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u/meg_c · 4 pointsr/Hammocks

I got into hammocking for camping/backpacking trips, and found it so comfortable I ended up hanging a hammock in my bedroom. Now I pretty much only use my bed to fold clothes... At home I sleep in a 12 foot hammock I made out of wide 1.6 Hexon. When I go backpacking, I'm really, really happy with my Chameleon. It's comfy and awesome. Also, Dutch keeps inventing new stuff that's compatible with the Chameleon zippers. For example, Dutch just came out with the Chameleon Sidecar, which is a zip-on side pouch that serves the same purpose as the (much-loved) shelf in the Warbonnet Blackbird, except if you want you can put one on both sides of your Chameleon. Switch things around, head-end, foot-end, right-lay, left-lay... The Chameleon is super flexible.

I just purchased a Warbonnet Thunderfly tarp (like, this morning. They've already popped it in the mail, so now I can refresh the tracking info 20 times a day... :sigh: ) I think it's a good compromise between the light weight of a hex tarp and the sideways-rain protection of a Superfly-style tarp with doors. (I live in the Pacific Northwest, so rain is always a consideration for me. Cuban is out of my price range right now, but in any case I'd want to experiment with that size and shape in sil-poly before investing in cuban.)

I also recently bought 1" Venom UHMWPE Ultralight Tree Straps which I use with some titanium Dutch clips (rather than passing the tree strap through its own loop) and then Becket hitch to the continuous loops on each end of my hammock.

I've got a Hammock Gear Burrow 20˚ quilt and a Hammock Gear Econ Incubator 10˚ underquilt, which I love with a disturbing passion (I tend to sleep cold, but that's not a problem when I'm nestled in my cocoon of down:) If weight and volume is of slightly less concern to you, I highly recommend Hammock Gear's Econ line as about $100 cheaper while still being pretty darn good (just a little heavier and bulkier for the same temp rating).


If you're just getting into hammocking you might experiment with a cheap hammock from Amazon before putting down a bunch of money for an awesome piece of gear that might not suit you. Just remember, you want it to be as long as possible (most people consider 10 feet to be the bare minimum for comfort in a gathered hammock), and extra width doesn't hurt at all either. I bought this hammock when it was only $10, and immediately bought 2 more because it was pretty decent (Not nearly as good as a proper 11 foot hammock, but almost 10 feet long and fairly wide). I see the price has come back down to $11 -- well worth it for a halfway-decent gathered-end hammock. I slept in one of these for almost a year before making myself a longer hammock :) (I am a bit shorter than you, but I think you could still be reasonably comfortable in one of these. And then if you end up upgrading you've got a spare hammock that you don't care about so you can casually hang it without really worrying about kids (or grownups) swinging and being stupid in it...). Get a couple of 8" continuous loops from Dutch to feed through the ends of the hammock to replace the stupid ropes it comes with. You will probably also want to add a structural ridgeline to help get a consistent sag with your hammock and to hold a ridgeline organizer. Dutch sells some adjustable structural ridgelines, or you can just use some stout cord.

If bugs are an issue in your area, you might pick up a bug net to go with your cheap netless hammock. The Fronkey style bugnets are pretty popular add-ons.

(Of course, at this point it might be cheaper to just have bought a Chameleon, but this game is how most of us ended up owning several hammocks. On the plus side, we can help outfit our friends for hammock camping trips...)

Freezing from underneath is a problem in hammocks... If you've already got a sleeping pad, you can lie on it in your hammock, though your shoulders tend to get cold where they press against the hammock fabric. The ultimate in comfort is an underquilt. In addition to my fancy down backpacking underquilt, I've got a synthetic Snugpak Underquilt that I use on my hammock at home. I tend to sleep cold, and I find that this underquilt is only good down to about 65˚ before I start getting cold, but a regular human could probably take it down to 55 or 50˚.

If you're just getting started, a square tarp works pretty well and the Kelty Noah 9 tarp is inexpensive and more than 12.5 feet on the diagonal, so works pretty well for hammocking. Or you could just search for 'hex tarp' on and get quite a few results -- just make sure it's long enough to cover the ridgeline of your hammock with at least a foot to spare (so at least 6" of extra on each side). In general, sil-nylon is slightly sturdier, slightly heavier, and more water absorbent than sil-poly, which most people agree is strong enough and better at shedding water. Sil-poly is what most people who can't afford cuban fiber are getting.

Hummingbird Hammocks makes some nice, lightweight tree straps that pair well with some Camp USA Nano Carabiners for a very simple and relatively lightweight setup. If you don't care about weight and want a cheaper option, just buy about 21 feet of 1" polyester strap from Cut it into 2 equal pieces, melt the ends, and sew a 6" loop on one end of each strap. Learn how to tie a Slippery Becket Hitch and you've got a super simple, super cheap suspension. You can either feed the loops through themselves, or use the Nano Carabiners or some Dutch clips if you want a system that's a little easier to adjust after you've hung the hammock.

