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u/LonesomeObserver · 6 pointsr/Hedgehog

Another male? Aspen is ok though carefresh or better yet (and certainly cheaper in the long run) fleece. You can just go to a Joann's or walmart or any hobby/sewing store and buy some fleece. Toss it in the wash as needed with an extra set in reserve. Cat food is what you should transition him to, high quality. I do blue buffalo cat food personally. It will last you a VERY long time. Hedgehog food is never as good for them as it should be. I will provide some amazon links for things you should probably get, the main one that you should but not quite have to if you have a room in the proper temp range is 72-80 degrees. Please come over to Hedgehogs Anonymous on Facebook request to join, then once you are in simply go to the files and take a look at them. I am a college student myself so I do my best to keep costs low though obviously start up costs will be high but after that its really quite cheap mostly (aside from possible vet visits).

Modular shelving can be the cage and gives him plenty of open room to roam and play around. This is the shelving I personally use and can vouch for. I have a 3x3 grid so 9 sq ft.

Here is the food I get for my Sophie.

Heating set up, again this is only if you need it and can keep the temp in the right range naturally. I dont know where you live so I do not know what your winters are like but if you get temps in the 50s or lower I do recommend it. Another preventative measure is to put the cage a foot or so off the ground, will actually keep your temps a few degrees higher than on the ground. Ceramic Heat Emitter - Use this and NOT a heat light or something for reptiles, they need to have a period of darkness to be naturally awake 12/12 light on/off schedule All that the CHE does is emit heat, no light. Thermostat with a temp probe. Plug the CHE lamp into this and it automatically turns the CHE on and off to keep the temp in the right range. The lamp part to plug the CHE bulb into.

Hide -

Mint Stick (it seems all hedgies love these things lol)

food dishes

These are all the bare essentials aside from a wheel. I and most other people will recommend the Volcano View Hedgehogs bucket wheel or Carolina Storm bucket wheel.

I was just trying to be a thorough as possible without really leaving out anything. Again please join us over at Hedgehogs Anonymous on facebook. Everyone in the group absolutely loves helping everyone with a hedge. Any question that you may have can and will be answered fairly quickly. Most if not all members would recommend getting from a USDA certified breeder just so you know the full medical history of your baby and his parents. Its also generally cheaper as the cost from a breeder is generally around $200 though that depends on the coloring. I am by no means saying do not get him from your pet store you played with him at. I dont like pet stores having hedgehogs just because they are a more sensitive exotic animal that doesnt do well in a retail setting when you have to take care of hundreds of animals at once with high overhead. But if he is behaves well with you now then absolutely get him from there. He looks on the smaller side so hes pretty young.

Again please join us over at Hedgehogs Anonymous. Cant wait to see you and your baby on there. You could potentially take him home today with a cheap bin, simple fleece bolts and food and water dishs from what you have in your house and thatll last until the rest of your supplies are acquired.

u/cbiscut · 1 pointr/Hedgehog

Not to be a jerk, but on the subreddit information bar there is the 'care' section with Basic Care, Example Cages, Diet Basics, and Commercial Food Discussion that should get you started.

You'll want to read through What to expect from your hedgehog and ask your breeder what they use/recommend and where they get it from. If you're going through a pet store you'll likely get little to no information worth having.

For a basic run-down I'd recommend:

  • Non-Pill Fleece

  • A safe cage or Plastic Tote of pretty decent size (discard the lid).

  • A food and water dish Some prefer water bottles, DO NOT GET A SPRING-LOADED BALL STYLE WATER BOTTLE! If you're not sure if it's spring loaded, tilt it back. If the ball rolls down the tube you're good to go.

  • A solid wheel

  • Heat management with Thermostat

  • and an Igloo or other hidey-hole home.

