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u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Frozenfriends

I had a $40 amazon gift card and i used it to pick up RWBY volume and 2. I just decided to blow off the rest of the card with the little golden books for Frozen and Big Hero 6

I made the order literally 2 hours ago, so I don't know of the quality of those two yet

EDIT. Just clicked the look inside for the Big Hero 6 one, its just adorable

u/Devatazta · 3 pointsr/Frozenfriends

Bought this little guy for a for girl I've been dating for a while now. It's from an anime we both watched. That and the character it's related to is pretty similar to her haha

u/gazza3478 · 2 pointsr/Frozenfriends


It is double the price though but hey, you want Amazon.

u/thewonderfulwiz · 1 pointr/Frozenfriends

I read I, Robot way back in the day and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll have to look into those others, too. Thanks for the recommendation! In return, I recommend to you The Tower by Gregg Hurwitz. It's a darker manhunt/mystery style book that pits a messed up murderer against a relentless detective. I literally picked it up randomly once and it was incredible.