Speaking of the link for the Becket Hitch, the site I linked to is called The Ultimate Hang. I highly, highly recommend you spend some time reading through all the fabulous (and fabulously illustrated) hammocking information on the site, and perhaps even purchase his book :)


If you're trying to decide which fancy, expensive hammock to buy, my best advice is to see if you can try the different models and versions for yourself. Check and see if there are any group hangs happening anywhere near you, or maybe post and ask if anyone near you has some hammocks in various fabrics for you to try. I'm close to your weight, and bought the Chameleon in Hexon 1.0 after reading the old weight limit of 250 lbs (it's since been updated to 200lbs). I love it (it's nice and stretchy and makes a really great cradle for my head). I'm not really worried about using it by myself, as I figure they're being pretty conservative on their weight rating and probably changed the rating after one person had an ...incident... Alas, my dog weighs about 60 pounds, so I either have to upgrade to Hexon 1.6 or not sleep with my dog on the trail. On the one hand, my dog is very warm and I sleep cold.
On the other hand, my dog is a lab and if there's any water he'll probably be wading in it or have just rolled in something disgusting and I probably don't want him in my hammock anyhow...
(I made the hammock I sleep in at home out of Hexon 1.6 and it's just not as delightfully stretchy as the 1.0. But some people really prefer the firmness of the 1.6 or even the 2.4, so ???)

Anyhow, hopefully that wall of text is at least a little helpful :) Good luck finding a hammock/insulation/suspension/tarp combination that suits you. Even if you don't find "The Perfect Hammock" I think you'll find yourself more comfy in a hammock than on the ground.

PS. Don't forget to sleep on the diagonal!

u/bookishboy · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

I've mentioned it on this sub before and don't wish to be associated with shilling, but am pretty happy with it:

Vivere hammock stand combo on Amazon

  1. If you're not in a hurry to buy it, this regularly seems to go on sale (more during the cold months) for <$100.

  2. The standalone version of the stand is also available, but for the price (especially when <$100) the hammock it comes with is not a bad deal and fairly comfortable.

  3. It's my impression that when using other 3rd party parachute hammocks with this that they're less than entirely comfortable for a full night's sleep; I suspect that these do best when spread out with 15'-20' of space between trees. Camping accommodations are nearly always a compromise between weight and comfort however, and I think this is a reasonable compromise for a relatively portable, freestanding hammock stand.
u/Purple-Is-Delicious · 1 pointr/Hammocks

dont get her an ENO. they're expensive, and they're not as comfortable due to their demensions as some other options out there.

I would checkout they have a nice purple polyD hammock she would probably like. The polyd will be more comfortable with the longer hammock while weighing less than the eno. Price wise you can get the hammock complete with cinch buckle suspension for the price of just the eno, factor $40 more for suspension and imho it's a no brainer. Depending on your budget, you could spend the extra dough on extras like a ridgeline, and organizer but that may be a bit over the top if it's her first hammock and she's just getting into it. If she's into hiking and camping, she may be interested in a tarp as well. The Yukon tarp regularly goes on woot for like $29. Then there's the whole ordeal of insulation. Sleeping pad and sleepingbag seem to be an acceptable sacrifice on weight and comfort to price for some.

EDIT: OP you're in luck! WOOT just went live today 6 more hours to go. This is a better hammock than the eno imho.

u/IronColumn · 4 pointsr/Hammocks

Woke up to rain, and the gear worked great!

I made sure to tie small drip lines to all of my suspension (including the tarp suspension) and not a drop came in. Even had the tarp relatively high and in porch mode all night (for the view of the moon).

Hammock is just a cheapo Grand Trunk that has served me faithfully for about four years without any trouble. Although I'm deciding that the extra comfort of moving up to an 11 foot hammock will probably be worth it soon.

Eno tree straps

Eno profly tarp

homemade PLUQ worked wonderfully during the ~50 degree non-windy evening.

Jungle blanket: This was my first time using it instead of a bag, and man oh man was it great. Was nice and cozy down to 50 degrees, and I didn't get tangled in it like I do in my sleeping bags. Recommend 100% if you don't want to drop the dough on a down topquilt. Maybe even if you do, since this seems way better in the wet than down would.

River is the Potomac, and I got it all there on my bike. About 40 miles outside of DC

u/homelessnesses · 7 pointsr/Hammocks

That looks overpriced, also they don't show you anything about how you hang it, I would suggest it would be like a gathered end hammock but with no explanation I'm pretty lost here.

If you're looking to save money you could get a grand trunk for 19.00 or so

Or you could get an ENO for the price of the hammock you list just make sure you get the 42 dollar one.

All three of these hammocks are going to need a suspension system. You can read all about that here

Now if you're not going camping and just going to hang in the back yard I would suggest the texsport la paz probably the best backyard napper around.

Hope all this information helps.

TL/DR Don't get a hammock from these people, there are way cheaper, lighter, and better options for camping and also for the back yard.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

There's two routes you can go. The all together route, or you could do what I did. I got a 15% discount on gotyourgear on an ENO junglenest which got it down to about $73, and either buy, This which is just a tad short, but with enough sag 10ft should get all your hammock within it. I opted to sew my own tarp because I wanted a much larger one for sheltering two hammocks and keep my gear protected. Pretty good prices on silnylon. And Here are some simple [guides] ( to make one on your own. For straps people opt for a shorter polyester webbing, coupled with whoopie slings. Atlas Straps are the easy way out if you don't want to modify your hammock, personally i'm happy with using all stock on my system, tried whoopies not a fan. I'm 6'2", singlenest will fit you perfectly, make sure to have plenty of sag when hanging your hammock, it may look wrong, but that how you achieve a flat lay. So either route you go, it basically boils down to if you want more customization with your equipment, or want something premade.

u/demoran · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I think a is a good choice. If you're cash tight and want something for inside, this is a good $50 solution. Pairing it with a $40 underquilt works well.

I have a friend who has back issues and I gave him that hammock after testing it out and being pretty pleased with it. He's been full-timing it for what must be around 6 months now and loves it. I've been full timing for ~8 years.