    Please note that these are bare minimums and are the easiest to find, but not necessarily the best options. You might find your hedgie is an explorer and needs a bit more room, or you want to litter train your hedgie and you'll need some litter and a corner pan (please read up as hedgies have their own requirements for litter). You might find your hedgie is a runner and needs a Carolina Storm Wheel. Maybe your hedgie is a digger and fleece isn't going to work out (diggers tend to wreck their cages and flip food bowls if you're using fleece liners). You'll need treats, food, and make sure you have a vet that works with hedgehogs within an acceptable driving distance.

    For my hedgie's room in the winter I use something like this. So I can make sure the room stays at 72 at all times.

    Best of luck to you and your new hedgie. Once you get everything set up they're pretty low-maintenance, but if you don't start out right you'll risk your pet's health in the long run.
u/kenhito · 1 pointr/Hedgehog

This is the problem hedgie I posted about a few days ago. I bought a new, larger enclosure for him and moved him into today. He was a bit grumpy during the move as I had to wake him up for it, but he's loving the cage so far it seems. The blue "ball" at the bottom of the cage is his hide...which he sleeps under. Underneath it is a pet safe Heating Pad to help regulate temperature in that hiding spot. It's designed for small animals so it only gets up to about 100 F or so (just over human body temp) and is under his bedding to keep him directly off of it. It's been enough to keep him warm in his previous enclosure which is nice. The cage is an Amazon Basics Small Animal Cage, Large which is a bit bigger than the previous enclosure. I've got to clean up his wheel and get it mounted for him, but after that he should be more comfortable than he was before. Hopefully this helps his attitude.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Hedgehog

While their domain name is, the organization's true name is the "International Hedgehog Association," a 501c3 charitable organization in the US dedicated to hedgehog welfare.

Please also add a link to the Hedgehog Welfare Society (, an organization dedicated to helping hedgehogs in need.

In addition, the man who runs the largest hedgehog rescue in the country, the Flash and Thelma Memorial Hedgehog Rescue in Divide, Colorado, recently reviewed this care book and recommends it as the best currently available:

u/Charliethehog · 2 pointsr/Hedgehog

Oh boo they don't work for me either, sorry! Try this:

Digital Thermometer

Thermometers/Thermostats that measure a whole room aren't telling you the temperature of your hedgie's tub on the floor! Make sure it's between 70-80 degrees! (Ideal is around 73-77)

CHE Bulb 100-150watts

Non-light emitting heat bulb. Red/Blue/Black bulbs emit light which messes up your hedgie's circadian rhythm. Decide which wattage you want by thinking about how cold it gets where you live and how good your normal house's heating system is. If your house stays relatively the same temperature all year, go with a 100w. If it's especially cold, go with 150w. ALSO depending on how big your set-up is, you might need a second bulb and lamp - I use 2x150w bulbs in Winter for a Sterilite tub set up - It's more efficient than heating the whole room (my house is old!). I also suggest having a spare bulb on hand just in case - you don't want to get stuck if one blows!

Clamp Lamp

This is what your bulb sits in. The clamp means it can be affixed to the side of the cage quite easily - just make sure it's secure and won't fall in and land on your hedgie as they get VERY hot! As with the bulb, if you have a large cage, you might need two. Lots of owners will fashion a cover for their cage with a cooling rack and just rest the lamp on that. - like this:


This is what keeps your hedgie's cage at a relatively even temperature even when it gets colder at night. The clamp lamp/s plug/s into it and it turns them on and off depending how hot the thermostat is set for. When you first set it up (and when there are big weather changes) you will need to use your digital thermometer to make sure the thermostat is adjusted correctly. I have the sensor for the thermometer and thermostat next to each other and not directly under the heating lamp.

u/farijuana · 1 pointr/Hedgehog

im assuming the cage is directly on the floor? i would recommend getting a laser thermometer (theyre actually pretty cheap on amazon) so you can see how cold the floor of the cage really is. If you can, buy or build something that will raise the cage off the floor, which will allow the warmer room air to circulate under the cage. If you can bump up the room temperature too, that would be best. Once a hedgie has attempted to hibernate, they are more likely to again in the future. 74 is only one degree higher than the minimum recommended temperature of 73 so a higher temp (75-78) would definitely be safer.

