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u/Annihilinth · 1 pointr/GermanShepherd

Honestly i couldn't recommend most of the suggestions here.

Firstly by giving him a toy to chew on after he bites you, in his mind is a reward. I personally would recommend what i have done. Give them more to think about. The best way in my honest opinion, spend the time you play with him as training using treats. I started at the basics so i recommend you do that.

Before i start i must stress that it is VERY important to stop trying to train the very INSTANT they start to loose interest.

The first training should be, with treats and a tennis ball. Touch the ball to their nose, while saying Heel (this will come in play later as a way to walk them at your side). Then give them a treat. Repeat this with the voice command around 5-10 times while giving them a treat. Then do it but make them touch the ball with their nose, be patient! the first time can take a couple of minutes, but also be stern. When they do accomplish it, praise immensely and give a treat. Eventually swap the ball for your hand and start at the beginning. it will only take 1 or 2 tries. This whole process should take around 2 to 3 days at most!

By doing this at least you are engaging their naturally inquisitive minds, and should distract the biting.

Touch training can be applied to EVERY trick you want your dog to learn. Paws, High 5, sit, lay, rollover, play dead etc. etc.

If Being engaging doesn't help stop the biting, Then as much as you probably don't want to, you will have to assert your dominance as the 'Pack leader'. This involves Raising your voice very loud and saying NO!, in a clear stern voice. If it continues, gently chastise by tapping the end of the nose. If you don't feel comfortable with this, then you can grip the loose skin under their chin (between the front and back of the lower jaw), While raising your voice to say "NO!" and do it this way. This gets their attention immediately.

Keep in mind, if you are having to use chastising as a behaviour correction, do not show anger or aggression!

Source: GSD and numerous other dog breed owner since i was old enough to own a dog on my own.

[Here] (

Also read a lot in a book i bought which i found invaluable: [German Shepherd Books] (

I hope this helps, i actually read a different book, but i cannot for the life of me find it anywhere online, but i am fairly sure they are all similar.

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u/moxitude · 3 pointsr/GermanShepherd

oh man.

Look into Powdered Goat's milk, use that as a base, you're gonna want to up your calories and your nutrients a lot. 5 weeks he's got some teeth right?

Start a simple mixture. I have my three month old on a mix of that same Blue Wilderness, with Canned Pumpkin and Cottage cheese. I mixe about 2/3s a pint cottage cheese with a large can of pumpkin and one can of the blue wilderness. I feed him a cup, to a cup and a half twice a day. You can mix dry kibble in too, let it soften a little and give him a bulk of protien

Your dog needs to have food available -at. all. times.- Dry food mixed with a little warm water to soften it up, or mixed with some cottage cheese to up the calories and calcium. Three meals of wet food, but access to dry (I use taste of the wild puppy chow bison/venison flavor).

Lets talk supplements, I use Coconut Oil, Fish Oil, and Digestive pro and pre-biotics


I would start at least with the pro-pre biotics especially since you've had him off of a mom this early. He's going to need to get a healthy gut going.

Socialize him slowly. Small moments -SUPERVISED- with other dogs until he's about 3-4 months.

Teething: Kong makes some great toys that are great for teething. Ropes, get some good smallish beef bones or chew bones. Cow Hooves work but they smell like ass. Stay away from rawhide.

That puppy is going to grow at an blinding rate, let him have as much food as he wants. If he gets a bit fat, that's fine at this stage. You don't want him fat at 3 months because he could grow too big and it might affect his bones, but right now a lot of extra weight is going to give him the nutrients and resources to grow.

I'm sure I'm missing some stuff, but my mother has been a breeder for over 40 years. She started with Shepherds, went to Collies and now does Corgi's so if you ever want to ask some questions I'm here.

u/aj_guns · 1 pointr/GermanShepherd

That's why we got these. He has them really bad on his right side from our hardwood. I also got elbow butter to help the sores he already has. They are actually made for humans but they work really well on dogs. I got the small and it fits perfectly.

u/Braxhunter · 2 pointsr/GermanShepherd

Read the book, monks of new skete A very good read and will provide you with a companion loyal and friendly for their life.

u/RazorUK84 · 1 pointr/GermanShepherd

Gorgeous foreground... the background makes me sad :-\ you could definitely do with a cable-tidy.

e.g. Extension tidy and cable sleeve

u/keekie333 · 1 pointr/GermanShepherd

Have you tried a dremel for dogs? It’s the only thing I can use on my GSD.

And I find it’s more forgiving. It slowly the files the nail down so you can really see what you’re doing.

u/argetholo · 2 pointsr/GermanShepherd

We have one big rope that we don't let our puppy chew on unattended. She loves it! We have been eyeing up a number of other toys, similar to what's pictured here. We've had the rope toy for about two months and it's getting frayed in some places, but that's to be expected, really. You should expect to need to replace any cloth-like toy eventually, it's just a matter of materials for how much time will go by before it becomes necessary.

u/CPCPub · 2 pointsr/GermanShepherd

When I got my GSD I had similar questions, I didnt end up buying the book because of shipping costs to my country, but this one was recommended to me:-

u/ju11ce · 1 pointr/GermanShepherd

Not a vacuum, but this thing is a beast for upholstery (couch/car). $6

u/Lindsay21636 · 1 pointr/GermanShepherd

I haven't used one but this might help to keep him coolRuffwear Cooling Vest

u/RinCheung · 1 pointr/GermanShepherd

Not sure the exact size of your GSD, you could check this OneTigris cuz we made dog harness for size M/L/XL dogs with military grade nylon