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u/kcpwnsgman · 1 pointr/GunPorn

No problem. You'll probably be cleaning lint etc mostly from it if you plan to carry it around. I tend to go a little overboard when I clean my guns, but I typically don't clean my rifles/shotguns all that frequently and will go between multiple thousands of rounds before I do.

When I clean my guns I use a mat like this to absorb oils etc and this to get all of the black carbon out of it. I use these to clean the bore/inside of the barrel. I use these and these for the hard to reach places that still have something building up on them.

When you're done cleaning everything, you'll want to make sure you put oil/grease on all the components that come in contact with other parts. Basically if it rolls oil it, if it slides grease it. I use this on the slide/rails where they contact each other and use this in most other places. Then I'll wipe down the exterior with this.

Really all you have to make sure you do is get most of the debris out of the gun, and make sure you have oil on surfaces that create friction or need some kind of rust preventative coating.

u/RP61391 · 3 pointsr/GunPorn

Of course, a lot depends on what shape and size your hands are.

Mine are medium/large and the 92FS fits like it was made just for me. I rock the Hogue rubber grips without the finger grooves and it feels amazing.


u/genar227 · 3 pointsr/GunPorn

Rosewoods came with it, and then I added Pearce Grips under them. Amazing upgrade for $12.

u/AdventuresNorthEast · 5 pointsr/GunPorn
u/MochiMochiMochi · 17 pointsr/GunPorn

Read The Gun by CJ Chivers. Very interesting book on the history and people involved in the creation of the AK.

u/squawk_vfr · 2 pointsr/GunPorn

They are good for manipulating buttons and switches (safety & mag release)

u/hksw · 3 pointsr/GunPorn

So one of these?

I was always told, that by using one of them on a synthetic stock, it would eventually crack after repeated use..something about the synthetic stock being thinner than wood, have you had any issues?

u/jassack04 · 1 pointr/GunPorn

Correction to myself - it was originally his 17th patent, so previous things may have been non-guns, as /u/presidentender mentions.

I had originally read about this in Glock: Rise of America's Gun

u/animal7979 · 2 pointsr/GunPorn

Looks more like an Oakley Minute Machine to me. It goes for the low, low price of $1495.

u/BaconDude36 · 17 pointsr/GunPorn

That’s a $22, plastic, Airsoft gun. Notice how the picture cuts off the end of the barrel in an attempt to hide the orange tip. Also that magazine is clearly for BBs. I remember seeing this thing at Walmart. Here’s the Amazon link if any of you are curious.

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u/TeoTheMan · 3 pointsr/GunPorn

Not op, but I own 3 10/22’s overall. I only shoot out to 75-100 yards at max. I use Simmons scope because it’s cheap and looks good for the value. No sense in my mind to buy something that more crazy unless you own a ruger precision 10/22

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u/chaotic_steamed_bun · 2 pointsr/GunPorn

I believe that is a Buck Diamondback. Some other online knife retailers have it listed for various prices, but I believe it is no longer being made. I can't be sure if that is the gut-hook model or not.

u/rasterbated · 3 pointsr/GunPorn

I found CJ Chiver's book The Gun to be a fascinating investigation of the AK47's design and history. It also covers the development process of the AR10, which of course became XM16A1. The first generation of that gun was... not good. Constant fouling due to dirty rounds, cleaning equipment rarely issued with rifles, the exact wrong physical environment for maintenance, the list goes on.

The later revisions were a big improvement, and today's M16 is a far cry from the ones fielded in Vietnam. But in the first years of the war, the AKs carried by the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong were far more effective than the M16 supplied to American armed services.