u/WaulsTexLegion · 3 pointsr/Hedgehog

My wife and I don't use heating pads. We have a dedicated enclosure for our hedgie and use central heat and air coupled with a heater and window unit to keep his temp at around 75°F. That being said, there are passive things you can do to help keep the room warmer. Blackout curtains help keep the room at a more constant temperature. Depending on the size of the room, a heater like this one can help stabilize it too. Heating pads can be useful, but if at all possible, it'll be safer to try and keep the ambient air temperature in the proper range.


Also, depending on what kind of enclosure you're using, you might want to use a ceramic heat emitter with a temperature sensor on it and use a battery operated thermometer to measure temp near hedgie level. We used to have this set up and kept the thermometer on top of Odin's hut so we could get a reading from somewhat higher than where he'd be. Once it's dialed in, the CHE with the temp sensor will keep your hedgie comfy and warm.

u/theorangepopsicle · 2 pointsr/Hedgehog

For me it has been trial and error mostly, you kind of see what they prefer. Very amazing animals and the personality reflects them definitely. I've had Oli for 4 months now and have bought two cages, two wheels, and went through multiple different kinds of bedding.

Cage wise, I started with your first one, and realized shortly after Oli wanted more room.

This was what I have now, and I love it.

Guinea Habitat Plus

Make sure you buy a large wheel, both the saucer spinners and silent spinners work great.

As far as bedding, I like the carefresh recycled cardboard. It's less messy and absorbs. My hedgie prefers the bedding, but that doesn't go for all.

carefresh Complete Natural Paper Bedding for Small Animals, 50 L

I tried a fleece and he wasn't liking that because he had nothing to burrow in. Make sure you have places for your little guy to hide!

u/GreenEggsandHam6 · 1 pointr/Hedgehog

I don't know what kind of cage you have her in, but I ordered one of these dome lamps to sit on the top of the cage with a 100-150 watt bulb and have it hooked up to a temp controller. It works pretty well for what I have set up. I have it set on one side of the cage so he can adjust when he feels like it.

u/CoreyRogerson · 1 pointr/Hedgehog

Just saw this, And here they are incase you ONLY have a phone.

This is THE hedgehog sub-reddit. If you are looking to own a hedgehog, want to trade information, or do a hedgie meet-up, this is the reddit for you!

If you engage in racism or species-ism you will be banned. God loves all of his creatures, but the hedgehog most of all. As is evidenced by him sending his one and only son, Sonic, to save the world from the evil Rebotnik. So play nice.

I want to own a pet hedgehog

What are these cute things?

What to expect from your hedgehog


The Hedgehog Owner's Guide

Hedgehogs (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)

Book reviews


Basic Care

Example Cages

Diet Basics

Commercial Food Discussion


The International Hedgehog Association

Michigan Hedgehog Owners Group


Hedgehog Central Forums

Chins-n-Hedgies Forums


Flash and Thelma Memorial Hedgehog Rescue

Hedgehog Welfare Society

UK Hedgehog Information

St. Tiggywinkle's Wildlife Hospital Hedgehog Info Page

Rochdale Hedgehog Rescue

u/MissAmericka16 · 2 pointsr/Hedgehog

I really like this one. The tarp is super easy to clean and you can add expansions to the cage:
Guinea Habitat Plus Guinea Habitat Plus

u/elevatorwhisperer · 3 pointsr/Hedgehog


I can point you to the CHE setup I am using for my hog.
I use a Zoo Med clamp lamp ($20)
with a 100W CHE bulb ($11)

I have tried a couple of different thermostats. I currently use and recommend the Zilla reptile thermostat ($26). I like this one because (1) it has clear lights indicating when the lamp is on, and (2) the dial has clearly labeled temperatures so you can set it to something like 74 degrees and be happy. My previous themostat didn't have any temperatures labeled on the dial which was incredibly irritating.