The reason I would dissuade you from getting a dual function hammock is primarily because you'll need a lot more equipment to sleep outside and it can add up. I think it's better to get a great bang for the buck for inside if that's your primary use case.

u/jmess301 · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

I've been sleeping full time in a Yukon Outfitters Double Parachute Hammock since February 2014. It worked out alright. Though sometimes I'd wake up in the middle of the night and want to stretch out, so I'd move to the floor.

A couple weeks ago I decided to look into getting a more comfortable hammock. I did some googling and opted to go with this hand-made cotton Yukatan hammock. I am very glad I did. It's a little larger and much more comfortable. The cotton conforms to my body. I can get flat enough to sleep on my side, which is amazing btw. Highly recommend a cotton hammock for a permanent indoor setup. The difference in comfort is significant.

I also like to zip myself up in a sleeping bag to keep warm. I use a small neck roll pillow for my head, and a regular size pillow under my knees. It's quite comfy. I fall asleep very quickly and stay asleep all night.

u/Amk410 · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

You don't need everything at once. It can get pricey and if you don't know for sure that you will like an all-nighter in a hammock I wouldn't go too crazy to start.

You won’t need a mummy sleeping bag if you get an UQ. It’s more of a pain to get in and out with a sleeping bag anyway. No pics right now but this is what I have. I live in Texas so it isn’t cold all the time but I travel to surrounding states to go climbing and hiking and it has all kept me dry, bug free, and toasty down into the 30’s. I’m cheap and haven’t gone with the top name brands but this setup works perfectly for my needs. It wasn’t all bought at once and some stuff you could choose to go even cheaper and DIY. Spent less than $250.

•Grand Truck Ultra-Light Hammock-$20 amazon

•Grand Trunk Hammock Mozzy Netting-$50 amazon. Price is higher now. I prefer this one over others because it has a floor. So much easier to get in and out without bugs slipping in. And a place for you’re your shoes, pack, whatever, on the ground without creepy crawlies climbing in. Worth the added weight to me.

•3 Season Jarbidge Underquilt – Pd $100 KAQ Arrowhead Equipment, sale right now for $75

•Marlin Spike Hitch Whoopie Sling Kit (toggles, slings, straps)-pd $20, Arrowhead Equipment , sale right now for $15

•Just bought ridgeline today when buying another whoopie sling kit for my other hammock and water filters from their sale. If you get the kit, you can get a ridgeline for an additional $10

•For cooler nights, Texsport Fleece Sleeping bag-$10 Amazon

•Plain blue tarp- maybe $10? Almost never use unless rain is anticipated.

u/CedarWolf · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

I am literally lounging in one of these hammocks right now. I love it! It does get a little more chilly than a regular bed, though, so it can be important on cool nights to make sure that you've got a blanket which you can wrap up in, both above and below your body.

My advice? Get the hammock/stand combo with the "double" hammock. It's only a little bit extra and it's very comfortable as a bed. It's wonderful, particularly if you're very tall. I love mine; I even packed it up and took it with me on vacation to the beach. It disassembles and reassembles quite nicely and everything fits neatly into a carry bag.

I pulled out my tape measure and checked; the dimensions for the footprint are accurate. From end to end, the frame is 9 feet in length. It's 4 feet wide, and just shy of four feet tall at the tallest points.

Edit: I found the stand and double hammock combo available for the same price on that same website you linked earlier.

u/wankerschnitzel · 8 pointsr/Hammocks

The Atlas are the replacement for the Slap-Straps. The Slaps were nylon (stretch) and the people spoke. Eno offered these Atlas as a Polyester alternative that do not suffer from the stretch problem. My opinion is that they are damn skippy, but ENO straps in general reputation took a bit of hit due to the Slaps. Atlas Straps and Python straps are both great and no-stretch. Steer clear of Eno Slap Straps unless you want to wake up on your butt, but the Atlas are all good and what they should offered in the beginning. Reveiws here . More reading here

tldr: Slap Strap stretch too much. Atlas and Python Don't. ATLAS are worth the money over Slap. Python are good too. Don't get Slap Straps

u/Dreamliss · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I'll probably go with the Eno doublenest, I've heard good things around.

As one of the least handy people around, I'm not really considering DIY stands, but I'm confused about what features I need to look for in one I'm buying. I saw some with what looked like just a plain pole for the end, and others with a U / horseshoe shape at the end. And if a hammock says it's '9 feet'and a stand says it has a 'footprint of 10 feet' are they compatible? (Does that mean it's actually 10 feet or does it extend more in the air?)

Space isn't a huge issue, although it would be nice if it was smaller. Hopefully not more than a hundred...

Anyway, thanks for your help so far!

Edit: I was looking at this stand, would it work with the Eno double nest, and what additional things would I need to actually hang the hammock? (Just the suspension kit you suggested?)

Vivere UHS9 Universal Space-Saving Steel Hammock Stand, 9-Feet, Charcoal

u/J3diJ0nes · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I've been sleeping in my mine full time for almost 2 years now. I love it. Here is the stand I use, I rent too, but even going a little further at this moment I'm staying with friends. My place got flooded and destroyed, luckily I didn't have a soaking wet mattress to toss out post exodus haha

Sunnydaze Universal Multi-Use...

