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u/ndurgun · 2 pointsr/HealthyFood

I'm certainly not an expert but free range organic local eggs should be quite good for you. I have one a day or every other day.

I recently read a book by Dr. Thomas Cowan called Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor’s Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease. The book puts a lot of ideas about heart health up for question with new research. His goal is to treat the under lying issues, helping people eat properly to reduce health problems. There are some interesting ideas and dietary recommendations.

u/Momma-Says · 1 pointr/HealthyFood

I shall hook you up then (I heart amazon):

shrimp chips. These you fry up yourself, but they are super good! Use very hot oil (I use grapeseed, but you can use your favorite), and they cook really fast, like 3 seconds! Fry just a few at a time unless you have a fancy fryer basket.

dried seaweed. I eat these suckers right out of the package, but you can tear them up and top stuff like noodles or soups with them too.

dried squid. These are addictive, they come in a non-spicy version too.

This stuff probably has a ton of salt and probably msg too, but I'm not allergic to msg and I love the stuff.

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u/AManIsBusy · 1 pointr/HealthyFood

That's basically what I've done in the past, except with hot water. I've had issues getting the stuff to mix, even with hot water, though. Can you get it to dissolve?

I've found that instant coffee, instant milk, and sugar all dissolve better in hot water, so my makeshift solution has been to put in two packets of instant coffee, 3 tablespoons whole milk powder, 1 tablespoon brown sugar, and 8 oz hot water from an electric kettle. Stir that for a bit. Then, add one handful of ice to cool it down. Stir that up. Then, add another handful of ice; this time, this ice shouldn't melt as the coffee will already be cold.

It's not bad, but it requires keeping three ingredients, an electric kettle, time for the water to heat, a toooon of ice (definitely not sustainable anywhere that you don't have an ice maker), and so forth. I am hoping for something that has all that included, so I only need one container of ingredients and ideally don't need to heat the water to get it to mix.

The protein coffee drink that I found is easier to mix and leaves no chunks, and it tastes pretty good without adding anything to it.

This is the first one I tried:

This is the one I'm ordering now:

u/YuchiNutrition · 1 pointr/HealthyFood

Registered Dietitian Here:
Being sober is great! It definitely will help.

In addition, here are four simple steps to lowering blood triglycerides: Step 1: Limit Processed Sugar to 6 Teaspoons
Step 2: Eat the Right Amount of Carbohydrates
Step 3: Consume Oils and Fats in Moderation
Step 4: Have an Adequate Amount of Dietary Fiber

I hope this helps. For more information, please read my latest book:

u/Senior_Destripador · 1 pointr/HealthyFood

Sounds like you two need to spice things up a bit....

If you're not used to them, vegetables can be difficult to adjust to especially if you're used to eating the addicting kinds of sugary and fatty foods out there. That said, even if you do you enjoy veggies, many would agree it can get boring to eat raw veggies all the time. It's a good idea to learn to use oil and spices to dress em up a bit. Something as simple as an all purpose meat rub and a little slippery coconut or olive oil can season a frozen bag of stir fry veggies in as little as 7 minutes. If she is into sweets then you can add a lil sugar to the recipe (many meat rubs will already have it) to make it more palatable for her. You will want to wane off the amount of sugar you add over time, however, as sugar can be a culprit in weight gain, diabeetus, and other undesirable effects.

Nuts. Run to your farmers market and come home with a big bag of these nuts.. They are satiating and require no cooking! You can even have fun with your nuts adding your meat rub.

Garlic salt + avacodo = a quick serving of simple guacamole. You can always add more flavors like vinegar, cilantro, lime, pepper, onion, tomato, hot pepper... If you want to get really healthy with it, you can replace chips with celery sticks. Its quite refreshing.

The Nutribullet can be your friend. It comes with a book of recipients to suit your taste\need. Some argue against making smoothies because it destroys the absorption rate of the food. I would say it is debatable, however. If you replaced the sodas and juices with smoothies made from all real fruit and no added sugar, your health will improve. You can mix vegetables into the smoothie as well.

Ezekiel bread. It's still bread, but it is one of the convenient better choices. Oats and quinoa are some things you can try. These are whole grains. Quinoa is high in fiber and nutrients. There are ways to make this pretty delicious, but I would consider this type of cooking to be next level. Quinoa can be used to make fun stuff like muffins and cookies which would be more nutritious than standard flour.

