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u/Ultimastar · 3 pointsr/GoogleCardboard

Within your budget:

Slightly over your budget but a better headset:
I AM Cardboard DSCVR Headset

Over budget but the best headset in its price range (button is a bit iffy on iPhones though for some reason)

I own all of these, they all have the button and work with iPhones. I had to modify the button on the BoboVR to get it to work properly though.
The Viewmaster is ok, the field of view isn't great, and it looks a bit kiddy, but it is robust and has good clarity.
The DSCVR is pretty much just a plastic version of Cardboard 2.0, but sometimes the more straightforward the better, I found it very good, although the strap that holds the phone looks like it will wear overt time.
BoboVR is by far the best though all round, great comfort, great fov, adjustable lenses (which the other 2 don't have) and the headphones are actually really good.

u/masterx1234 · 0 pointsr/GoogleCardboard

i hear the bobo VR Z4 is really good but a huge pain on your nose. i personally have 4 headsets and the best one for my phone which also has a 5.5" screen is the google cardboard 2.0 kit. the one i have is the MINKANAK headset. it has the perfect FOV i have ever seen and the lenses are really great too. it also has a headstrap, you can get it for $16 here

u/Turil · 1 pointr/GoogleCardboard

It's the lens that is crappy. There's nothing that the phone can do to help it. It's just badly made.

I just bought a pair of the Smartdio 3D VR glasses (with a remote) from Amazon: It was over $30 for me, but looks like it's on sale at that link for $26. They are the best I've seen so far. Not totally great, as the lenses are still kind of crappy, but with some fiddling (these goggles allow fiddling!) they are good enough for me. The headset is reasonably comfortable, and well padded on the face part, though heavy. There's a bit of light seepage, but not much (and there's a glare shield that I haven't tried yet). There's no button, but the remote should help with that. And it fits any size phone. And glasses will totally fit inside if you need them for close-up vision.

Oh, and there are no headphones on this. The sound is fine with just the speakers, as far as I'm concerned.

u/drogean3 · 2 pointsr/GoogleCardboard

i just got a BOBO v4 clone (virtoba X5 elite - identical model but without headphones for half the price $25 on amazon) and it's leaps better than my old shitty cardboard 2 which was like 15 bucks to begin with

cardboard is heavily moddable but it's just not sturdy enough, it will stain easily from sweat, it doesnt cover your whole face and lets too much light in to be engrossing, the colors will fade wherever your face sits, and the lenses will shift around and become scratched to shit by your eye lashes

it's probably the best you're going to get until you get to an gearvr/oculus/vive. This is coming from somebody who has tested both the oculus and vive.

I really can't figure out how you could make it better (maybe better/bigger lenses, better button) without going into gear VR territory where either you get one built specifically for your phone or like an oculus/vive where it's got electronics inside

Just keep in mind the FOV/experience depends a LOT on your phone. I have a massive Nexus 6 but still can't get the advertised 120 degree FOV - but even still, i prefer more of the "scuba mask" effect since it feels more real.

u/lolfacey · 2 pointsr/GoogleCardboard

Nexus 5x here, that headset is the same exact one I bought only with a different branding and a higher price. Overall it's a great headset with adjustable lenses and a head strap, mine came with a screen cleaner as well. It's fairly comfortable but does press on your nose a bit. Only complaints is that you have to take the headset off to adjust the lenses, and that theres no button for you to click. I purchased a ps4 controller which takes a bit of fiddling to connect but works great with all the games I've tried that have controller support. However there are some apps that don't have controller support and require a 'tap', so a cheap bluetooth controller might come in handy, i purchased one thinking it would work for games but aside from using it to simulate a tap it's actually pretty laggy(why i got the ps4 controller).

Here's a link to the headset($24.99):

And a link to the controller i bought:

I'm on my phone so sorry for shitty formatting, hope this helps.