It fit some pretty big hammocks

u/pmtacos · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I have a Grand Trunk Ultralight. It was only 20 bucks on Amazon and pretty decent quality, so definitely worth it for the price. You might need to replace (or simply remove) the metal hooks, they are just pointless weight. It is on the shorter side as hammocks go, but it's a great hammock to always carry in a backpack just in case you find a fun spot. As others have said, if you want something much better for not much more money, then look into Dutchware or other higher quality brands.

u/thepingster · 1 pointr/Hammocks

What do you intend to do with it? I got the Woot special indoor hammock with a stand for $100 and I think it's great for relaxing indoors. I can even sleep in it, I just have to bend my one leg. However, it's pretty strictly for indoors and I wouldn't choose to sleep in it every night. If you want to see what I'm talking about, Amazon has it, just search for UHSDO9. The price varies a lot. Maybe if I post the Amazon link, that one bot will show us the high/low.

u/peeholestinger · 7 pointsr/Hammocks

ENO makes nice hammocks but do yourself a favor and grab a longer hammock. Look at any forum and you'll find people raving about how comfy 11' hammocks are. Dutchware is a popular option. A single layer w/whoopie hook suspension and webbing is only about $10 more than the ENO + straps, and much lighter (17.7oz vs 35oz).

For insulation you can use and old sleeping bag as a top quilt. For bottom I've heard good things about the Snugpack Under Blanket.

Might get you down to 30°F but should be enough to keep you warm down to the 40-50s.

u/aidanpryde18 · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

Nah, those Stansports are much too short. You'll have a hard time hanging your hammock because you will be forced into a narrow range of tree widths and sizes that will allow you a comfortable hang.

If you want something that you can get on Amazon, I would look at the Atlas Straps

Honestly though, if you want a good suspension that is easy to hang and gives you a lot of hanging options, I would go with a Cinch Bucle suspension. The Cinch buckles with 8" loops and tree straps are $22 plus shipping. You simply thread the loops through the end of the hammock. This is what I use after having a couple of different suspensions.

As for bug nets, none of them are really cheap. Most will be at least $50. They are worth it though. My first hammock was a Grand Trunk skeeter beater and while the top netting was nice, I was still getting bitten through the hammock underneath me. I ended up going with a Full mosquito net with a bottom opening that cinched with shock cord. It cost $65 though.

u/dumbvestor · 1 pointr/Hammocks


Stand(stand can be bought without hammock, probably a link on the page somewhere):


Tools needed:

Stand comes with wingnuts which are ridiculously easy to install by hand (really, no skill is needed), hammock has hooks on the end, use the supports (one on either side) and simply attach one hook to the other and tighten/loosen as needed.

Stand can support up to 450 lb, the supports can support 500 lb each, hammock can support 400 lb.

Please note, I personally cannot sleep all night in a hammock. Possibly the setup is bad or perhaps I just am incapable of sleeping more than 4 hours in one of these... If you test this setup feel free to tell me that the setup is good and I just suck at sleeping in non-bed things.

u/nerex · 1 pointr/Hammocks

yeah, if you're not even sure you'll like sleeping in a hammock, a cheap one is the way to go- I have this $19 Grand Trunk Hammock

though it doesn't come with a suspension. A quick way to make one is to get ~16 feet of 1" nylon webbing, cut it into 2 pieces, tie loops at the ends with overhand knots, then on each tree, loop one end through the other end (of the same length of webbing), then hook the metal loop of the GT ultralight to the end of the webbing reaching from the tree. then do the same with the other 8 foot length on the opposite tree.

if you can get even a half-decent night of sleep in that (provided you are warm enough, etc- summer is the best time to try it out), you will probably love sleeping in a hammock while camping.

u/paintedsaint · 1 pointr/Hammocks

The only reason I sleep on my stomach is because of my back issues. The hammocks I used in Thailand were so comfy that I almost instantly fell asleep on my back, which I could NEVER do on a mattress.

Definitely leaning more towards the Brazilians. I have a $100 Amazon gift card and the ones I'm liking and have great reviews are from NOVICA - namely this one and this one. This LA SIESTA hammock has great reviews also.

This one has great ratings too, but is a Mayan.

Not sure which to go with. I had $300 set aside for a loft bed (but now I'm leaning towards the hammock), plus that gift card.

u/ChokraKahn · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

It is this Vivere, steel stand,

The steel stand weighs 34 lbs., breaks down into 5 pieces, and measures roughly 51" x 8" x 6" when stored in the included, zippered bag. I can see having to replace the bag eventually, but I've been putting some miles on this thing. I use it for regular (car) camping now on top of it being my main sleeping rig for rafting.

For $120, you can get it with the cotton hammock included. I've pitched my ENO doublenest in it too, for camping, works great. My Hennessey also hangs in it but I've not slept in it yet. (Not sure I like the Hennessey; I'm thinking of selling it.)

Here are some photos of the Vivere stand in action, on the river. (as well as my own custom stand.)

Here it is pitched in the back of a pickup with the Hennessey rain fly and ENO doublenest. I did this to stay out of the nasty desert mud and it worked great.

I couldn't be happier with it.

u/OldPete · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

Hi, future hammock owner. This subreddit is traditionally more geared toward hammock camping, but the nylon hammocks that we're using to camp are definitely not the most comfortable ones available. For your backyard, you're going to want a south american style cotton hammock. I just recently got this:
and it's ridiculously comfortable.

One thing the campers might have to offer for you is the rigging setup. A lot of us are moving away from nylon rope/ straps toward things like this:
...which doesn't stretch.

