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u/TheFraternityProject · 27 pointsr/Frat

First, good on you, Pledge, for stepping up and trying to help.

Second, do not be surprised if Actives do not want your advice or help - you frankly don't have the experience yet to help rescue a struggling Chapter.

Third, numbers are not important except that there is a minimum number of Actives needed to pay your bills, keep your House, and function socially. Always prioritize quality of Rushee / Pledge over quantity.

Fourth, your former Pledge Brothers are not supposed to like your Pledgemaster; they are supposed to fear and respect him (in that order). That the other guys dropped is good - if they were not willing to continue through a Pledgeship that was not cotton candy and kittens, then they would never have grokked what a real fraternity is and what their role would be. Good riddance - do not re-Pledge them.

The most effective way to boost Rush and Pledgeship numbers is to follow exactly the method described in a simple book by the head of PhiredUp Consulting, Matt Mattson. The book is, "Good Guys." Read it, follow his method precisely, and you will have a very very large spring Pledge Class - 20, 30, 40 - whatever you want. Two of Mattson's employees parachuted in to the University of Alabama to Rush for a new fraternity and successfully Bid a Pledge Class of 90 guys - for a new fraternity - at Bama.

There are problems with Phired-Up's philosophy, from my point of view - but there is no doubt that his methods, when followed precisely, produce large Pledge Classes and can save Chapters struggling with critically low membership - extensive comments are in this thread:

Start recruiting smarter guys than you have now - that will help your GPA - Rush guys who want to go to med school or law school or dental school or business school - those guys need great grades to win entry into post-grad programs - and their GPA will boost Chapter GPA. Start Rushing better guys than you and your Pledge Brother - better looking, more athletic, more experienced leaders - guys who have been leaders of their peers all their lives - high school varsity team captains - all well raised by loving families. And then your recruits will Rush guys better than themselves and their Pledge Brothers - that's how Chapters get better year over year.

Lastly, when you and your Pledge Brother get some experience and are leaders in the Chapter, understand that what happens in Chapter, stays in Chapter. A Pledge should neither know nor repeat what happens there. In addition, no un-Initiated Advisor (unless he is an Alumnus of your fraternity) should ever be in your Chapter Meetings - those meetings are for Initiated Brothers only - anyone else is there to narc on you if you say or do something they disagree with. We are secret societies - and we will remain on campus longer if we act like it.

u/CigBreak · 12 pointsr/Frat

It amazes me how y'all can't use google or ask your friends.

But, nonetheless. Go to this Amazon link and select Gold Buckle Bleach


Before y'all say shit about slim fit, these fit really well, and I would say they aren't that slim. The legs fit right over boots perfectly and the look is more streamlined rather than super baggy.

u/KulpDontCare · 6 pointsr/Frat

If you want to install a tap, you'll need to be able to refrigerate it somehow. You could invest in one like this. As far as the bar goes, Adding a lower shelf for the inside would make it look pretty professional. The upper left part of the bar in this picture is what I'm talking about. Also, you should look into using a router on the edges to make a neat border rather than just sanding it. That gives it more character. As for the top, the resin idea is cool if you're going to put stuff into the surface. If not, I'd recommend a stain and then a couple coats of polyurethane. And trim underneath the counter top would look great along with a base on the bottom.

u/Street_PharmD · 3 pointsr/Frat

JBL LSR308 is better quality and louder if you look at the conversion of watts into Db between the two.
But I think the LG's (Are you looking at these?: you are looking at have 3 speakers... plus it comes with the main receiver.
You will probably still need the main receiver, or a central computer/laptop. If you already have one of those (I assume you have something figured out if you DJ) then buy those good JBL speakers. If not then I guess you could skimp and get the little LGs (but you get the whole system, which is good).
Have you looked into SONOS? Pricey but worth the investment... hit up the alumni if you can- good luck!

u/torisanod · 92 pointsr/Frat

Personally I like to use a few of these. Great for parties and the girls go crazy for these speakers!!

u/polyhistorist · 2 pointsr/Frat

Since only u/roadbird21 really answered this I'll jump in. Do you own the house or rent it? Is it long term rent (like you know you'll have it for 5+ years ) or short term? And do you have alot of money or a little?