EDIT: Not sure how big an S5 is but this headset will benefit from a larger screen, almost made me wish I got a 6p instead.

u/mikerowaev · 1 pointr/GoogleCardboard

Well any of them with the magnet on the side is V1. I'd look for something that has V2 in the title, they have a button on the top. And bigger lenses. The smaller lenses give a bit of a tunnel vision effect in my opinion. The bigger lenses are much more manageable.

Also, that strap that keeps coming up is pretty good if you want one

I used it with my Powis and it holds everything up fine. With bigger lenses the main difference between the Cardboard (IMO) and the GearVR seems to just be the super fast latency.

u/throwaway12341987 · 1 pointr/GoogleCardboard

How about LeNest? To me it appears significantly better and more feature rich than any you mentioned, and it costs $30. Some discussion here.

I got one the other day (branded Pasonomi). I would recommend it. I'll put a review up soon. It's perfect except that the phone cradle is waaaayyyyy too big for my little Moto X, so I have to position the phone manually every time (could be easily fixed). Also there's some chromatic aberration. But it's very minor and really the least of my problems. (Frame rate and resolution are the biggest, mostly because of my current phone.) I'd like to see thorough reviews of the optics on a lot of these, since I bet chromatic aberrations and spherical aberration are quite common.

Edit amazon

u/jimrooney · 2 pointsr/GoogleCardboard

1st, I'll say that I'm a big fan of the Cardboard.
Have you looked into the ColorCross? It's a sturdier option than Cardboard. It seems to go for about $40.
If you're handy though, I'd suggest purchasing the components and some foam board and making your own. It's very easy to do and will last longer.
You can pick up jeweler's loupes in triplets like these
(1.5inch = 38mm)
I have a "Cardboard" that I made with these and I'm very happy with it.
I had a DodoCase before. It was ok, but like mptp said, the larger lenses are quite nice.

u/Ryanupinhere · 1 pointr/GoogleCardboard

I feel like I recommend this one too much but I really like the one I have.

There aren't any magnets. When you press the button it pushes on the screen with a stylus tip lol.

u/birds_are_singing · 5 pointsr/GoogleCardboard

iOS is pretty limiting when it comes to Cardboard.

Controllers generally don't work, specifically there's nothing that would emulate the screen tap you'd need for YouTube, Street View, etc. The items that work for that on Android are mice, which Android supports natively and iOS does not. If you have an iPhone app that supports a controller, check with that app developer to see which controllers are tested and known to work.

The viewers I know of with buttons that work out of the box on iPhones are the ViewMaster (small lenses, not really recommended), I am Cardbord DSCVR (good for travel, no head straps), and the official design Cardboard v2.

I've seen one instance of a guy who got a BoboVR Z4's button to work with an iPhone by taping an additional area of foil to it.

The BoboVR Z4 is the more or less default recommendation — large lenses, wide FOV, built-in button, head straps, adjustable IPD, adjustable focus. There are versions with and without headphones, without being cheaper. It's somewhat heavy (most plastic viewers are) and the comfort isn't amazing (depends on face shape).

VR Viewers seem to always have a lot of rebrands, I've seen the BoboVR Z4 sold as the Virtoba X5, AFUNTA, and Uniify UV003. Even the non-shill Amazon reviews are generally worthless as most reviewers haven't tried more than one viewer.

Edited to add: link to a Virtoba Z4-clone for $20. If you're willing to mess around trying to get the button to work, that's probably your best option.

u/repzaj1234 · 1 pointr/GoogleCardboard

I'm using this. Fits perfect and is good quality too. You just have to use your own magnet though.

The G3's screen is awesome with VR.

u/thegenregeek · 2 pointsr/GoogleCardboard

I have an iPod Touch 6th gen that I used for building and testing a VR app for a client. It is usable, but not ideal. (I'd say /u/amb9800 is a little harsh is saying "it's not worth trying".)