Finally, and this is absolutely not necessary, I also use a Zoo Med reptile lamp stand ($20). My hog lives in a plastic sterilite bin and, after reorganizing my living room, I no longer have a good place to clamp the lamp to. The lamp stand allows me to clamp the lamp to the stand where I can easily slide the cage in and out to better access the hog.

Note: I don't know if its only my area, but for some reason Amazon's prices for all of these components are significantly less than all the nearby pet stores (e.g. a CHE bulbs at the two closest brick-and-mortar stores cost $30-$40 vs $11 at amazon)

u/Lisa831 · 1 pointr/Hedgehog

We also use the Yesterday's News litter (and the Purina Beyond cat food, if you haven't got that part sorted out yet, but you would need to slowly transition him from his current food to whatever you are going to give him). We also just keep the wheel in the litter box because Heddie never outgrew pooping while she runs.

You'll definitely want to make sure that you have a heat source all set up, even though it's summer right now. We use a heat lamp that doesn't give off light and regulate it with its own thermostat.

Don't use gloves to pick him up, but you can use some fleece if he's stabbing you. It also wouldn't hurt to put a shirt you've worn in the cage so he can get used to your scent.

The toys you mentioned are fine to have in the cage, but don't leave tubes, just in case he gets stuck. That's better left to playpen time when you're nearby.

u/reveilled · 1 pointr/Hedgehog

I would like to help. I've started going through HedgehogFan's link and will hopefully have a good list of reading material for people. I found this book to be a decent guide.

I'm decently busy myself, so I completely understand!

u/herbalcoder56 · 1 pointr/Hedgehog

We bought one on amazon that will turn off the lamps at a certain temperature (give or take a specified threshold):

I was also super paranoid about the temperature and got two lamps, which has been really helpful...if only to prevent me from waking up in the middle of the night to check on him those first couple of weeks :) That one has two plugs controlled by one thermometer.

u/_whimsybird · 1 pointr/Hedgehog

Embedding links: I've got this Zilla thermostat that works very well, along with this dome and I believe I've used this brand of CHE. Hope that helps get you started!

u/Soceral · 1 pointr/Hedgehog

Zilla 11931 8-1/2-Inch Reflector Dome For Up to 150-Watt Bulbs, Silver

These are links to the best heat to use the lightbulb comes with a thermometer and the thermostat connects to the light allowing you to set the temperature. ( If you're just interested in the thermostat it's the last link!)

u/lVipples · 4 pointsr/Hedgehog

Hello! We have a C&C (similar to a hamster cage) cage and these are the products we use to keep it warm:


thermometer/switch that will click on and off to keep the temperature from getting to high or low

Ceramic heat emitter

Porcelain clamp lamp

You should also pick up a temperature gun because the thermometer switch isn't that accurate. Also, because the switch isn't great you may find yourself needing to adjust it every so often, but that isn't too big of a deal.

Depending on the size of your cage you may need to double this set up (we do for our 8 sq ft cage).

I would imagine that an aquarium may get to hot/not provide enough ventilation, but can't say for sure because I've never used one. It may also not provide enough square footage, but not sure about that either.

Also, be sure to check out /u/VolcanoView 's page on hedgehog care to get more info about temperature.

You should try to get this issue resolved immediately as you do not want your hedgehog to try to hibernate. See the section on hibernation in the link above.

u/remembertosmilebot · 1 pointr/Hedgehog

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:

heat lamp




Never forget to smile again | ^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly bot

u/VolcanoView · 5 pointsr/Hedgehog

Dry, flaky skin during winter is completely normal. The best thing for it, in my experience, is a topical spray called Humilac. I've used it as a bit of a "miracle cure" for some really terrible cases of dry skin. Daily use for when dry skin is present, and you can also use it once or twice a week as a preventative.

