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u/br0hemian · 1 pointr/FunnyandSad

Firstly, fuck the guy you're arguing with lol, what a moron. That being said, as a believer in free open markets and someone who strongly believes that government in the modern age is nothing more than a criminal organization, I feel like I need to jump on your final sentence.

> real capitalism doesn't exist because people with power don't play with the rules, the make the rules and you can be damn sure they will bend the rules of the market in their favour if they want WHATEVER IT COSTS.

You are very close to the truth, in my opinion, but not quite there. You are absolutely right that, under our current political/economic climate, capitalism will always be a tool for the rich to push their agenda and add to their wealth - that is exactly what it has been used for in the age of big government. The one distinction I would like to make is that "real capitalism" can exist... it just cannot coexist with a state. The state is essentially a group of individuals who we have decided can operate outside of the free market. You do not decide to pay your taxes, you are forced to under the threat of jail time. This is simply an interaction that devalidates all other actions within the market. A state existing and having the power to control entire industries undercuts the power of the consumer to decide on a better service. The police force in your area has started killing innocent people because of the colour of their skin? Get a new police force. Your military "defence" force is suddenly on a murderous rampage across the middle east? Stop paying them. The private company printing your money is starting to give it away to their friends like it grows on trees? Tie your economy to a different currency. Medical costs skyrocketing? Oh would you look at that, it coincides perfectly with the involvement of the state, what a shocker.

Capitalism is a word that has been demonized by so many, and to an extent, they are right, but they are uninformed. What we have now is crony capitalism, where massive super corporations use the power of government to assure their continued success, instead of providing a value to their consumers in a voluntary interaction. In a capitalistic society that cannot be allowed unless you want massive injustice and economic tragedy. True open market capitalism would unlock a freedom for the individual that has never been achieved before. I think the biggest factor is the economy. The USD is the most inflated currency in the history of the world, and it ain't a close race.

I would strongly recommend against blaming capitalism for the condition the world is in right now, as it is an ultimately ironic opinion. Capitalism is the voluntary exchange of goods between free people... that's it. The context in which the capitalism is taking place is the issue. We are not ruining our economy because of all the technological advances being pushed by innovative companies trying to compete for your dollar, we are ruining our economy due to irresponsible, malicious actions being taken by people to further their own positions in life under the veil of government. Bernie Sanders is a fucking capitalist for christ's sake. The man is making millions of dollars selling books about how evil it is to make millions of dollars, and he's got an army of tax lawyers itemizing all of his deductions and making sure the state sees as little of his money as possible, despite preaching that the state should be taking more of your money because they're so good with it.

I'm just now realizing how long this is so I will have to end it here kind of abruptly lol. I am absolutely obsessed with this stuff and I am currently rereading Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt, I could not recommend it enough, you seem eager to figure this out.

u/paulvonslagle · 2 pointsr/FunnyandSad

Animal products have more negative impacts to your health than positive. Not only do animal product cause inflammation but also cause cancer. Dr. T. Colin Campbell's book, The China Study concluded that animal protein, casein in this case proliferated cancer growth in all stages. Only plant proteins were found to decrease cancer cell growth. Of course doctors have been making correlation between animal products and coronary heart disease for years. This is due to the free fats from the saturated fats in animal products, which only exist in animal products. Animal products also contain no fiber, which is essential to digestive health. So no, there aren't many positive health impacts for animal products.

For many people, researching independent farmers is just not an economical or feasible choice. Most people are going to get conventionally raised animal products and vegetables. Unless you're heavily invested in the farming community, I doubt every farmer will fit into your checklist. What happens on farms, and what they say happens are not the same in many cases. Sure your checklist would be great in a perfect world, but it's really a drop in the bucket in terms of overall impact on the world. It takes about 1/6th of an acre to feed one vegan per year, ½ an acre to feed a vegetarian and 3 acres to feed a meat eater.

>Give their animals a better, statistically longer life and quicker, more painless death than anything they could hope for in the wild.

Only this part is needless. You can obtain every nutrient, mineral, and amino acid you need from a plant based diet. You can't humanely kill a being that doesn't want to die in the first place.

I started our debate with a question that you never answered. What is more important: your tastebuds, or an animal's life?

u/AssGagger · 9 pointsr/FunnyandSad

I shave in the shower. the hot water softens it up a lot so it goes much quicker. good shave creme is a must. this stuff is amazing -

this cheap shower mirror is better than all the fancy ones -

u/reading_internets · 9 pointsr/FunnyandSad

I read a book about a Brown student who transferred to liberty. He was the last person to interview Jerry Fallwell. It was pretty interesting.

The Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner's Semester at America's Holiest University

u/newphonewhodis4 · 6 pointsr/FunnyandSad

Well...when two people love each other, the female lets the male “sling ropes” across the females face.

If you can’t produce enough to sling any ropes, then you’re in luck!

u/rumbleinthegrundle · 5 pointsr/FunnyandSad

TIL there is an entire subgenre of trashy romance novels about guys who can turn into bears and like to fuck fat chicks.

u/outtogetme1 · 17 pointsr/FunnyandSad

Yeah she wears sandals and this is her favourite T-Shirt, its a no from me.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/FunnyandSad

Human nature is so much more complicated than that.

>Ordinary Men is the true story of Reserve Police Battalion 101 of the German Order Police, which was responsible for mass shootings as well as round-ups of Jewish people for deportation to Nazi death camps in Poland in 1942. Browning argues that most of the men of  RPB 101 were not fanatical Nazis but, rather, ordinary middle-aged, working-class men who committed these atrocities out of a mixture of motives, including the group dynamics of conformity, deference to authority, role adaptation, and the altering of moral norms to justify their actions. Very quickly three groups emerged within the battalion: a core of eager killers, a plurality who carried out their duties reliably but without initiative, and a small minority who evaded participation in the acts of killing without diminishing the murderous efficiency of the battalion whatsoever.

Ordinary Men

u/Serious_Feedback · 12 pointsr/FunnyandSad

Hey, you should read the book "Bullshit Jobs", which is about the exact phenomenon of people being paid for (and required to stick around for) non-work or fake work.