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u/tullabulla1 · 1 pointr/Hedgehogs

Congrats on you new hedgie. I got my first 2 weeks ago. Do some research on your google but here are some of my first impressions and helping ease my Noodles into her new home.

Mealworms are the key to any hedgies heart. Not super mealworms though. These are a nice treat to greet them with on a spoon when you want to take them out. She also loves broccoli but hates apples. Research good foods, go to the store, it is trial and error.

Noodles was pretty shook up when my boyfriend brought her home as a surprise gift. So I set up her cage, food, water, etc and let her chill for 24 hours while she got used to my home. I also keep a thin fleece blanket on her cage except against the wall for fresh air.

To help cut costs I cut the sleeves off some old sweatshirts for her to snuggle in. I keep them on rotation and having 5 or 6 at a time allows for her to get a clean one about 2 times a week.

I found that she likes the Ware Flying Saucer more than a normal wheel. It is a solid base with no holes for toes to get caught in. Go ahead and buy the big one, you will need it.

Probably the most interesting thing I do is when I take her out I put her in the "poop box". I do this so it helps keep the cage bedding clean and so she does not mess on me. It is a high sided plastic container and I line it with paper towels. Makes for easy cleaning and I disinfect with a little Dial hand soap. There is nothing in there for her to hide and and it usually takes her about 10 mins to wake up and do her business. Then its time for for some snuggles... well more pokes, but we are getting there.

Edit: Forgot to mention when I get her out I turn off overhead lighting and fans. I didn't do this the first week and I have seen an improvement in her grumpiness now that I have started making things a little more relaxing for her.

u/subvrsve · 2 pointsr/Hedgehogs

Ours super love to run on their wheels (they are like this type ). And for bedding, we use corn cob bedding. It's supposedly very good for them because it does not have dust and is therefore better for their noses:). Do you think yours would be allergic to that?

u/OdysseusX · 1 pointr/Hedgehogs

So I found an official Nintendo pipe ( that I'll use as a snuggle sack for now. It's small. But I'm gonna commission this German lady on etsy to make a bigger one like it. Cause omg. How adorable is that idea. Him going in and out of the pipe like a little Mario or even like some of the spiky enemies hehe.

Also I spent all day looking at snuggle sacks. Thanks. I got no work done today. Way too much time just looking at stuff going oh that's cute.

u/twoscoopsineverybox · 3 pointsr/Hedgehogs

I got this one for my hedgie and she loves it. The fabric is nice and thick so it doesn't tear or pull on her nails and quills. She pretty much exclusively sleeps in this and ignores all her other beds/hides.

u/fl3abag · 1 pointr/Hedgehogs

You can get a thermally controlled outlet like this

There are cheaper ones but I'm on mobile now

u/Leedstc · 1 pointr/Hedgehogs

They need a wheel in their tank to run in which MUST be a closed face wheel, not the open wire mesh type.

That's the one we got, the 30.5cm version and he runs on it all the time.