Of course, you're not sleeping in it, so you could always just tighten your suspension system when you start to sag. Happy hanging.

u/justintime516 · 1 pointr/Hammocks

Looks like a great casual hammock. I might go with something a little more durable/wider if you are planning on sleeping in it. Grand trunk sells something similar...I've used Grand Trunk's and if it is similar, you'll only find this fun for shorter periods of time (not a camping trip for instance).

u/riley70122 · 1 pointr/Hammocks

Looks a lot like mine but I bet yours feels better because it's handmade and looks to be in a great location!

u/SmileAndDonate · 1 pointr/Hammocks Link

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u/crick2000 · 1 pointr/Hammocks

Check the Dimensions of Best Choice Stand on Amazon. It is listed as perfect fit for ENO Double nest:

u/Posaquatl · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I made a turtle dog stand years ago. Never really used it much. I had wooden chair rail as the bar. Was a bit flexible when I laid in the ENO. I would have to replace the pipe if I was to use it for everyday use. Worried I would impale myself in the middle of the night.

The pipe stand does not look too bad. Would have to price it out...may come close to a commercial stand though. Something like this is only 100 bucks. No bar under your back if you fall out in the middle of the night lol.
I see quite a few "cheap" ones like the Best Choice one, 50-70 bucks. You want something starting at 11 foot?? should cover the paradiso?

u/0neir0naut · 10 pointsr/Hammocks

I bought this hammock from amazon and used it as my bed for a few months. At first, it was pretty cool having a hammock as a bed. After a few days I realized the stand wasn't suitable for sleeping in every night; I couldn't find a comfortable enough position to be able to have restful sleep.

I eventually bought a new hammock to see if it was the original hammock that was the issue. Well, this new hammock was even more uncomfortable when I mounted it on the stand I had. In fact, the stand that came with the first hammock wasn't compatible with the new hammock; I had to buy some tree straps so that the new hammock would sit right on the new stand.

It was really hard sleeping on my hammock setup; I was sad as I really wanted it to work for me. I'm sure if I created my own stand that actually worked for my height I would have had no problem sleeping. Eventually I bought a Tri Fold Mattress and a memory foam pad and just slept on that instead of the hammock; the Tri Fold + Memory foam combo is perfect! Best sleep of my life on that thing.

If you're going to buy a hammock to use as a bed, I would highly recommend making, or even buying, a hand-made stand that fits your height and weight.

I'm 6'0", ~154lbs

Also, If you're going to buy a hammock to sleep on I would highly recommend having a secondary sleeping station (possibly a pad of some sort) for those days where you just don't want to sleep on the hammock. Trust me, those days will come. I didn't think it would happen to me, but it did. If you have any other questions I'll gladly answer them! Unfortunately I can't give you information about wall hooks/mounting as I never went that route.

u/joeldare · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I own 2 Grand Trunk hammocks. They are fairly light and I love them. They are $15 on Amazon US right now. I'm 5' 11" 245 lbs and they are tall enough for me. You might find them on Amazon UK.

I've used them to 0 Celsius and been down right warm. I used two cheap sleeping bags at that temperature (1 under).

Here it is:

u/0x18 · 1 pointr/Hammocks

This is what you want -- It's $130, if you have Amazon Prime the shipping is free, it's mildly portable (I could take this with me on a trip), it weighs 34 pounds and is rated to support 400, it's 9 feet long and is absolutely comfortable my height (6').

u/cyberjedi42 · 9 pointsr/Hammocks

Hey, a fellow fat hanger! I am 6'5 and 350. Been sleeping 100% on a hammock for over 4 years now.

First, I started off with the hammock stand that /u/Nicktav already linked to (Amazon Link). I used this for about a year. I actually bent it over time. Got another one, bent it too, then decided to do something else.

Next, came this. And this has been going three years strong.

I love it!! No issues with me and this misses (and even the little one) all in at the same time.

The the picture is a bit out of date. I hung a TV on the left wall, so I can hang and watch before sleeping.

The hammock I use is the Grand Trunk Double. 4 years of 350lb nightly sleeping and it hangs like new.

u/emcull03 · 1 pointr/Hammocks

If you can get it to work then all the power to you. I just haven't had luck.

As far as rainfly and the elements I never had an issue when using a tarp and I've camped in some pretty wicked weather. You just have to make sure your coverage is very tight to the hammock and goes down far enough. I'm current using this rainfly it is often featured on woot for $25. I've had very good luck with it so far.

u/DoctorGorbatrov · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

Can you put holes in your walls?
Do you have wooden studs?

If it is for a bed inside I would suggest a cotton hammock, without stretcher bars, I have found machine washing them to be very effective as log as your washing machine doesn't have the vertical agitator in it.

This is what I sleep in and I love it for inside:

Next all you need is to mount something to hang from on your walls (probably cheapest way to use a hammock indoors) and some strapping rated for at least 400 lbs to make up whatever length your hammock hammock needs to run from wall to wall.

I'll be here to respond to any further questions you may have :)

u/memora · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I am 6'4" and 280 pounds. I have successfully slept for couple month on this.

Sometimes I did really wish it was bit longer but nothing too uncomfortable.
this are mainly made for the Cotton hammocks which are more comfortable for indoor setup.

It managed to keep me off the ground with the sag involved ;), I imagine it will work for you too

u/Peliquin · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I sleep in my Vivere Double all the time. I keep my house cold, so I made a lightweight underquilt from a down blanket and safety-pinned that to the underside, and then put this underquilt over that for the winter. It will come off for the summer. I sleep with a nice down-alternative comforter in a duvet on top. I vaccuum the hammock on the regular, and wash every six weeks or so. Very comfy.

