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u/AlbertChessa · 4 pointsr/Ghostbc

Well done u/ConcealedGhoul!

As far as the Clergy is concerned, Papa Nihil is very much in charge and alive. I love it, because folks in the know who are coming here who see Nihil rather than Copia (for now...) as the Snoo who know that...

Nihil firmly at the top of the sub, as he is for the Clergy :)

I hope to Satan we get a nice Behind the Scenes tome (the Visual History Of/Ultimate History Of) on the inner workings of the Clergy one day...

Something like this...

Or this...

Or this...

u/BodomFlyer · 1 pointr/Ghostbc

Haha. I appreciate that. I would be happy to teach you how to do them. It's shockingly easy. Once you have a onesie or shirt, etc:

  1. Buy some of these: (If you're doing a dark shirt, buy the dark transfers, and follow those directions, they are different!)
  2. Type up what you want on the shirt. You can copy and paste the logo or a picture into Word (or similar program) I just did a google image search for Ghost logo, found the one I wanted, saved photo to my computer, then inserted it into Word. For the non-logo font, I found some free medieval/gothic and heavy metal or horror fonts from and chose one. The one I used is called Portcullion.
  3. Mirror the image so it prints on the transfer sheet backward
  4. Use a table or other non-heat absorbing surface (so not an ironing board)
  5. Put dry iron on cotton setting, No Steam, and heat for a few minutes
  6. Line the work area with an ironed pillowcase, then iron the onesie, shirt, etc
  7. Place the transfer, design side down, and iron. Depending on the size of the transfer, iron from 45 for 1/4 page, to 2 minutes for full page.
  8. Let it cool for a few minutes, then peel the transfer sheet away, and the image will remain on the fabric!
u/Patentlyy · 2 pointsr/Ghostbc

I'm pretty sure they use this

Mods should definitely put it in next FAQ as it gets asked quite often..

u/Edu_cats · 1 pointr/Ghostbc

Looks fabulous! You really need the actual boots the ladies wear to complete the outfit:

They run a little small and narrow, and unlike the guys' shoes, they actually snap vs. zip.

u/Shiban_X · 2 pointsr/Ghostbc

cheap and effective: Stanley High-Visibility Low Pressure Disposable Foam Earplugs. 32db reduction.

This is what they look like:

You can get them in smaller packs or large packs at Menards if you have one close. If you can't find them, just look for the highest db reduction.

Happy Haunting

u/Rikora · 2 pointsr/Ghostbc

Not quite the same thing but just seen one on Amazon for like $14

Amazon Link, sorry if against rules.

u/lateralbee · 1 pointr/Ghostbc

Have you read the book "How To Talk To Your Cat About Gun Safety?" It has an excellent chapter on how to know if your kitty is into Satanism. The photos alone are worth the price of the book! 😊 How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety: And Abstinence, Drugs, Satanism, and Other Dangers That Threaten Their Nine Lives

u/CyphyZ · 4 pointsr/Ghostbc

Here ya go and another

If you are new to sewing the first one is probably better.

u/HoldThatGhost · 1 pointr/Ghostbc

Amazon UK has had the pre-order up for a bit, and I got a shipment notification already this week (though coming from the UK to here, I won't have it this week cause I picked slow shipping, lol). And the merch site has bundles posted. Also the album is listed under another title in some places until it is released. I bought the vinyl, but both cd and vinyl are on amazon.

u/obs0lete · 1 pointr/Ghostbc

I see two versions online:, using the U.S. Amazon store for examples:

Regular: - This has 10 tracks.

"Deluxe": - This has 12 tracks. The 2 extra are It's A Sin and Avalanche.

So...there is a deluxe version?

u/Nxn21 · 3 pointsr/Ghostbc

SE DD312 12-Piece Stainless Steel Wax Carvers Set

Apoxie Sculpt 1 lb. White, 2 Part Modeling Compound (A & B)

Sand Detailer Finishing Kit, Finer Grits, 24 piece

SERONLINE 24pcs Ball Stylus Dotting Tools, Polymer Modeling Clay Sculpting Tools Set Rock Painting Kit for Sculpture Pottery

Monster Clay Premium Grade Modeling Clay (5lb)

u/shade45313 · 4 pointsr/Ghostbc

There’s a standard edition without them, and then a deluxe with them.

Here’s the deluxe:
Prequelle [Deluxe Edition]

u/rkan665 · 9 pointsr/Ghostbc

Some people get... carried away with these kinds of shows. Getting seats will be the way to go. Expect people smoking weed. Maybe consider ear dampeners. I know you're not going to be standing next to a guitar cabinet, but concerts can be quite loud and for young ears can cause damage. I wish I had a set for both of the concerts where I was on the front rail.
EDIT: Most of the reviews pointed this as a better product: