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u/PaleoTS · 3 pointsr/Garmin

I think the VA4/Venu are both great, and would serve you well. I think the whole Garmin infrastructure and software with Garmin Connect, etc., are great, and superior to Samsung's (disclaimer: that's based on liking Garmin, I don't really know much about Samsung other than I hate their phones - lol).

If you think they are still a little bit expensive and over-featured, consider the Frontrunner line. I didn't (I ended up going all-in on a Fenix) but I've seen some threads on here that make them seem like a terrific cheaper alternative, and there are so many models that, while it's confusing, you can pick and choose the features you are willing to pay for. For example, I read someone reporting how happy they are with a 245. I just looked on Amazon and its $149.

So, I wholeheartedly endorse the Garmin lineup, but perhaps a cheaper version?

Finally, I hate all things Apple, but my wife uses an iPhone and has an Apple Watch Series 3. She absolutely loves it, and it does all sorts of fitness things on top of having seamless integration with her phone. It's on sale for like $169. If you use an iPhone, I would reluctantly steer you towards considering that. :-)

u/dawookiemonster · 1 pointr/Garmin

I currently have the 245 but did have the instinct for a week before I returned it. The Instinct definitely is going more durable. However, I’m pretty comfortable with how my 245 has stood up. I’ve bumped and banged it on doors and corners, not very hard, but still enough to make me cringe. So far it’s held up without any marks. I haven’t dropped it yet, but I’d expect it to be just fine dropped from waist to chest high on wood or tile. It might scratch, but I don’t think it would break from an average drop.

I would strongly recommend putting a screen protector on the 245 if you go that route. The screen should be durable on its own, but the protector will just you extra protection. I got my protector from Amazon, and you can’t even tell I have a screen protector on.

Link here in case you might need it.

Edit: it’s late and I messed up the link formatting

u/Fingolfin521 · 2 pointsr/Garmin

Not sure the screen dimensions on your watch, so I don’t know they make one for your watch, but I have one of these on my Vivoactive 3, great protection and I cannot even tell it’s there.

[3-Pack] Supershieldz for Garmin (Vivoactive 3) [Not Fit for Vivoactive 3 Music] Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Anti-Scratch, Bubble Free, Lifetime Replacement

u/Madcat207 · 7 pointsr/Garmin

Yes it is. It is specifically sold for the FR935, but fits PERFECTLY. No bubbles or sticking issues at all. Here is a side-on shot.

And the link to the two pack:

u/LukeWarmCage · 26 pointsr/Garmin

Rant about the rant.

1 - He repeatedly talks about the 945 costing $150 more with the HR straps "you really need", yet that's the Tri-bundle. He compares those costs to his Suunto which came with the equivelent of the $21 Garmin hard strap.

2 - He compares apples to oranges WRT the FR 45 vs FR 35 by misrepresenting the FR35 price. The FR35 debuted at $200 and spent a long time there, and most of it's life at $170 or higher. CamelCamelCamel never forgets, but this youtuber apparently does.

The FR45 is unarguably much more than the 35 was, and it debuts at the identical price.

3 - The idea that the FR 10 "basicly did the same thing [as the FR35]" is ridiculous on its face. It was not introduced at $100 as he claims, it spent most it's life above $125. Yes, there is no longer a Garmin with GPS under $170, but those at $170 have optical HR, better battery life, smartwatch features, and some metrics like VO2max.

4 - Comparing a black on white single field screen to a white on black complex one is disingenuous at best. I have no trouble seeing 7 datafields on my Fenix (black on white) all the way from sunup to sunset.

5 - Nobody forces you to buy both the swimming HR straps with the 945. The watch comes without either if you like.

6 - None of the serious watches have a touchscreen. "You're paying for it" is a lie.

7 - "new watches don't actually do anything more" is a lie, so he qualifies it with "unless unless unless" IF YOU DON'T NEED THE FEATURES THEN THE FR945 ISN'T THE APPROPRIATE WATCH FOR YOU.

He's completely ignoring the fact that these Firstbeat metrics are for STRUCTURED TRAINING and trying to replace coaches for many athletes who want structured training. The alternative is coaches, subscription services, or (awesome but) complicated solutions like Golden Cheetah.

This whole rant so far boils down to "I see something shiny I don't need and I wish it was priced lower. It has more features than I personally value or need, but I still want it."

8 - He wants optical HR + Music, pace, distance. FR45, not FR945 is what he should be looking at.

9 - "2 or 3 or 400$ more". Bogus, none of the new ones are that much more expensive than their parents, not even the Spartan.

10 - FINALLY at the end he argues than people buy more watch than they need... at the 9 minute mark.

11 - He's wrong about having more data than the great 80's athletes. He is underestimating the data a coach and trainer who monitor your metrics provided these athletes. THAT is what the Firstbeat metrics he rails against are attempting to provide.

12 - The irony of saying "buy a coach" when for many people Firstbeat-guided structured training can replace a coach is hilarious.

u/ShesQuackers · 2 pointsr/Garmin

No idea if it's flexible enough for you, but I picked up one of these Barton silicone watch bands with the quick release. I've only had it for a few days, but it's much nicer than my original Garmin band.

u/xasper8 · 2 pointsr/Garmin

Sorry to hear about your loss.. people suck sometimes.