I'm working on an improved method of attaching the home-made underquilt. If you sleep hot, you'll need less bundling than I do and can probably get away with just the snugpak.

u/idiggplants · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

google/youtube setting up hammocks with trekking poles... or hammocking above the treeline... its a pretty common challenge and their are a few different solutions... id warn against trying to tie off to the rv anywhere. not much on them that can withstand the horizontal force that your hammock will put on it.

edit: another option that might work for you is a hammock stand. it will definitely be the easiest, but youll have to spend a few bucks. the bonus is you can use it at home in the back yard.. but youll probably have plenty of room in the rv.

u/diredesire · 1 pointr/Hammocks

Just a heads up for those of you out there looking to buy, the same thing is on amazon for <$20 shipped:

Not a thread crap, just a heads up. I know lots of those interested in Hammocks will have REI gift cards or something to make the deal worth it. (I checked the dimensions, they're the same)

I've got the ultralight as a "starter" hammock (it's on a stand in my living room), It's not bad at all.

u/nizo505 · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I just literally woke up from my 2nd refreshing night of sleep in this hammock:

I'm 6' and fit it comfortably with room to spare, so another 4 inches should be fine. Also I just checked the reviews and someone else who is your height give it 5 stars. Cotton, comes with stand, and is $130 shipped (if you are an Amazon Prime member). I'm totally hooked on this thing, and yeah you'll probably need to sleep at a slight angle anyway to get it to flatten out correctly.

Edit: Ohh, you don't even need amazon prime membership to get it for $130. And they literally just added a few new color choices!

u/hotspotbirding · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

There is a 20$ special on for a double hammock every now and then.

This is permethrin (it keeps bugs away equal to 100% deet, fabric only)

Suspension system is how you hang your hammock. Here's a video

good luck

u/beansarenotfruit · 5 pointsr/Hammocks

So I’ve been sleeping in my hammock for a few weeks now, and have really liked it. The hammock I bought is here:

Hammock Sky Brazilian Double...

And the stand is here:

Sunnydaze 550-Pound Capacity...

The stand is quite large, but kind of needs to be. I didn’t need to buy anything else, everything I needed to hand was included in the two kits. The frame is a little heavy, but moveable by one person. You can put it together alone, but two people makes assembly much easier.

u/bnkls · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

Looks fine to me as long as you have room for a 15' hammock on your porch. My advice to you is to get as big of a hammock as possible and to get a gathered end hammock instead of a spreader bar hammock because they're much comfier and easier to nap in.

This is what I sleep in full time and personally I love it. It's very lightweight, solid and easily constructed. And there's room for the two of you to cuddle up and shit if you want to.

u/hammockman76 · 1 pointr/Hammocks

Im assuming you mean this, you'd probably be very happy. One of my friends has one of those and I took a nice nap in it and it was well, pretty nice. Nothing spectacular but a solid choice.

u/ZanderRex · 1 pointr/Hammocks

Since you seem to be just starting out in hammocks i'd try a Dutch 11ft Wide hammock and try a Snugpack underquilt. I'd choose these as the Dutchware is the biggest hammock i know being sold today and is a high quality hammock especially for the price. The snugpack is my pick for a first time hammocker its just $40, so it won't break the bank but gets you a good tho heavy 3 season quilt. The snug pak likely won't cover all of you, so a small butt pad can be used effectively under your feet with a pillow under your head to give you full coverage.

u/Neverborn · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I got this one. It's a Grand Trunk, and it's very nice. It has the built in netting like emmettfitz's, and can also be reversed if you don't want to use the netting. I've used it for an entire summer with practically no wear, but I do take care.

u/Piklikl · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

I got this for Christmas and I've been using it for the past week staying at a friends house. I'm using an ENO double nest, and so far it's just a touch more cramped than the hooks I use embedded in my bedroom wall.

Best ChoiceProducts Space Saving Steel Hammock Stand 9' Outdoor Patio Portable with Carrying Case

u/WiseGuy1020 · 1 pointr/Hammocks

Well if you think $19.99 is pretty expensive than I don't think I'm going to be of much help.

u/BashfulDaschund · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I've been using this tarp with an eno single for several months now. Been pretty happy with it so far.

u/Lovemidget · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

If you're going with Amazon, a lot of people seem to have found this satisfactory if you're buying over building.

I sleep in a homemade double right now, but am selling my house in the next week and will be moving into a rental for awhile. I ordered the stand and hammock combo to try. If I like the combo, i'll keep it, if I just like the stand, I'll throw one of my other hammocks in there. I should have it tried out by the end of the week.

u/i1i1i1i1i1i11i1i1i1 · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

I just got this stand in today, and it's incredible. I don't have any trees either but this works great for indoor/outdoor use

I would definitely recommend it.

u/ChristianBundy · 1 pointr/Hammocks

Rad, that answers my question perfectly. I really dig the hammock a lot more than this one, but it's a bit too much material for me. Thanks!

u/pyramid_of_greatness · 1 pointr/Hammocks

Wanted to chime in and say, I'd love to see your plans, too, if you care to share with the rest of us! I thought picking up a grand trunk for $17 the other day was good (Amazon sale -- now $20), but you're putting me to shame! Paired with this compact and quite warm sleeping bag, you're off to the races.

u/RojoNinja · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I've used this one for quite a while and can recommend it. But any other Brazilian hammock I'd recommend over a parachute one for nightly sleep, they're warmer.

u/Phant0mX · 9 pointsr/Hammocks

I use this one for festival camping and anywhere else without trees with my double nest. 450 lb weight limit, 9 feet long, steel construction. Disassembles and comes with a bag for travel, definitely not lightweight.

u/amateurishatbest · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I've a Best Choice stand (9 footer) that I've been very happy with, and it's not terribly expensive. I just wouldn't recommend leaving it outside for extended periods. I'm only 5'8" but I feel like I have plenty of length. Also, it has a 450 lb capacity.

u/infazz · 1 pointr/Hammocks

Does anyone have an opinion on these straps?

