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u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/FortCollins

Now reporting back! We went on Thursday (6/27) afternoon and did the Filter Plant Run recommended by RyanSmith.

The run is easy to get to; it's just a straight shot up Poudre Canyon Highway. Drop your chase car at Picnic Rock (there was no fee for this) and continue up to Gateway Park, about 2 miles or so up the canyon. There, you can either drive down to the banks and pay five dollars (self-serve) or park above for free. Actually, you can pull over just about anywhere there's a pullover area and start your run there, but we paid the five bucks, which puts you pretty much right at the river's edge.

Gateway starts you out in relative calm, followed almost immediately by some fast water. The water was very cold at first-you get used to it quickly! We were using these Intec raft-things, but of course plain inner tubes would be just fine. We also had life-jackets, as recommended, and for that we were grateful. I'm a strong swimmer and accustomed to swimming in rough water and I still found it challenging when I flipped my raft trying to get to the bank to wait for my partner to catch up.

It being the middle of the week, we had the river to ourselves for quite a bit of the ride, with an occasional fisherman and other tubers thrown in. My guess is that the weekends are a different story...

The run itself was lots of fun, with moments of genuine thrills, and interludes of calm, slower moving water. We did not get out at any point during the run, as the water was plenty deep the whole way. I would recommend bringing a paddle or finding a stick that you can use to give a little bit of control/rock-avoidance capabilities. Make sure you get out when you get to Picnic Rock, as there is a dam just fifty yards or so past it, and you do NOT want to go over that!

The whole thing was three-and-a-half hours or so from the south end of town to the river and back, and at a cost of maybe ten bucks or whatever for parking and gas, a bargain.

Highly recommended. We will for sure do this run again. We are really grateful to everyone who helped in this thread, and I hope my report here helps someone else out.

u/CubsFan1060 · 2 pointsr/FortCollins

Those are all good starter hikes. Depending on the shape you're in, I'd go with a progression of something like Devil's Backbone->Arthur's Rock->Horsetooth->Grey Rock. There's lots and lots after that, but those would be a great start.

Please make sure to look up the 10 essentials, and have a general awareness of where you are. Also, pick up the correct national geographic maps and learn how to use them.

You can pick this up at REI:

u/stunt_penis · 1 pointr/FortCollins

I do it myself, I bought a ceramic stick sharpener off amazon (this one, although it appears to not be around any more --

It's super easy, like 10 minutes. Hold the blade vertically, and let the mount do the angle as needed.

Probably would pay for itself after one or two paid-sharpenings.

u/focodad · 1 pointr/FortCollins

The Meadow by James Galvin isn't about Fort Collins per se, but is an outstanding read on the history of the settlers in the Red Feather/Livermore area. Highly recommended.

u/crccci · 1 pointr/FortCollins

Second what /u/arjalon said, plus keep in mind that 99.999% of woodworkers aren't bowyers. Some guys might be able to make you something that looks like a bow, but it'd likely snap the first time you drew it.

If you're interested in making one yourself, the library should have(or be able to get) The Bowyer's Bible, the authoritative work on the subject.

u/ieatmakeup · 3 pointsr/FortCollins

Anyone know if an inflatable fishing boat is something to take down the river? Specifically, this one.

Wife and I have never gone down it, but we've had this boat for several years now. Any idea where a good place to start would be?

u/sputnikspiff · 2 pointsr/FortCollins

It's about 20' high and pretty clear LOS, except for a bunch of trees and reception is noticeably better on clear days after leaves have fallen. It's a very small and cheap antenna by the way but does the job, I had the same one when I lived in an apartment and mounted it on my porch and it was good there too. Perhaps the signal will be weaker in your case due to the building but you never know until you the DIY antenna and see what happens.

u/guysquatch · 1 pointr/FortCollins

> Zircon stud finder

I am a very handy person and those things suck. Get a magnetic one and use the tip about outlets and you should be good.

E: I have this one:

u/YEM_87 · 2 pointsr/FortCollins

lol holy shit


what am i looking at here? and why is this cd $200

u/student-vet · 2 pointsr/FortCollins

This spray has worked really well for my GF and she's the mosquito queen. Also on mobile, so sorry for the ugly link.