Good luck, I hope it gets better for you. Keep your head up, my frient.

u/meandmycrohnies · 2 pointsr/FloridaTrees

You don't need to get a big crock pot or magical butter machine. I bought this Lil Dipper Crock Pot on Amazon for about $17 last year. Not sure if it will go back down on Amazon, maybe you can find it locally.

My go to recipe is about 20g of AVB and about a 1 1/2 cups of coconut oil. I have added lecithin in the past and I think it does make for smoother products. The Lil Dipper is perfect because it keeps the temp between 150 - 170 degrees. It's also discreet and you can use it for actual dips at a party. I usually make the cannaoil outside and the smell is pretty self contained, meaning if you get within 10 - 15 feet it smells like a combo of coconut and weed but otherwise the wind takes it, haha. If you do it indoors it will smell, but not the overwhelming scent that you'd imagine.

I give it a stir every 30 - 45 minutes and let it cook about 5 hours (last time I did it for about 8 hours and it was nuttier and darker than I expected, not burnt though). Unplug it and add as much water as you can without it tipping over, stir it some more. After 30 minutes of letting it cool down, pour it into a glass container (if it's too much to pour or you're not confident, ladle out the liquid) and through a cheesecloth lined strainer. Stick it in the fridge for about 30 minutes and then remove the disk. The water at the bottom should be brown and have residue and your disk should be a brownish green. If you want to filter it for impurities again you can heat up the oil again, add water and chill it. In my experience it doesn't need the second bath, but if you want to be OCD about it, do it.

In my experience, it takes a little more than a teaspoon of the cannaoil to get me nice and high. I followed this exact recipe substituting the vegetable oil for cannaoil and one muffin was a great dosage. You couldn't taste the weed in it, just a slight coconut aftertaste. I got a ton of compliments on it too.

I also mix the cannaoil with dark chocolate because it really masks the flavor well.

u/troutbumblake · 5 pointsr/FloridaTrees

Absolutely, positively you are 100% safe. You have done everything you are supposed to do in order to obtain and enjoy your medicine. Vape pens don't smell at all after about 25 seconds if at all. Vaping your flower is a great option for health and mitigating the smell. If you're still worried, grab a Smoke Buddy (link below) and toke away with the fan on and window open. Also, ima suggest you try a solid Indica ( body high, great for anxiety!!!!) the next time you hit the dispensary. Explain your symptoms and issues to your favorite budtender and let them guide you down the path of righteousness. But for reals, take some deep ass breaths and enjoy your absolutely 100% legal MMJ.

u/jizard · 6 pointsr/FloridaTrees

I have fallen completely in love with pens and their portability/strength. I use one of the 510 batteries from Curaleaf (free on first purchase) and I bought refillable ccell cartridges from here and syringe tips for easy refilling. I am able to control the temperature and length of hit perfectly. The taste is great and I do not experience that awful taste like I did when I used atomizer-based vapes, if that's what you're referring to.

For shatter I will use my Yocan Evolve, when I can get my hands on the stuff...tru shatter sells out right away!

u/traktrmia · 2 pointsr/FloridaTrees

Agreed! That thing is so efficient it pays for itself... if you're used to smoking.

Btw you might like this battery charger (or something like it) It charges just about anything 18650s, AA, AAA, C, Ds. It has a drain and charge feature which is good to use periodically. And it has normal and fast charge modes.

u/and_youf · 2 pointsr/FloridaTrees

People keep insisting that it will stay on if I use one of these. Do the needles you were using have the luer lock? Also this may work to make it so you can screw the needle on. I emailed the seller and asked if it would fit a 1ml glass syringe and he said if it has a luer lock connection so I don't know.

People keep insisting that you can just shove it on and warm it real good with a hairdryer till it's very liquidy and that works fine for filling. What have you been using to warm it?

Yeah I saw on the Trulieve herb cup vaporizer they have directions for using Truclear with it. I don't want that thing.

Have you tried the Jack Herer Trupod? Is your Pulsar a pain to clean? Have you given up on filling the Cora pods since they leave alot of product unvaped? Why does the Mystica suck? Do you turn the Palm on/off or does it just stay on? Have you tried any of the tinctures/oral syringes/putting Truclear under you tongue?

u/Anna_McAnna · 6 pointsr/FloridaTrees

>What do you use to smoke it out of and where are you buying it from?

This is the way I dab... (I love this lady's channel :))

Edited to add:

I use shatter from Muv...

I use a 12" beaker from TAG ... I got mine in a subscription box for $60...

I use this quartz banger (without the insert)

And I use this torch: and this butane


u/DAMAN2U1 · 1 pointr/FloridaTrees

this depends on what your doctor wrote for you. He gave me 7000 MG every 70 days for inhalation and 7000 MG every 70 days for oral consumption. TruClear is designated as oral consumption. But I think alot of people vape it, its essentially pure thc extract distillate. The Ccell carts supposedly last about 5 to 6 run throughs before the heating element goes bad, and then u throw it away. Buy this from amazon to fit on ur syringes from tru clear. They work great.

u/predatormv · 2 pointsr/FloridaTrees

I keep my flower in UV resistant glass jars by Masterdam (from Amazon) and I keep those in a smell proof stash box from Stashlogix, specificly this one

It works great to mask the smells as long as they are in it and it's closed and zipped. If it's open at all smell comes out.

u/beastradnefar · 1 pointr/FloridaTrees

I had 2 boughts of norovirus within a month and it f-d my gut silly. This stuff helped me 70% within a week of taking it, so I recommend to anyone with IBS. You gotta take big doses like it says on the bottle (3 per meal) but then within a day or 2 you should have less pain going to the bathroom. I know its not MJ, but for only $25 it might be worth trying a bottle.

u/Pack_One · 1 pointr/FloridaTrees

Take the rubber stoppers out. Turn it upside down and hit it with a hairdryer until the oil pools. Take a blunt tipped syringe and suck it out.