The Grand Trunk website doesn't say what material they are made of, but it looks like it's just paracord.

u/jeffmolby · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

This one has treated me well for the past year. You could open your room up more if you found a way to do without the stand, but it'll still be better than a bed.

u/moneygarden · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

This. Have one. Love it. Mine is a finer weave : See here

u/Lomky · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I sleep part time in this one:

I used to sleep on it full time, love it.

u/kablammm · 1 pointr/Hammocks

Best ChoiceProducts Space Saving Steel Hammock Stand 9' Outdoor Patio Portable with Carrying Case

u/Sparky2697 · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

Best ChoiceProducts Space Saving Steel Hammock Stand 9' Outdoor Patio Portable with Carrying Case

u/Brandon_S12 · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

Yep, I use an underquilt during the cold season. I didn't need to splurge on an underquilt that would be used indoors, so am using this one from Amazon, which is more than warm enough.

u/pgyang · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

I got a Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter. It comes with a bugnet and suspensions. Setup was pretty easy but I found the straps that go around the trees aren't very long so I bought another pair of straps so I can use thicker trees. I'm looking for a tarp now in case it rains.

u/AvioNaught · 1 pointr/Hammocks

It says it doesn't come with a hanging kit, what can i do about that? Should I buy these?

Edit: turns out those include webbing too... good or bad?)

u/Oreganoian · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

It's 9 feet but with the hooks all the way down my camping hammocks don't have any issues. They're 10.5 to 12 feet long.

I sleep in the cloth hammock it comes with. It will stretch a good amount the first few hangs.

u/totaldrk62 · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

I've been using mine in the BWCA for about 4 years now. Things I've learned:

  • We go in August and it can get chilly at night. A sleeping mat is essential if you don't want a cold backside.

  • If you don't have a hex cover for your gear or a smaller rainfly for your hammock your gear may get wet. I've been caught out in storms and the original rainfly for my Hennessy wasn't quite enough ground coverage and ended up with some damp gear. I upgraded to the hex fly and have been golden. A separate tarp for gear will also work.

  • You might have to think out of the box on some sites with smaller trees. I had to hang basically over a 5 or 6 foot drop at one site with poor tree coverage. It was either hang there or basically hang way back in the forest.

  • I use Atlas Straps, climbing rings and caribeaners for my hang. I typically have my hammock set up in about 2 minutes. The Atlas straps give me a TON of length to hang, so I can hang just about everywhere up there.

    I can't really think of much else. If you don't have a bug net life is going to suck, but I think anyone using a hammock in the BWCA knows that. I'll never go back to a tent in the BWCA. Using a hammock up there is amazing.
u/danbot · 1 pointr/Hammocks


see also review
but you will still need a tarp for rainy conditions and those will run you about $60-70 like the kelty noah's tarp for instance.

u/morrisom · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

Since it is sold out on REI, it is on Amazon for perhaps a few dollars cheaper at $19.95.

In addition, I have this hammock and as an inexperienced hammocker it is wonderful, very compact (not sure on weight but it fits in a bag that just about fits in my [small] hand). I've been using it on my back porch in the Southeast, but plan on taking it out as a sleeping apparatus as soon as I can get a reasonable shelter.

u/behemebash · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I would just look into purchasing a hammock stand if you don't want to drill into your walls. I have this one, myself:

If you just search "Hammock Stand" on Amazon, you should be able to find one the right size to fit yours.

u/sanseriph74 · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

Amazon has one for $46 that can collapse into a small portable tote, but Ive never used it, so I can't be sure it isn't crap.

I've seen a number of people hang using two crossed poles and a tie down, always looks like its about to fall, but it seems to work. This is a commercial version of that if you can get a stake in the ground where you are fishing.

u/dagmar31 · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I'm going to pick a couple of these up soon

They come with a carrying case but I can't seem to find how much they weigh. They have a space saving design that moves your attachment point down the outside of the stand, you can look for their kit with included hammock for a picture of the setup

u/Ocufen · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

It's one made by Snugpak. I got it when they were around $35 and I wanted something quick and easy. Good for spring and fall, but I wouldn't trust it in the winter.

u/ccchans · 7 pointsr/Hammocks

I temporarily moved into my friend's place and was tired of sleeping on my sleeping pad. I couldn't hang my Yukon Outfitters, so I bought the Vivere Double from Amazon.

The stand so far shows no sign of bending, but I definitely would not swing in it. I saw the end poles sway when I tried swinging a bit, leading me to believe it was going to bend.

The suspension is anchored down by these J-hooks screwed into the outside of the end poles. There are 6 holes placed throughout the length of the pole, but there is a downside. I would have loved to screwin at the highest hole for a deeper sag, but the tightener scrapes against the rope. Placing the J-hooks any lower than the second makes the hammock too flat.

For those who wish to hang other hammocks off of this stand, the J-hooks can be placed lower to accommodate longer suspension lines. For this hammock in particular, those bottom 4 holes are unnecessary. Except maybe to make it lighter ;)

u/Slish2512007 · 1 pointr/Hammocks

[I have been sleeping on the vivere hammock and stand bought off amazon for 80 bucks since 2012. Luckily my wife is understanding of how uncomfortable the bed is for me so I still sleep in it, mostly in the summer though.

u/Roomslinger · 1 pointr/Hammocks

9ft metal hammock stand is what you are looking for. Not super light but easily carried on the beach. I bring mine to hotels, car camoing, etc.

The diy stands are OK, but the long top bar is a pain IMO. I'd rather spend 30$ to avoid drills, saws, digging holes in the sand, making tiny parchuets that need to hold up a hammock, etc.

u/zynthalay · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

I sleep on this stand and have for three months, it works great. My off-brand hammock stretched a bit, I moved the hooks to the next set of holes, no problem.

u/erinn1986 · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I want to get the Eno nomad system

But I'm currently lugging around a 40 pound generic Amazon frame

And I carry a small tent if I need to get out of the rain with that hammock frame. It's not ideal, but it's what I can afford.

u/eidnarb · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

Check out: The Ultimate Hang: An Illustrated Guide To Hammock Camping by Derek J Hansen

u/JaxHiker · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

Pick up a copy of Derek Hansen's The Ultimate Hang ( Sometimes it takes some experimentation to find the right combination for you. Keep at it. I don't know if I know anyone that's gone back to the ground after trying out a hammock.

u/Tvcypher · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

The Ultimate Hang is considered the premiere work on the subject. You should be able to order it online.

u/Suspendedskinnykid · 1 pointr/Hammocks

Just put permethrin on it, it's what "insect shield" is. link

u/brewyet · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

I have this one with an eno doublenest, but its a bit flexy (i'm 270) and just isn't long enough once I get in it:

I ended up going with this for about $120 in parts. but be forewarned you'll need atleast 12 foot room.

u/ajfirecracker · 5 pointsr/Hammocks

I have purchased a Vivere cotton hammock ($130 on Amazon including a "space-saving" stand)

I saw a recommendation here for it - I will post some sort of review once I use it

u/deck_hand · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

This picture shows you how the stand is intended to be used.

u/nicktav · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

I have slept in this almost every night for the last two years. I am 6'3" 300lbs+

u/PlaySculptor · 1 pointr/Hammocks

Also, that one so many people link to, the Vivere 9’ Brazilian with a “space saving stand” actually says the total length is 130”, which is almost 11 feet. So, maybe that is the 11 footer? Here’s the link:

u/Psnipes · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I've been sleeping in a hammock full-time for a year now!(As of last week!)

Been sleeping in this stand and hammock the entire time!

u/jonathanbernard · 1 pointr/Hammocks

Exactly. Not light or compact (compared to other rain flys), but it gets the job done and it's cheap!

Personally I have a large 20'x12' tarp for making a big tent with multiple hammocks, a smaller 10'x12' tarp for myself, and a pair of Yukon Outfitter rain flys that I picked up when they were on sale at

u/zackfroslie · 1 pointr/Hammocks

You can look at UST or Eastern Ridge Tarp as decent budget options.

And if you can go a little higher to 60 bucks, check out the Chill Gorilla Pro-tent tarp or the costlier Kelty Noah.

u/MortalWombat42 · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I've got the one by "Best Choice" that is a few bucks cheaper but looks to be identical (they even offer the same hammock I got with mine), aside from not having square feet on the bottom of the legs.

I've only used it outdoors a couple of times, but I sleep in it indoors most nights for almost 2 years now and it's never let me down. For outdoors though, I think /u/RecreationalAsshole is on the money with the turtledog stand.

u/billclark · 1 pointr/Hammocks

Just buy that. To bolt it to a wall, you'd spend nearly as much on proper hardware. The stand is still less than the cost to repair your walls in a month.

u/ididdrugsonce · 1 pointr/Hammocks

Sunnydaze Universal Multi-Use Heavy-Duty Steel Hammock Stand, 2 Person, Fits Hammocks 9 to 14 Feet Long, 440 Pound Capacity

u/Fuckwastaken · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I recently went full time. Switch from a eno double to this

I love it. I have always been a stomach sleeper with bad back problems and I find that now getting a nice diagonal lay I sleep fantastic on a hammock and no more back pain. I would recommend practicing different sag levels to see what helps get you as flat as possible diagonal lay.

u/grantizzle · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

Buy this book

it is a very quick and informative read and it will answer all your questions. seriously.

u/Benny_Lava · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

I purchased an inexpensive hammock (ENO Double Nest) as a test. I put a couple of heavy-duty lag screw eyes in my bedroom ceiling, for a "test hang" in the privacy of my home, without worrying about weather, bugs, etc. That was six months ago, and I still sleep in it every night.

I do intend to get a different hammock for camping, and all the related gear (tarp, whoopie slings, bug net, etc.)

Have you found Hammock Forums yet? One of their members wrote a book on hammocks, that I've found invaluable. It's called "The Ultimate Hang", by Derek Hansen. I got my copy from Amazon.

u/lukehardy · 5 pointsr/Hammocks

I am almost the exact size as you, I'm a little taller. I use a Warbonnet Blackbird XLC with the standard suspension. Being as tall as you are 11 foot is a must for a comfortable night's sleep. When camping there would be no room for second person in the Blackbird.

While hanging out in the back yard I have a Vivere hammock hooked to tree and metal clothes line post. My wife and I lay in it every nice day with no problems. Here's a link to Amazon and it includes a stand.

I would discourage you from using 4x4s. Before I got my clothes line post I tried to use a 4x4 and it snapped off at the ground and hit me in the head. It hurt quite a bit and I felt like an asshole.