Short term: (if you don't own the house/don't have a ton of money)Dehumidifiers are a great option. Dry air is not as sweat inducing as wet air is. Also get one or two portable AC units. As large as you can afford (by BTU) such as this one.

These work by having an exaust for hot air. Route this up the stairs and outside the nearest window. You can buy extra tubing from home Depot. Get enough AC for double the room size.

Medium term (you have more money, a long rent that's several years). Something like this would be good

Long term: you have a long rent, own the property, or have a ton of money

This is what your looking for

Note, I do a ton of DIY projects, including plumbing and electrical for my house. I probably would get someone to install this anyhow. Also, if your renting. You need to talk with your land lord.

u/nmgoh2 · 9 pointsr/Frat

For starters, this is a horrible idea that won't end well for anyone. Ignoring that, lets make some dreams happen.

>Does it taste good?

Sure, it's fuckin Jello. So long as it's all fully mixed, it'll taste like Jello when the wrestling starts. By the time wrestling is over it will probably taste like floor, feet, and taint.

>Is it sticky?

The Jello secret recipe is Sugar, Gelatin, and Flavor. Of course it's going to be sticky. When you wrestle around in this shit it's going to get EVERYWHERE. If you don't hose down the party IMMEDIATELY after the wrestling that shit will stick and stain to everything like epoxy.

Host the event outside on a not-hot day for easiest cleanup. I hear dirt flavor can really offset the vinegar flavor of taint.

>How do we make that shit in bulk?

First, we need to understand how much "bulk" you actually need. For any decent wrestling action you're going to need at least a 6' diameter kiddie pool with at least 6'' of jello in it. Doing some basic math, that means you need at least 15 cubic feet of Jello for the first batch, or 125 gallons, or 25 5-gallon buckets.

If you're hosting more than a couple matches you'll need to refill it completely at least once, so you may as well double these numbers. The real challenge won't be finding the buckets, it'll be finding 15-30 cubic feet of available refrigerator space for a couple of days.

BTW, I'm pretty sure filling a big refrigerator with mostly-boiling water is going to fuck with any food in there, so it should probably be completely empty while the jello is curing. Also, don't use the freezer. Whatever bulk containers you're using will have enough thermal mass to just freeze on the outside and stay runny on the inside. Don't freeze jello, this fucks everything even more.

As for actually procuring the 750lbs of jello powder you're going to need, talk to your food distributor. Probably US Foods or Sysco. Ask for bulk sizes of jello, ask if there's anything on sale. Hell, tell him exactly what it's for and he'll probably hook you up with a decent solution. Or Buy a couple packs of this shit.

All told, this party will probably run you ~$500 assuming you have "Free" access to kitchens, water, and refrigerator space.

I'll assume you have access to a semi-commercial kitchen complete with floor-stand mixer. Get some big pots, boil water, mix shit, and pour it into your containers. Make sure it's fully dissolved or you're just going to fuck everything. For the mercy of your fridge wait for them to come back to room temperature before filling it up. Given the bulk, I would give your jello a full 12-hrs of curing time, if not a day.

After that, all you have to do is just fill a kiddie pool full of your new jello, get to wrestling, and enjoy the show. I'm sure the regrets won't kick in for a couple of hours.

u/D0ctorrWatts · 2 pointsr/Frat

We grabbed this for Halloween. Fairly cheap and it worked out pretty well.

u/nerdpox · 28 pointsr/Frat

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L'homme

go find it and you'll love it.

u/charl3magn3 · 4 pointsr/Frat

we used to have a bongzilla (which is the shit, you should all buy one) and it just became a shit show. The week after that, we had jungle juice fever.

u/Abramawitz · 5 pointsr/Frat

If you're looking for something a bit more put together, there's always this.

u/Gmhausk · 43 pointsr/Frat

Question comes up every year.

Drop some money and get this bad boy

And cool down your basement beforehand. It should be an icebox before people get in there.

Stop letting large people down there as well. They create a lot of heat.

Our old basement we couldn’t create an airflow, but if you can you should

In the winter use your airmovers to pump in cold ass air

u/NooBnation101 · 23 pointsr/Frat

Hand jello packets to pledges? How fucking hard is it?

Does it taste good?

What do you think?

Is it sticky?

What the fuck do you think?

How do we make that shit in bulk?

It's literally the first thing that popped up