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u/elctrcboogaloo3 · 2 pointsr/Guiltygear

Both of those should be great sticks; you can't really go wrong with either of them. The TE2 you linked doesn't have a touchpad or L3/R3 buttons, while the Hori has both.

It's not a huge deal for GG, since you can press Play + Record instead of the touchpad to reset in training/combo mode. Other games probably won't have that shortcut, though, and Skullgirls uses it as the back button in PS4 mode, so it's great to have.

If you want those features on a TE2, you can go with the TE2+ instead, for a bit of a higher price. The main draw of both the TE2 and the TE2+ is that they are extremely easy to modify, especially for cosmetic things like art.

I don't have a Hori, but from what I've heard it's not much harder to mod buttons and such than on the TE2. So if you don't care too much about easy cosmetic modding then your best bet is probably the Hori, but they are all great sticks.

u/agentjones · 8 pointsr/Guiltygear

As someone who's used those, it's definitely a lot better than wifi, but not quite as good as having an actual ethernet cable. Games will be much better over that than otherwise.

One minor caveat though, the powerline adapters create noise on your house's power signal. It's not really bad for any of your electronics, especially if you're using decent surge protectors, but if you're a musician and you want to plug your guitar amp into the wall, you'll probably want to unplug the powerline adapters, otherwise they'll create very noticeable buzzing and other noise coming out of your amp. I ended up having to ditch the powerline adapter because it was messing up my audio recording gear.

If that concerns you, you might have another option available. You can run your internet through coax cable instead. My house is a rental and it's practically spiderwebbed with old coax from previous tenants' cable and satellite installations. I got these coax/ethernet adapters on Amazon and traced the old cables to make a direct connection between my room and the router. They've worked like a dream ever since. Speed and latency are even better than on the powerlines, though still not quite as good as direct ethernet to ethernet connections. One thing to note is that these won't work with coax that's in use for actually carrying a TV signal. If you want to do that, there are adapters for it, but they're a lot more expensive.

u/GravelvoiceCatpupils · 1 pointr/Guiltygear

I used this one for awhile but I don't like it too much -

This is the one I'm using currently -

Years ago I used to just use a PS1/PS2 pad with a converter.

Honestly I haven't really found a pad I like all that much. Sega Saturn controller or something like that would probably be the best but yeah.

u/Hehe_EkssDEee · 1 pointr/Guiltygear

I got this one a year ago it came into around a 100 dolars. Its lasted a year and its in perfect condition, for a budget stick its of excellent quality and is insanely easy to customise. I'd definitely recommend this stick to any beginner or anyone on a budget.
The buttons are good but definitely not of Sanwa quality but if you really want higher quality buttons its fairly cheap and easy to switch.
It's compatible with pc and ps4/ps3.

u/DTGG · 3 pointsr/Guiltygear

Do not buy a Mad Catz stick, they are overpriced. Yes they are good sticks but you could get a Hori and Qanba that is just as good for half the price. I would personaly recommend this one or that one. They both work on PC.

u/KNOWKUSH · 2 pointsr/Guiltygear I use this thing and I really like it. Definitely improved my inputs coming from a xbox one controller.

u/besaba27 · 2 pointsr/Guiltygear

It may not work, but at least you can try. I still recommend upgrading though, but I don't know how much sticks go for in EU. I'm fortunate in the US that they're widely available. If you're not looking to drop too much money, but need a quality stick, I would take a look at the qanba drone. Link:

u/ItsNotMineISwear · 2 pointsr/Guiltygear

I have an SFV TES+

I like it a lot. It's in your $140-$200 range. It's kind of larger which I like. The buttons are Sanwa and the stick feels good.

u/JSGuin · 6 pointsr/Guiltygear

The xbox analog stick is possibly one of the worst input methods for direction out of all the common options. Even the awful 360 d-pad is better. I think you'll find improvement using anything else. If you want to keep the xbox controller, do yourself a favor and learn to use the dpad on it.

If you want a to get a better controller, for pad get the Hori Fighting Commander. If you want a stick, most people recommend the HRap4 Kai.

u/KurriZSS · 1 pointr/Guiltygear

If you can find it cheap (only $26 on Amazon for a physical copy), pick it up and grind it so you can have an edge in Revelator. Otherwise it's probably best to wait.

u/Novelty_Frog · 3 pointsr/Guiltygear

I second this. Amazing pad. Good dpad, buttons aren't mushy, and build quality is overall solid. It also has a switch for x-input, which isn't as useful since SFV got d-input support, but still nice for other games which may or may not support x-input.

u/Slovenhjelm · 1 pointr/Guiltygear

haha, i cant believe i left that out!

its this one! a madcatz TES+

u/PliskinCobra · 13 pointsr/Guiltygear

This is probably just a spam account go around everywhere posting deal and use bot for up votes. They all lead to the same twitter for referral link. Better just get Rev2 on PS Store for $15.99.

If you want amazon link, here it is:

I guess I could at least not down voting this for effort and... "unga" in the username

u/coneyallen · 1 pointr/Guiltygear

Am I wrong in thinking that the $40 charge for Rev 2 (at least for PS4) is a game on it's on for those who, like me, never bought Rev 1? The Amazon page says it contains all of the Rev 1 DLC.

Amazon store link for reference.

u/NewLeafBlack · 4 pointsr/Guiltygear

Revelator is the newest version (Revelator 2 coming out in spring but you'll be able to upgrade your version instead of buying a new disc)

don't know if you can import but this is around the same price. shipping might bump up the price slightly.

u/Kast72 · 3 pointsr/Guiltygear

???? You don’t even need to get their official one so you could probably find another cheaper one for less

u/brunov · 1 pointr/Guiltygear

Sorry, I don't. I bought it for PS4 when it was on sale.

EDIT: It's on sale at $17 right now for PS4 on Amazon

u/DakotaAven · 1 pointr/Guiltygear

I haven't tried it myself, but the Hori Fighting Commander 4 has a more ergonomic grip. But I also hear issues about dpad due to it being adjustable.

Here's an amazon link

u/sonicbrkr · 4 pointsr/Guiltygear

The way I see it, it's all preference but if you want to buy a stick you should just do it (but don't feel pressured to do it). It's like the FPS scene where everyone asks what sensitivity the pros use. 9 out of 10 times they will say they use 800 mouse dpi with a low in game sensitivity. Sure there are crazy high sens. twitch pro players, but there is a reasoning behind getting used to lower sensitivity vs using high sensitivity. The lower the sensitivity, the more you move your arm and the more accurate you can be, and as long as you can 180 with one arm motion the lower the better.

I'm actually using the same logic in buying a stick. I HATE the d-pad (literally can't do the DP motion on it). I use the joy stick and while it works fine I'm not satisfied with my accuracy when it comes to the stricter inputs required for some combos. I want to try out something with higher kinetic motion so that, once I get used to it, there is less room to mess up (which sounds backwards actually). Also fight sticks are badass and I can afford one so why not.

I'm looking at these 2 sticks atm, Hori Real Arcade Pro and Mad Catz TE2. I kind of like the Hori since it's cheaper but it's not a big deal for me to go for the Mad Catz TE2 if it has something that over the Hori that I'm not seeing. Thoughts? Also, are there any other options out there I may be missing for a mid/high-end stick?