When you shop for food, look at the ingredients. Avoid food with hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil of any kind. This is a trans fat. They are bad for you.

If you see sugar in the ingredients, try avoid that. I know I am kind of contradicting myself by recommending it in cooking, but that is to bait and switch your wife into eating more veggies and less processed food. Sugar has many names in the ingredients list on food products. If it ends in "-ose", it is a sugar; for example: dextrose, fructose, sucrose, lactose, maltose, etc. Corn syrup, honey and molasses are also sugars to name a few others. As you begin to read the ingredients on all the foods you buy, you will become disappointed with America. Some added sugar here and there is fun and makes food good to eat. However, much of the food available to consume in the states has sugar added. More information on sugar. It's good shit, but you gotta be careful.

But yeah, shes gonna have to learn to eat veggies.

u/curiousbydesign · 1 pointr/HealthyFood

I cannot find the recipe. But in Kenji's "Food Lab" book there is a simple garlic butter recipe. It is great because it is simple and typically we have the items on hand to make. It is quick. And like you, when you need a break from tomato type sauces, it is a great alternative. I searched for the recipe but could not find. Here is a link to the book on Amazon in case you wanted to check it out. [Book](

u/falafel1066 · 2 pointsr/HealthyFood

I just read Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moss and he has a chapter about Todd Putnam (the guy interviewed in the article). Putnam is a former Coke executive who went a South American country to promote Coke products and realized how unethical it all was. So he developed snack packs for baby carrots and is now doing this, taking what he learned from Coca Cola and applying it to healthy foods. Pretty cool stuff. I highly recommend the book.

u/itamarl · 1 pointr/HealthyFood

This is a very good book on the topic:

It's hard to apply everything but it really opens your eyes on the health benefits of healthy eating.

u/KanLe20 · 2 pointsr/HealthyFood

An easy way to judge portion size without worrying about ounces, grams, and other measurement instruments MEATS: size of your palm, VEGETABLES AND FRUITS: size of a tight fist, GRAINS: The size of a tight fist, DAIRY: size of your palm. You can't always trust the servings on your food packaging, they mostly tell you more than you should actually eat.

Check out this link I posted. I read the men's version of this book and it give a good overview on ways to eat healthier and has a chapter on portions and portion size.

I read the men's equivalent and it gave me some really good information.

u/WineNowNLater · 1 pointr/HealthyFood

I like the gold 100 when vanilla ice cream. Pair that with unsweetened almost milk and it tastes like a vanilla milkshake!! I typically do two scoops with a little over a cup of almond milk.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder, Vanilla Ice Cream, 5 Pound

u/Astro_nauts_mum · 1 pointr/HealthyFood

Different diets suit different people and basically, if followed, they will result with you losing excess weight.

The two issues are:

One: if they are restrictive and hard to maintain you are likely to give up, feel that you have failed, and (especially if you eat for comfort) put on all the weight again and more.

Two: even if you do lose your excess weight, they don't set you up for long-term behaviours that will keep you at a healthy weight.

Therefore: Choose whichever diet you think you can keep to, and while you are on it, learn about good nutrition, portion sizes and other information for long term health. Good, basic info here:

I'd recommend this book about losing weight: because it deals with exactly these issues.

Good luck with it!

P.S. Personally, I do 5:2 which, with the addition of cutting out sugar, allowed me to lose 30kg and keep it off, and it helps me maintain the weight as the two light eating days give me a 'reset' while I work on eating 'normally' on the other five days. Info here:

u/glockjs · 2 pointsr/HealthyFood

when im on a health kick i drink amazing grass and the stuff is decent. i've always hated the taste of grass drinks but if you get the lemon lime version and mix it with a packet of the true lemon drink mix its kinda good in a weird way x.O

u/VeryGoodGoodGood · 2 pointsr/HealthyFood

They sell microwaveable containers to put kernels in and it pops wonderfully

u/merway731 · 1 pointr/HealthyFood

Publisher, Rockridge Press, is making digital advance review copies of a renal diet cookbook available for free

More info: Independent publisher of Berkeley, CA is distributing digital advance review copies of Renal Diet Plan & Cookbook by Susan Zogheib, MHS, RD, LDN.