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u/masamunecyrus · 2 pointsr/GoodValue

Look at the used list from the site. Try to ignore 1990's-era design--this is a good site that sells enthusiast and professional-grade radios. Go down and explore your options for radios within your price range.

The Grundig G8 Traveler is good, as well are many other older, tried-and-true Grundig models.

Almost anything from Crane is good. I bought one of these as a gift (actually got a lightly-used one through, and it has reception like you wouldn't believe. FM was perfect, and the AM reception was so good, you wouldn't mind listening to AM music.

Sangean also makes some famous pocketable models.

Oh, and always try and read reviews on radio enthusiast blogs. Check out the comments here for some very useful commentary on pocketable radios.

edit: Here's a nice review of the Sangean DT-400W. I'd go either with it or the DT-200VX if you're looking for something that's pocketable.

u/nope_nic_tesla · 3 pointsr/GoodValue

To go with this, here is a good value knife sharpener. It's good for about 40 knife sharpenings, which is plenty for me for its cost. It allows me to sharpen all of my knives twice a year (which means a single set of blades is good for about 2 years), and it has cheap replacement blades too.

Would also recommend a honing steel like this to use each time you use your knives to extend time between sharpenings.

u/SunBakedMike · 5 pointsr/GoodValue

If you really want to get a block set then try the Victorinox 7 piece set. But honestly building your own is better.

  • Get a universal block like this or this. Avoid wooden blocks, they may look nice but sooner or later unseen crud is going to build up. The Polymer blocks can be taken apart and the insides cleaned out.

  • Victorinox 8 in Chef's Knife best bang for your buck ~$35

  • Mercer Bread 10 in Bread Knife ~$17

  • Victorinox Paring Knife ~ $9. Wusthof is supposed to be better but I'm not spending $40 for a paring knife.

  • Kitchen shears depends on what you are going to do. Light duty shears get a Victorinox Classic ~$14. You'll be able to do all kitchen tasks and occasionally break down a chicken. If you plan to break down chickens more than occasionally then get a Shun Kitchen Shears ~$70. If you plan to break down chickens often then get dedicated heavy duty chicken shears (can't help you with that) and a Victorinox for the light stuff.

  • Get a sharpener. If you're willing to learn how to sharpen get a Spyderco Sharpmaker and a cut resistant glove, if not get a Chef's Choice 4643. The Chef's Choice is a poor 2nd choice I urge you to get a Spyderco, but DO NOT forget the cut resistant glove. Most people after they get good at sharpening become less paranoid about cutting themselves and that's when they cut themselves.

  • Get a honing steel any will do but I like the Wustof 9 in it's magnetic so it'll pick up any metal dust even though I always wipe my knife on a damp towel. Honing and sharpening do two different things. You should hone often, sharpen rarely.

    Here is something from r/ATKgear if you want another opinion.

u/moar_distractions · 1 pointr/GoodValue

I've had 0 issues with this, $25 bucks, amazon best seller.

Don't know why everyone doesn't buy this type exclusively. I've recommended and helped install this to other people as well. It tilts left and right, so you don't even really need to mount it perfect.

u/birddogging12 · 3 pointsr/GoodValue

There are lots of ways to clean the boots, using saddle soap is probably your best bet. Obenauf's is your best bet for protecting them.

u/Momentumjam · 2 pointsr/GoodValue

OP, I know that this is old, but if you're still looking for something to cool you down, I'd look into a window fan. I own this model, and I can't imagine I would be able to function without it. You can set one fan to blow air in, and the other to blow air out. It keeps air constantly circulating. I can't say that it will work as well as a window AC unit, but it is much cheaper to buy, and run.

u/Bezike · 2 pointsr/GoodValue

I used something like this with my TV at my old place (42 inch TV I believe):

It held up well, make sure you use the proper mounting procedures. Make sure you take a look at the angles it can turn and such and make sure it's what you want before you pick one out.

u/jassack04 · 1 pointr/GoodValue

Surefire EP4s - they are like $12-15 and excellent ear plugs.

u/a1blank · 1 pointr/GoodValue

I have the Brother HL-2270DW. It supports duplex, has a very quick page per minute print speed, and toner lasts forever (I used the included toner for over a year printing a ton for school, probably over 50 pages per week). This is the aftermarket toner that I use and it has been exactly as good as the oem toner. I highly recommend it.

u/frEmn · 2 pointsr/GoodValue

Are you set on electric? This thing only takes a few turns to sharpen a pencil so sharp and perfect its like a surgical tool.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/GoodValue

My father, whose opinion I respect when it comes to tools, bought a Hitachi framing nail gun for his fence project and some other tasks. It worked very well for him. It's pricey but it will last a long time.

Do you think you will do any other tasks or is this a one-time use? Maybe some tool rental places will be a better option for a one-time project. Or perhaps check CL for used tools, as pneumatic tools tend to last a long time.

u/edditor_1 · 1 pointr/GoodValue

A dashboard phone holder. Works like a charm without causing any damage to dashboard, and just wash it with water when it starts loosing stickiness. -

u/m0nkeybl1tz · 1 pointr/GoodValue

These are surprisingly good for $25. Then there are these, which were designed especially for sleeping.

u/russkhan · 0 pointsr/GoodValue

I don't know that brand. I would trust the Bosch Compact Mixer more myself.

u/Pepper-Fox · 2 pointsr/GoodValue

I got this style of pyrex and It's held up very well. the cheap plastic lids don't last but what lids do. you can buy fancy gasket ones with a vent cap too. I've had the identical anchor ones but these are worth the price imo.

u/blahbah · 1 pointr/GoodValue

By the way, has anybody tried these? They look comfortable for sleeping, but according to some reviews they fall apart very quick.

u/JoeRigg · 3 pointsr/GoodValue

I have one of these, got it on sale for $100 at a local store. It's powered, 100 watt (it's ample power for the driver, it rattles my windows) and 10 inch.

Excellent value IMO, but if you're looking for an audiophile level sub I'd look at more expensive stuff. It gets a little muddy in it's higher frequencies, and just worse in general if you really turn it up. You can use the built in low-pass filter to get rid of some of those higher frequencies if you want though. I turn the knob about halfway, but my bookshelf speakers have large woofers, so you may want turn it less (like 1/3).

u/no1_vern · 1 pointr/GoodValue

I recommend that you just replace the sensor - Replacement outdoor temp sensor(from Amazon under $20) and put a piece of tape over the battery port IF they are falling out.

IF you really want a new battery powered unit, consider this one - It has no backlight, but No battery powered atomic clocks come with an always on backlight.