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u/rczrider · 1 pointr/FordFocus

FORscan is a program that allows you to make changes to the software on Ford and Mazda vehicles.

You must use an ELM327 OBDII adapter with MS/HS-CAN toggle switch. I recommend this OHP unit for $30. It's USB instead of Bluetooth, but unless you want to spend $70 on a quality BT unit, something like the OHP is your best bet. Furthermore, the Windows build of FORscan is the most stable, so you're probably going to use a laptop, anyway.

You will need the free Extended license of FORscan to enable Sport mode.

u/shutuphenry · 1 pointr/FordFocus

I have the same car, put a green filter in it! Trust me, you'll love the sound.

u/egor001 · 2 pointsr/FordFocus

Looks like the rust is between the two pieces of metal. You might get away with sandblasting that real good and then hitting it with some rust reformer. That'll turn your rust into a dark primer. Works pretty well for body rust. I'm unsure how it would do squeezing between two panels.

u/Zerogein · 1 pointr/FordFocus

I'm not sure how the tweeters come out because I haven't changed my speakers over yet. In shaa Allah. But I do have a fairly high end set of Polk audio woofers and tweeters with crossover so you're not crazy for going that route. I've seen people wire in the mini amps like the one made by alpine which I also have.

So I'm pretty sure it's possible to wire in all that stuff. These are the speakers I have:

u/Okey_Cokey · 2 pointsr/FordFocus

You can search this site, or LKQ's online website to find a Sync 3 Screen and APIM. Junkyards sell them as separate units and for a lot more, so I recommend LKQ's site first; they usually sell them together for one low price. Make sure it is Sync 3 (2016+ Focus) and not Sync 2.


Next, you'll need a new media hub (Part # HU5Z-19A387-A) for Android Auto and Apply CarPlay to work, as well as an adapter plate and wiring harness from 4Dtech. When you have all of these, you can plug the Sync 3 system in and it will work on its own.


You can choose to leave it as such and deal with some of the small bugs it may have, or you can reprogram it to work with your vehicle options. 2012 is the only year where you need to program the APIM for it to recognize the steering wheel controls. To program, you will need this OBDII reader and the FORscan program with a free extended license. With FORscan, you can flash the APIM to enable or disable settings such as the back-up camera--if you do not have one, climate control repeater (where the temperature displays on the sceen), colors and themes, steering wheel controls, etc. Do NOT play around with the hex codes too much or you may brick your APIM. I have a hex code master list I can forward to you via email if you decide to undergo the project. It sounds harder than it actually is. I was able to have it installed and programmed in about an hour.

u/thisishowiinternet · 1 pointr/FordFocus

This was the cold air <--The page says for the ST, would this even be compatible with my SE(update: K&n website says it is)

And this is the performance

In theory i'd like whatever makes it louder, but if one is better vs another, i'd want to hear the options

u/coozyorcosie · 1 pointr/FordFocus

I'd recommend the AEM dry filter for its easy cleaning, unlike the Green and K&N that require oiling.

u/Mooolelo · 1 pointr/FordFocus

is there a significant difference between a drop in and a CAI? i know my car (2012 SEL, 2 liter) wants to breath move. 30$ for a drop in K&N filter is a lot different than a 300$ CAI. 10 hp seems like a big gain for just a new intake. realistic, or marketing?

u/_f0xx · 3 pointsr/FordFocus

Tool list? Just a normal impact socket set should do you fine.

You'll want a kit like this for the rear though.

u/SpinkickFolly · 1 pointr/FordFocus

Ok, I don't have all the information but I can tell you what happened to me with my 2000 zetec zx3.

I bought this gasket with grommets when I changed my timing belt.

When I was putting everything back together is when I finally noticed they were not even close.

The one I needed was this one, no grommets

I still don't know how you can tell the difference because when I went to autozone to get the gasket before I lost daylight, they also asked me if I wanted the gasket w/grommets or not. Every site and store says the gasket w/grommets will fit too so I don't how to make the distinction before taking the cover off.

u/shugah553 · 1 pointr/FordFocus

RIP. I had an extra set until yesterday when a coworker need some. you should be able to find them on few sites under cargo cover lift strap I don't know if those will fit your car but it should point you in the right direction

u/NoCollusionNotACrook · 1 pointr/FordFocus

OHP ELMconfig OBD2 to USB ELM327 Adapter with MS-Can & HS-Can Switch and Forscan Compatible for DIY Ford Diagnostics on Windows

u/skepticalDragon · 2 pointsr/FordFocus

Bapmic BM5Z-5844210-AB Rear Roof Spoiler Wing ST Style for Ford Focus 2012-2018

u/snow_big_deal · 1 pointr/FordFocus

Not to a new focus unit, but get one of these,

and use it to put in a new aftermarket double-din stereo with carplay (for example, from Pioneer etc.)

u/TheOmegaGamer17 · 2 pointsr/FordFocus

I had water spots on my hood for a while and I finally bought this. I used it multiple times and scrubbed the crap out of it and a majority of it came out.

u/UMDSmith · 1 pointr/FordFocus

There has been a lot of good advice. One I can offer is, disconnect the battery, open the fuse panel, and spray QD electronic cleaner in there.

If the carpet got soaked and the foot wells are wet, you may want to think about pulling the seats and the carpet out and letting it dry, as anyplace that water pools may lead to rust at worst, or a moldy smell eventually.

Any exposed electrical connection can be given a quick covering of di-electric grease after they are cleaned:

Any metal on metal contact areas that got wet, such as hinges, seat sliders, etc hit with some WD-40 to displace water and prevent rust.

Pull the horn fuse for now to stop it from sounding all the time. The headliner removal is a bitch, since you need to remove all the pillar trim, which may mean removing seat belt shoulder bolts, which normally requires a big torx socket bit. If it is a hot dry day, unplug the battery and leave your car fully open (all doors, hatch) all day. It will really help drying it out.

u/TheSuperOther · 2 pointsr/FordFocus

I've got an '05 ZX3 and I had the same issue. Has the button, but no input. If you're so inclined, you can install a device to convert from the propriety aux input on the back to a 3.5mm jack by plugging it in and splicing some power wires. Took me about an hour. Here's a link for the device. If you've got a CD holder box (in the dash below the light controls) there might be a cable there. It's where I installed mine to.

u/DMAC55 · 5 pointsr/FordFocus

Seriously took 10 minutes to install!

The sound is...visceral, a growl and rumble, you can hear the engine suck in air with a whistle even.