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u/RuggedBroccoli · 3 pointsr/Hamilton

There are also some great reference books on cocktail making. A good place to start, IMO, is with the recently-released (and amazing) Cocktail Codex, which I recently read through and loved. It's, unfortunately, not available from HPL, but buying it would be less than a class would cost, and will give you way more information.

A lot of cocktail books are either just lists of recipes or are built for people with such a massive store of knowledge already. Either of those areas aren't good for people in your position, but this one does a good job of teaching the fundamentals in a way that's easily applicable both with and without recipes.

Don't feel like you have to learn to make everything all at once. Cocktail Codex is split into six sections (the thrust of the book is that almost every cocktail can be thought of as a variation on one of the old-fashioned, martini, daiquiri, sidecar, whisky highball, and flip). Buy a few bottles that can help you do a few things and start from there. You can always add to your collection and branch out later. Then you can slowly end up filling several of your kitchen cabinets with various amari and a surprising/unnecessary number of bottles of Fernet Branca until your spouse is equal parts happy and slightly annoyed.

Some other great reference books that I'd recommend:

u/Warpslide · 4 pointsr/Hamilton

We live in Binbrook & get about 35 stations (this includes some religious stations which we promptly delete). CTV is a pain in the ass to get. Most of the time if we align our antenna to get CTV, we'll have it for a day or two and then it drops out. We've all but given up on that station. We get all the US stations perfectly, so anything we'd want to watch on CTV we can usually get from the US.

The best advice I can give is: Install your antenna outdoors, the higher the better. This makes all the difference in the world.

We're using two stacked antennas, the 8 bay is pointed towards the US & a smaller one pointed towards Toronto. We have a preamp up on the antenna which really seemed to help.

We're also using the Tablo OTA DVR so we can record our shows and pause live TV, the cool thing about this setup means we have only one device plugged into the Antenna and we can watch on several devices. We have the 4 Tuner version, so can watch or record 4 things at a time.

u/CartaHamilton · 2 pointsr/Hamilton

I purchased one of these and am quite happy with it - good for noise, storage, came in a small box.

u/nrdpum88 · 2 pointsr/Hamilton

Definitely is sketchy. When I use to workout there I got myself one of the Round Padlock that’s used for storage lockers. Lol. Not sure if Crunch or GoodLife is any better in Jackson?

u/bigwater · 0 pointsr/Hamilton

Try this book. Worked wonders for my dogs, and made it easy for the family to be around and really enjoy the dogs.

And it is very simple.

u/Moscawd · 3 pointsr/Hamilton

I like Graeme McKay's book, you might be from Hamilton if. I don't care much for his posts or articles but his comics make me chuckle

You Might Be From Hamilton If...

u/airuhka · 6 pointsr/Hamilton

It’s always a good idea to keep a tick remover on you for walkies too, because they can still bite even if your dog is treated.
I use this one that attaches to my keychain.

u/Orion-33 · 7 pointsr/Hamilton

I've never seen or heard of this author before.. So I did a quick Google search, and it seems like his books have received alot of RAVE reviews from other buyers. Here's a couple of links..

u/bryguytwoply · 5 pointsr/Hamilton

It is not a basic quality of life concern, are you insane? More parking is always a good thing? Read this, or any other urban planning book from the past 40 years.

u/rjpiv · 3 pointsr/Hamilton

Good luck on your journey. When I started mine, my anxiety was to high to join a group. Doctor recommended a workbook. Worked through it and it was great. Can't recommend it enough. Around $45. but seen it used for under $10.

The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook

u/CSM3000 · 2 pointsr/Hamilton

Everything is cuttable. An angle grinder can cut through 1 inch of cable in less than a minute.

2 locks does tend to discourage them especially if one of them is this.

I recommend a thick chain lock for the other lock.

A little pricey, but should last a very long time.

About 2 decades without a theft using this system myself.

u/zyl0x · 3 pointsr/Hamilton

There are a number of motion-activated or remote-activated sprinkers you could get, I believe they were made with your specific problem in mind. Here are some examples from a Google search:

Set something like this up near your birdfeeder and after a few soakings the cat will probably leave your yard alone.

u/Aro2220 · 0 pointsr/Hamilton

For anyone who is in a relationship (family, personal, etc) with someone with Borderline Personality Disorder I suggest the book "Stop Walking on Eggshells: Taking Your Life Back When Someone You Care About Has Borderline Personality Disorder"

That's quite the bait and switch from "I have depression".

u/Coffeeshopman · 2 pointsr/Hamilton

My condolences on your loss, as someone who has had 6 or 7 bikes stolen so far in my lifetime I know the feeling well and am militant about gaurding against anyone stealing another.

I am car free and cycle daily 12 months a year.
I would like details on the lock.

  1. cost.
  2. name of lock.
  3. was the broken lock left behind? how was it bypassed?
  4. type of lock: cable? chain? key? edit: read the combo lock part...those locks aren't what we would consider solid.

    I am hyper sensitve about my bikes and locking them up and would like to know whats being used locally and the capabilities of the thieves around the area. Thank you.

    Locks you might consider in the future:
    Free shipping on this one, it arrived in just 6 days.

    Thieves HATE seeing 2 locks on a bike so I use 2, or sometimes 3. Just don't make them the same type of lock. The second one should be chain in my opinion. If for some reason you want the absolute pinnacle of chain locks then you have to order from these fellows across the pond.
    Cable locks are a joke they can be bolt cropped in seconds or simply twisted broken with a pipe. Only use cable as a secondary lock. one of these threaded through componants perhaps.