u/nonetoobright · 2 pointsr/Hedgehog

I have a few of the below bowls in the small size and definitely recommend them. They're $3 and have a lower lip on one side so my hedgie can easily access the goods


u/JLMc80 · 1 pointr/Hedgehog

The 8.5 " is likely too small to run comfortably for a growing hedgie as the spoke in the middle of this model makes them arch their back. I had the smaller one, too, but then got this one:
Kaytee Chinchilla Giant Comfort Exercise Wheel, Colors Vary

It's a 12" diameter and stands about 14" tall when on the base but can also be attached to a cage.

u/PingPing88 · 5 pointsr/Hedgehog

I know stuff! I'm surprised no one has responded in the last 3 hours, the wheels are really popular. I got one to replace my silent spinner because the silent spinner wasn't so silent.

Carolina Storm Wheel

Fence, I ordered 2 myself for a large play area

u/jrdbrr · 2 pointsr/Hedgehog

This is what I'm rolling with. Hard to find space for it. Aspen bedding and carefresh aren't recommended as it can get stuck in the hedgehog's "plumbing" and cause infections. Its easiest to get fleece blankets like these at Ikea:

Some people make pads out of them fit for the cage, a blanket folded with padding sewn in.

u/CincinnatiCobra · 1 pointr/Hedgehog

I wasn't sure about that wheel even though it was listed as a viable option on the list I was using. It does seem like it would take up more space in the habitat than a Comfort Wheel (this right?).

u/ravens_s · 2 pointsr/Hedgehog

Amazon! I have two, and they link together to make a bigger space since I have two hogs. click here

u/im_actual_trash · 2 pointsr/Hedgehog

I’m gonna advise against terrariums. Unless you live in a place that has very low humidity, and you’re house stays below 80, you’ll need a cage. Terrariums trap humidity, create a hot environment, and hold ammonia, all of which are bad for hedgehogs. Also if you went the terrarium route, you would be needing a 40 gallon breeder or a 55 gallon.
If you’re a little more handy, you could build a wooden Vivarium, and have large, hinged doors. Or you could assemble a c and c cage too. There are also some store bought cages the are pretty good.

South west guinea pig cage

Amazon basics pet habitat (large or jumbo)

Kaytee my first pet home

u/cooldeadpunk · 2 pointsr/Hedgehog

Here but I dont recommend it for any long term cage. Everyone ive talked to including myself has had there hedgies escape

u/Astrumerus · 2 pointsr/Hedgehog

Prevue Pet Products Multi-Color Small Pet Playpen 40090

This is a playpen that I have. I bought two of them and it's a decent amount of space for my hedgie to run around in

u/Sam2342 · 1 pointr/Hedgehog

This is her cage: Midwest Expandable Guinea Habitat -
I just had the lamp on for 30 minutes and it was really warm...

u/MacOnAnon · 1 pointr/Hedgehog

Century Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Controller for Seed Germination, Reptiles and Brewing, 40-108°F

This is the thermostat we use to control the heat, we have it connected to a regular ceramic heat lamp

u/Splatini · 2 pointsr/Hedgehog

You need the CHE on a thermostat not a timer. Something like this

Note that I haven't used this exact one, so can't speak on its quality. The wattage just depends on how big of an area it needs to heat and by how much.

u/cakemix · 1 pointr/Hedgehog

Here's what I have in my 28"x28" C&C set up:

8.5" clamp lamp dome

100 watt ceramic infrared heat emitter

Thermostat (It's for reptiles, so I keep it on the very lowest setting for about 75 degrees. I also have a separate thermometer in her cage to make sure.

u/ninsianna · 5 pointsr/Hedgehog

For us lazy folks, here's a link straight to amazon with an 8oz bottle available via prime for $12.

Also, if you haven't signed up for give it a go. A portion of your purchases goes to the charity of your choice. (a very small portion, but it's something. It is by no means a sufficient enough portion to substitute for any other donations you are already making, but I gotta think every little tiny bit helps.)