The HMD options are limited. Most will create gaps on the side, because they expect 5"+ phones. In my case I used it with a View Master VR headset with the iPod. (note: I have not tried the Deluxe edition). I've found it works the best, because it was originally designed with kids in mind.

If you just want to start out, using your iPhone, just grab the View Master VR. If you then end up wanting a better VR experience you can grab a refurbished phone, or upgrade your phone, and a higher end headset.

u/Anbu422 · 1 pointr/GoogleCardboard

google daydream is exactly what your looking for, so long as you have a phone that is supported by that platform.
If not I would recommend this headset, I purchased one last year and it has fit my head nicely.

u/carrotstien · 1 pointr/GoogleCardboard

For 30 bucks THIS ONE is better if you are in a hurry. If you aren't in a hurry, BoboVRZ Z4 is better (but you have to order from china..aside from the occasional amazon/ebay)

u/LjLies · 1 pointr/GoogleCardboard

Yes, maybe that's a safer bet. Are there any that connect directly to a miroUSB port, or would I be forced to use an OTG adapter?

I see there are also some "wireless" controllers like this one ("wireless" in the same sense that 2.4GHz keyboards and mice are).

u/TaylorR137 · 3 pointsr/GoogleCardboard

The official cardboard lenses are 30mm biconvex lenses with a focal length of 45mm. If you cant see the edges of the screen (I cant) you could swap larger lenses with the same focal length to get a better field of view.

Maybe these would work? A cardboard shim might be needed since the focal length is 50mm.

u/Goudie300 · 1 pointr/GoogleCardboard

Try browsing amazon. Here's one that I've had my eyes on that seems very decent for a first (or second) headset. It has a capacitive touch button and an nfc button. I don't own it myself, but it seems very good.

u/postfuturology · 1 pointr/GoogleCardboard

Dont think so, this was recommended though so I planned on getting it as well.

u/GAMERansom · 2 pointsr/GoogleCardboard

I'm rather impressed by your home-made cardboard rig, actually!

New to this whole VR thing here, having just been surprised with a [Viewmaster VR] ( starter for X-mas.
What is the rig you mentioned in the video? The ViewMaster is made for kids, and supremely "entry level" with it's lack of headstrap, but similar ones with headstraps are available for around the same price point ...
Edit: spacing

u/bubushkinator · 2 pointsr/GoogleCardboard

I disagree.

The Unofficial Cardboard 2.0+ viewer I got for $25 was complete crap. I upgraded to a plastic IWOWN G1 viewer for $17 which has higher FOV, better IPD adjustment, and... not cardboard. It was cheaper AND better.

All the good, cheap headsets ship from China so they have a ~2 week shipping period.

This headset is usually $18 on aliexpress, but here it is for $30 with faster shipping

u/Frog21 · 1 pointr/GoogleCardboard

I just bought this one. More reviews, $10 cheaper, fewer complaints and I was able to get One-Day shipping for tomorrow.

Thank you for your help. I will report back in a day or two.

u/JimboLodisC · 1 pointr/GoogleCardboard

You might also like the ColorCross.

But that extra $1.89 for it really makes the $40 Archos about 0.04725% more appealing.

u/crimsonnocturne · 1 pointr/GoogleCardboard

Is this a rebranded one?

Looks just like it, and it has prime so it will take 2 days instead of a month :P

u/kingkake · 1 pointr/GoogleCardboard

I've ordered two of these. They offer a big step up from units that are actually made of cardboard. The mechanism that holds the phone is really well made.

u/AsmundGudrod · 1 pointr/GoogleCardboard is this the same? It looks like the ones you linked, but has the Smartdio 3D brand name. Was looking for one with a controller (I don't have one personally).

u/living37 · 2 pointsr/GoogleCardboard

Amazon has a lot of different versions of the Bobo. I've been researching buying one, just need to make the order.

I'm probably getting this version.

