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u/lorax_I_Speak · 5 pointsr/FortWorth

The Picture of Dorian Gray is one I've wanted to read. It is a bit short at only ~220 pages.

In Cold Blood by Capote is another one I've been meaning to read.

And last night was fun. Great to meet everyone!

u/Brook5861 · 1 pointr/FortWorth

Exactly right on both points. It seems like overkill, but 1 box/cat is totally worth it to avoid issues.

Get a couple of these. Takes 10 seconds to clean out a day's worth.

u/humansvsrobots · 8 pointsr/FortWorth

60 Hikes within 60 miles of DFW

We have done several of the walks in this book, and enjoyed them quite a bit. There are good hikes all over the metroplex.

u/robbysalz · 5 pointsr/FortWorth

Building and sustaining vibrant cities full of life and economic activity goes well beyond building traffic lanes.

Check out this guys book:

u/K1nsey6 · 2 pointsr/FortWorth

I've slept with ear plugs for years and love it. Though I buy 3M $25 for 200 pair.

u/MadroxKran · 2 pointsr/FortWorth

There's also a coffee table there in the other items by the picture. Great price, real sturdy.

u/Mesonoptic · 2 pointsr/FortWorth

TANSTAAFL, y'all. Oodles of parking costs oodles of money, and it's nothing short of absolutely fair and dandy that parking co$t$ there - either pay up directly, or visit an approved merchant (indirect payment).

u/judsonzhao · 2 pointsr/FortWorth

You guys really need this
Can save lives sometimes.

u/michellecopter · 1 pointr/FortWorth

Link there ya go. we ordered a kids 8 in silver and are very pleased with the look/fit.

u/christifor · 3 pointsr/FortWorth

Lost Fort Worth as someone mentioned is really good for a broad, general look at early Fort Worth and how it developed in its early stages through WWI and into the 50s and 60s. I believe it's available for free if you have a Kindle through the Kindle lending library.

For a more specific time and event, one of my favorites is The Shooting Salvationist, about Pastor J Frank Norris and how he bristled with Amon Carter and Mayor Meacham and ended up killing someone in in his office (which would be on the second floor above PF Chang's in downtown now).

Also, a couple that are set at least partially in or around FW but not necessarily about FW - Black Like Me, which is a classic and at least attempts to document some of the complicated racial tensions during the time it was written, and Goodbye to a River (which I suppose is really more Tarrant County than FW proper) - another classic where a guy decides to make his way down the Brazos in a canoe one last time before it gets changed by a proposed series of flood control dams.

u/Welcome_to_Jamrock · -2 pointsr/FortWorth

I paid less than 20 bucks for all the firewood I could ever use. Check it out here

u/robbzilla · 5 pointsr/FortWorth

I've had limited success with an ultrasonic anti-barking device. It's definitely better than nothing, but my neighbor's idiot dog makes my back yard a very unpleasant place to be. I've had to wake up their entire family on multiple occasions when the stupid think kept me up at 2AM. And I don't even feel a little bad about that. Seriously, control your damned animal.