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u/kritycat · 2 pointsr/FundieSnark

Oh, goodness, depends on your area of interest! I liked American Protestsntism, but my real passion was early Christianity, especially the gospels excluded from the Bible.

Off the top of Mr head (and its been 30 years, so forgive me! This is good on American evangelical history The Great Awakening: A History of the Revival of Religion in the Time of Edwards and Whitefield
Also good in that area is The Great Awakening: The Roots of Evangelical Christianity in Colonial America

A REALLY good way to find texts is to search for college/university syllabi which are usually on line now! For example, Dartmouth's Intro to American Religion is there, Rutgers' is online, etc.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get recommendations from academic universities and courses, not church-based ones. You want to learn and engage with the material without having to deal with a school's or teacher's theology involved. You want information that isn't censored for theological reasons.

I LOVED my degree work, and the area is still a great passion of mine. Feel free to direct message me if I can be of any help. Check out some of the extra-biblical Gospels, like the Gospels of Mary, Thomas, etc. You'll delve into the politics of assembling the Bible and the reasons for excluding certain narratives (especially the equality of women and the aggressive social justice policies!). Love to chat about this stuff!

u/A40047 · 14 pointsr/FundieSnark

They are not to my knowledge. I grew up with the Pearl's books as well as these

Wisdom and the Millers: Proverbs for Children

Amish and Mennonite are anabaptist and generally popular among the more conservative. Most Baptist fundies profess to want simple lives that are close to historical cosplay, Amish and Mennonite would comply with these ideals but it's difficult to convert into the groups at times. If you're not familiar with Charlotte Mason home school curriculum I suggest looking into that and the good and the beautiful. Other ones that fit this ideal but are not recognized as well as ATI are beautiful feet and memoria press (which I grew up with). They are beautiful curriculums with very classic looks but hidden underneath is an extremely patriarchal message. The now defunct vision forum was well known for supporting several of these.

u/roadrunner1949 · 10 pointsr/FundieSnark

Christian, have a 3month old baby whose my first and my pregnancy and birth was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Yes, the second I came out with me being honest about my pregnancy symptoms a fundie woman (who hasn’t had kids) recommend me this book . Pissed me off but some ppl really think it’s all about feeling good or like it’s a constant blessing. It’s annoying to see women pretend things are going fine but we both know they are having a hard time. Every pregnancy is different but there are just too many symptoms to not feel THAT GOOD. Kinda feel sorry for them tbh.

Couldn’t agree more with your post! Congratulations on your pregnancy and you got this mama!

u/purhitta · 13 pointsr/FundieSnark

Hey OP! This is a little off topic but I hope it helps you. I wasn't raised fundie, but I've recently been learning about Childhood Emotional Neglect and realized how prominent it was in my childhood. I think a LOT of fundie families unknowingly promote this sort of emotional suffocation. It can happen intentionally (narcissistic parents) or unintentionally (emotionally absent parents who just think their MO is the norm.)

My parents did their absolute best, but I still had complex emotional needs that they couldn't meet. I don't blame them, but it's helpful to recognize the patterns.

If you need resources, I've found Dr. Jonice Webb to be a leading voice on the topic. She has a book called Running on Empty which I'm reading right now. It explains so much.

u/shrekdot · 2 pointsr/FundieSnark

And this book is an excellent resource. Hard to find but Voyle knew Hammond Baptist and Hyles well and knows the truth.

u/TheBoysASlag · 3 pointsr/FundieSnark

This I think is from a book called Stuff Christians Like by Jonathan Acuff. It's great.

u/BrightGreyEyes · 14 pointsr/FundieSnark

Depends on the kind of dog. A lot of dog toys are more or less meant to replace a natural activity so that a dog can follow their natural urges. It's kind of like how a herding dog might have never seen sheep, but they'll try herding people or toys or whatever because they just somehow need to. My dog has a high prey drive, and she's basically programmed to want to kill small things. For the most part, I can't let her do that, but I can give her squeaky toys. Plus, the only toys that I can give her unsupervised access to are Kongs (which she's not interested in unless they actually have stuff in them) and some kinds of squeaky toys so she kind of needs them because I can't give her 100% of my attention 100% of the time. There are also different kinds of squeaks in squeaky toys (like some that sound like a duck or chicken instead of squeaking etc.). Then there are crackle toys (these are great) that sound like squeezing an empty water bottle (reminds dogs of crunching on small animal bones); I'll give them to my dog when she's trying to squeak things but I need to be able to hear something like a phone call or video conference. Supposedly there are also ultrasonic squeaky toys that humans can't hear, but I've never tried them.

TL;DR Whether or not dogs need squeaky toys depends on the kinds of natural drives they have. If it's specifically squeaking you have trouble with, there are other options that will fulfill the same need.

u/frabelle · 10 pointsr/FundieSnark
u/heyrainyday · 6 pointsr/FundieSnark

Tangentially related...
Awhile back I read a book called “starvation heights ”, about an early-1900s quack doctor who used a “starvation” treatment for her patients. At least a dozen deaths are attributed to her treatment.

Really good book, btw.

u/adarunti · 59 pointsr/FundieSnark

My guess is The Birth Partner: Birth Partner 5th Edition: A Complete Guide to Childbirth for Dads, Partners, Doulas, and All Other Labor Companions

u/AGirlHasOneName · 14 pointsr/FundieSnark

Bella Milagros is a post-liposuction anti cellulite cream. 🤔

Bella Milagros Lipoerase Rx Anti-cellulite, Firming and Body Toning Cream, 5-Ounce Tube