As you can see they are all about the same.

u/ForgotMuhName · 2 pointsr/GoogleCardboard

Buy this one . If you click on the "2 new"(as of this posting), you should be able to order it from SainSonic which is a seller in California. Plus, you get the original product as well so no re-branding woes.

u/faduci · 3 pointsr/GoogleCardboard

Linking to lists is kind of useless, because a) you don't know if everybody will even get the same list, and b) even if the list is the same, it contains several viewers, most of them several times with different names. Not a good idea and probably the reason for the downvotes.

If you bought the one I see at the end of the list or the one above it, you have a Ritech 3D with adjustable IPD and miserable FoV (I have one), pretty much the worst FoV of the plastic ones.

If you bought this one with adjustable IPD and eye-lens distance, you payed for a ColorCross which has a slightly better, but still miserable FoV and is rather uncomfortable (I have another one with the same lenses).

Both the ColorCross and the Ritech 3D are available for less and have been discussed here several times, as has been pretty much every other plastic HMD available below USD 60. They are all basically unsuitable for VR, as they have a FoV of about 55° or even less, while even the cheapest Cardboard has about 80° with a large phone. You'll see 3D in the plastic ones and they are good (and designed) for 3D movies, but VR looks like watching a world through binoculars, you won't get immersion, it doesn't feel real.

u/Blarco · 2 pointsr/GoogleCardboard

Any of the v2 ones should work. I got this one but all the v2 cardboard can handle this size phone.

u/sircod · 4 pointsr/GoogleCardboard

You can get a View-Master for $25. Much higher quality than any Cardboard that is actually made out of cardboard. No head-strap though (although you might be able to mod one on).

Also the magnet works with the magnetometer (ie compass), not NFC. And Cardboard V2 doesn't use the magnet, instead it uses a lever to tap on the screen.

u/LostSoulfly · 1 pointr/GoogleCardboard

I have my doubts on some of the reviews on the rebranded Amazon ones, but I have been looking at the reviews for at least one "Verified Purchase" review.

I think I've settled on this one:

As for why there are so many rebrandings.. it seems that BoboVR is an OEM, and they resell to others who then sell them.

*edit: whoops, linked aliexpress again.

u/ronfar623 · 2 pointsr/GoogleCardboard

I bought this one for my Xperia Z3 (5.15in screen) because it was the highest rated on Amazon at the time. It's way better than the free Volvo cardboard I had before, but not sure how that compares to I Am Cardboard.

I see a lot of complaints about reduced FOV on the plastic ones, but the Volvo cardboard was zoomed so tight that you don't even come close to seeing the borders of your phone, so there are a ton of wasted pixels, and everything looks like shit. The FOV on the plastic pair is almost perfect. It's wide enough that moving my eyes to the extreme left and right, I can just barely look past the screen borders at the far sides with the center of my vision. The image is also way clearer as a result.

u/inssein · 0 pointsr/GoogleCardboard

$13 viewfinder

btw amazon is having crazy sale right now alot of there VR headsets are on sale.

u/CaptainSeaward · 5 pointsr/GoogleCardboard

I'm using a 5.2" screen but I just received a Viewmaster VR that works well with my Nexus 5x. I have only had a little while to check it out but for $20, I can't see any problems with that at that price point. I believe it works with most screens between 5" and 6" and mine came with an adapter for the iPhone 5. I looked at reviews and it seems the negative ratings are related to the Viewmaster apps and experience packs that come with it. I had no intention to use those so I can only recommend based on the cardboard experience which is decent so far.

u/Digordie · 1 pointr/GoogleCardboard

I have this one: and it works but if you have a case on, it doesn't fit as well. Unfortunately not very comfortable but I added foam and it's much better now.

u/Ninjalord5 · 1 pointr/GoogleCardboard

So, this

And this?

Also, damn. Veiwmaster has changed since I remember it as a kid.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/GoogleCardboard

I bought this one and i didn't liked. So i was thinking to take this one Has any body tried this product with the nexus 5 ? By the way i tried this one too and cardboard sucks.