If you are interested I have a brand new Garmin Montana 680. I took it 4 Wheeling 1 time and didn't like it... I'm not a Gramin guy.. I wanted to be but I didn't like the functionality (or couldn't figure it out). I use a mobile app that works well out in the middle of no-where. I read a ton about different GPS's and for my application this Garmin fit my needs... but loading maps, and using the interface was too difficult (compared to my mobile app anyway).

Anyway I bought it for +$450 from Amazon a few months ago and would consider selling it for $400.. or trading for a new(ish) GoPro.

I also have this mount I'd throw in.

Here is a pic of my Amazon order history with the Garmin.

Hmm for some reason Amazon has these for $569 now... lol maybe its a collectors item.

u/zacattac · 1 pointr/Garmin

I know this doesn't contribute to the conversation at all, but I am having the exact same dilemma.

I noticed that the 735xt is only $50 more on Amazon and will ship next week. I've thought about getting that a couple of times over the past few days. Just with everything I've read it seems the software is more up to date to work with all of Garmin's Connect software. Again, this is all in research so I have no idea and I'm glad you asked the question.

u/CJOttawa · 1 pointr/Garmin

There's a 645 non-music that'll save you money but I'm seeing factory certified refurb 935s discounted to only $100 more than a 735XT, same price as the 645 "non-music."

Opinions are going to differ on generational trade-offs but, to me, the UX/UI makes a huge difference.

u/camobit · 4 pointsr/Garmin

i bought these when i first got my fenix, they're a little bit of a pain to remove but they seem to protect the port well:

u/cmraarzky · 1 pointr/Garmin

You can get this silicone one for $20. It's not the factory one but it's just as good. I've been using it for a little over a month now just because I wanted a little color on my wrist. Barton also makes other materials that all seem to be generally high quality products.

u/autovonbismarck · 1 pointr/Garmin

No, although I'm considering going that route.

It was like this:

Designed to extend super long so it could be worn over a ski jacket.

u/CptUSA201 · 1 pointr/Garmin

Garmin has a good one for about $25 on Amazon.

u/MoederBeer · 2 pointsr/Garmin

I use this three pack from Amazon, can't even tell it's there, has a nice oleophobic coating and rounded edges.

u/obnxs15 · 2 pointsr/Garmin

I bought this one a while back and I'm pretty happy with it. It's not perfect, but I like that the cord is long and I don't have to lay the watch on its side to charge.

EZCO Compatible Garmin Vivoactive...

u/doema · 1 pointr/Garmin

you might not have to wait until black friday. for instance, the Vivactive 3 is down to $150 on amazon right now. was cheaper a few days ago at $130 (or less) due to target dropping their price.

u/SpiteAmbulance · 2 pointsr/Garmin

Here's what I got, I used the case, loved it hardcore, bought glass but didn't get a chance to put on, 6x arrived by then.

This guy adds height and width, but it's not the same kind of bulk fenix. Fenix is wide set and metal, to me it hits my wrist bone, 945 doesn't.

u/e-pate · 1 pointr/Garmin

Not sure why or for how long, but the vívoactive 3 is down to $186.98 on Amazon.

u/12hourstoglory · 2 pointsr/Garmin


FYI, make sure to check the reviews. There is a slight difference in the 945 and 935 glass/bezel size. The 945 is a bit smaller. Many of those tempered glass sellers just repackaged the 935 product and people are having problems with them not adhering properly and falling off because of the size difference. It is why I have not purchased one yet.

u/wifemakesmewearplaid · 1 pointr/Garmin

Fenix 5x with skinomi protectors. 6 of them came in the packaging for $7. I bet you can find them for the 935

u/mountainunicycler · 1 pointr/Garmin

I’ve got tiny wrists so it’s a military style band (like a nato band but without the extra strap) just double-wrapped around my wrist with an extra hole punched in the end.

u/killabee444 · 1 pointr/Garmin

Were you speaking of the Vivoactive? Or Vivoactive hr? Here's The Vivoactive

u/PurelyNicole · 2 pointsr/Garmin

Don't spend $200 on a replacement. They're $150 on Amazon. I can't say if it's normal or not, because the device I've had that long is the vivosmart and just short of 1 year.

u/AssassinBear · 1 pointr/Garmin

I would go with Scosche Rhythm for martial arts though... I think the reason watch are not allowed is because you don't want something on the wrist as your wrist is heavily involved in the activities... Wearing Scosche Rhythm on your upper arm or upper forearm should be fine...

u/juhjuhjdog · 2 pointsr/Garmin

LDFAS Fenix 5 / 5S / 5X Plus...

I haven't had this issue, but try these going foreward. Just a little extra protection to keep that port from getting dirty and/or wet.

u/wintercast · 1 pointr/Garmin

Oh? i have not had issues with water getting under my screen protector, but getting it centered and with no dust is key. I had one off center and that was annoying. i use these: