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u/Quo_Vadimus7 · 8 pointsr/HannibalTV

Love the cookbook.

so far I've made the blood pudding, the bloodorange salad, the 'snails', the sweetbreads, and the heart-tartar. Everything turned out amazing

u/kmfh244 · 3 pointsr/HannibalTV

Found it on Amazon thanks to /u/DangerCocktail .
It's a bit pricy but it's gorgeous.

u/TweetPoster · 1 pointr/HannibalTV

>2016-03-03 00:55:19 UTC

>OH WOW! My Hannibal Cookbook just became available for pre-sale on Amazon!


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u/Snoopyflieshigh · 5 pointsr/HannibalTV

There is a cookbook inspired by the show: Feeding Hannibal. I am waiting for X-mas to buy it (or tbh, I am convincing people to buy it for me as a gift).

u/Lightingale · 27 pointsr/HannibalTV

Excellent book! Worth it just for the commentary, photos, and insight into the making of.

u/coco-monster · 13 pointsr/HannibalTV

That actually looks handmade. The lettering definitely looks like it was written by hand and you could easily replicate it but getting a simple clock kit and just some stick on letters.

u/Erinescence · 7 pointsr/HannibalTV

The paperback version is available on amazon for pre-order. No cast signatures, but a much more attractive price!

I pre-ordered mine back at Thanksgiving when all books had a discount, so got it for under $13USD.

u/shrewlaura · 3 pointsr/HannibalTV

I used this mold and only filled the stag part with chocolate. I don't have a recipe. I just made regular vanilla cupcakes and then cut a hole in each one and filled them with raspberry filling. You could do it with any flavors. Just make sure you save the top part of the cupcake to put back on after you fill it, otherwise your frosting won't go on.

u/i_am_thoms_meme · 1 pointr/HannibalTV

On a related note I have the Game of Thrones cook book and it is amazing. Since this series is as equally about food, I see a cook book coming out as long as it doesn't get cancelled before season 3.

u/blueberry_finn · 1 pointr/HannibalTV

I've never seen any list floating around on the Internet, but maybe there is one? It's just something I notice when the camera hovers on him at his desk. This is one of them that I can remember now, from the last episode.

u/d4mini0n · 1 pointr/HannibalTV

Actually, band saws for butchery are pretty common.

u/scissorman · 1 pointr/HannibalTV

Direct Amazon links for anyone wanting to pre-order without reading the article.

Sadly no cover art for either volumes for Season 2 or any released tracklists.

Hannibal: Season 1 - Volume 1:

Hannibal: Season 1 - Volume 2:

Hannibal: Season 2 - Volume 1:

Hannibal: Season 2 - Volume 2:

u/K_S_Morgan · 4 pointsr/HannibalTV

I bought this set. I live in Ukraine and there were no problems with it, just had to pay about 15$ for delivery.

u/akuma_river · 1 pointr/HannibalTV


Just a normal orderly due bringing food to the prisoners/patients.

He places Will's tray through the slot, Will takes the tray and brings it to his lap.


Missing Hannibal's food?

Will takes the plastic fork and knife and cuts into the mystery meat. He takes a bite and starts to chew.

There is some sort of...tribal drum like thingy quick dudut sound. Sort of like sports band drum thrumping but on a different dixie cups.

(person choking)

Will is having a flashback memory. He sees Hannibal above him from a strange position.

The sound changes. It sounds like those flexible plastic compact straws you pull up on and they get bigger. ([example( Except the sound is amplified.

Another image of the memory and the straw sound makes sense as Hannibal is forcing a tube down Will's throat while he is wearing his Plastic Murder Suit.

(Will choking)

I guess he has a sensitive gag reflex?

We are given an inside look of Will's esophagus. Then an outside look as the tube goes down.

Will looks like he's having one of his seizure episodes as his eyes are closed but fluttering.

Will in present day.

Back to the flashback. Hannibal picking up the ear from a petri dish. He folds the ear up (side to side not top to down, curls?) and sticks it into the tube which he then uses a long thin tool to stick it down the tube.

Hannibal then carefully removes the tube from Will's throat.


Hannibal carefully holds Will's face and then he moves in front of Will to examine him and pats/rubs his face.

Will in present day spits up the food he was chewing.



He sees Abigail's ear in the food. Then it's gone.

Will is heavily panting as this was a PTS flashback and it is very traumatizing.

end scene.

u/Sporkicide · 2 pointsr/HannibalTV

The following list are books from retired members of the FBI Behavioral Science Unit - Jack Crawford's real-life equivalents:

Sexual Homicide - Patterns and Motives

Journey Into Darkness


Anatomy of Motive

Whoever Fights Monsters

Dark Dreams

All of them go into detail in describing how cases were analyzed to develop profiles of unknown killers, the different categories of killers, and how the thought processes of a serial killer work. It's not that they are evil incarnate or unpredictable violent beings - there is usually some kind of logic there that makes perfect sense once you realize that they just aren't playing with the same set of rules as everyone else.

If you just want to talk about manipulation:

Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking