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u/monsterpupper · 1 pointr/HerOneBag

Thank you so, so much. This is all SO helpful.

I found this in my online research, written by a woman who apparently lived there for a while. Putting what she says together with your insights really helped me finally grasp what I think I need to be wearing (please let me know if you think I’ve misinterpreted anything here):

  • not only does my bottom need to be covered, but my crotch in the front as well. We should be pretending that part of my body doesn’t exist.

  • the scarf is for hiding any evidence of boobs

  • covering arms and legs is for the purpose of desexualizing me as much as possible. Same with neckline. I am an object of temptation to men and the more invisible I am in that regard, the happier I’ll be.

  • leggings are fine as long as they cover my calves and my crotch/butt is covered

    I forgot to mention: the family were staying with is considered part of the socioeconomic “1%”. I will DEFINITELY bring a gift - I’m glad you said that because it wasn’t on my radar. I’ll ask my friend (lives here, from there) what’s appropriate. I know I will be fitted for wedding attire upon arrival. Is there any significant difference in dress that you know of that might be applicable if I am going to be with a family of high stature there?

    I looked around amazon and found some very plain, simple linen/cotton kurtis that I think I could wear over leggings and reuse at home as beach cover-ups and such. Does that sound like a good plan? Something like this or this ? Then I’ll follow the hosts’ lead on what I should buy there.

    Same with the kiddo: I’m having trouble finding kids’ kurtis, but I’m sure I can at least find a couple of maxi dresses she can wear with leggings until we shop for something local for her.

    Sturdy sandals, nothing expensive, preferably with a bit of platform: do I need to avoid leather?

    I can’t thank you enough for all your help and guidance. You’re a godsend. My friend here whose family were staying with there is an amazing friend and man, but he’s a MAN and also he has ADD (not hating, everyone in my family, myself included, does, too, so I’m just highly aware of the potential communication breakdowns), so I don’t trust his awareness of these issues and his recall of what he has and hasn’t told me about.
u/nekkyo · 1 pointr/HerOneBag

I sort of found the right bra. I got the Calvin Klein Lightly Lined Demi. It's not quite a pushup, and the padding is fairly thin. You can see it's a foamy translucent material. You can certainly tell if I'm cold while I'm wearing it if I don't wear a thicker top. I first tried wearing it with Dimrs underneath, but found that to be very uncomfortable. The bra by itself was very comfortable, and the underwire definitely gave me the support and definition I wanted. It's almost perfect. I wish it had push-up padding, but for a travel bra it is great. I even bought it in black for significantly cheaper at Century21 in NYC during a short trip. It dries in about 2-3 hours after washing too, which is great.

The Ibex Balance Brief is great! I took two on a two week trip, and didn't have any problems. I'll get a third for next trip so I don't feel as pressured to get home and wash at the end of the night if I have a lot going on any specific day.

u/sassy-blue · 8 pointsr/HerOneBag

Subscribing for other tips. I travel a bit for work so here are some tricks I use:

Pack a travel microfiber towel-you can get these hand towel sized and they do a wonderful job drying my hair. You might run into issues with size if your hair is super long (mine is just past shoulder length and this towel gets me by). and they dry super fast and pack small.

You can buy a collapsible travel diffuser. I love this one and use it for both home and travel. It collapses up well and is lightweight.

When my hair routine once required more products than I currently use, I would actually mix them in travel containers in the ratio I applied them to my hair. It reduced the number of containers needed. (i.e. 2 different kinds of gels or a gel and a cream). It got me by on trips, not but wasn't ideal for everyday.

Look into 1 oz travel containers like this set:

Also I've found that TSA approved clear bags pack more stuff better than a ziplock quart bag.

I use ACV for other skin care needs, so I pack a 3 oz bottle which can double as a cleansing agent when I'm on the go. This was I can get by without my deva curl build up buster for a week or two.

If you are looking to save space on liquids, look into leaving other non-hair products at home (hotel shower gel works just fine) or investing in solid bars for other products (face wash and body soap).

A silk scarf that can be used at night and double as an accessory during the day.

u/retropanties · 3 pointsr/HerOneBag

Shoes are my biggest issue too! I don’t know why but i always CONVINCE myself that I need more pairs than I actually do. I’m packing for a year long trip rn and I have about 6 pairs 😅 All brown too, I know I need to narrow it down.
I do minimal make up every day so I have supplies for that.

I don’t carry foam rollers anymore, but back when I curled my hair overnight more often I used these soft curlers that didn’t take up a lot of room. I travelled frequently with those and a bonnet (lol)

Circle skirts & boat neck tops sound like an amazing and really standard “uniform” that you can play around a lot with. I think it’s a way to wear vintage in a very simple and timeless style. Would love to see a packing layout when you’re finished with everything!

u/JjlfDVM · 1 pointr/HerOneBag

A little late to the game but my favorite bag (for travel and everyday) is the Ogio Brooklyn bag.

I’ve had this bag (in black) for over three years and have taken it on multiple international trips (India, Europe, New Zealand) and use it at home and it’s still in great shape. I usually carry it as my personal item (in addition to my one bag) but it packs down easily into a onebag if you wanted to.

I call this bag my “Magic bag”because it seems to hold just about anything I want it to and not look overfilled. All at one time i have carried a water bottle, iPad (or a small laptop), Nintendo switch in its case, iPhone, charging cables, pen, wallet, snack, and possibly a light sweater or umbrella depending on their size.

I also like that it is fashionably versatile -can easily be taken on a hike or to a restaurant as is.

u/buythepotion · 2 pointsr/HerOneBag

I have this soft sided case - this is a similar one.

I really love mine, it’s soft so it squishes down pretty nicely. I keep smaller or more delicate items in the little *velcro pockets and larger/sturdier items in the main compartment. I’ve had mine over 5 years and it holds up really well.

Edit: a word

u/frenchpressgirl · 1 pointr/HerOneBag

I take public transit to the office and am typically out of the house for 11 hours on weekdays.

Dagne Dover Legend Tote, black

  • 16-oz screw-top thermos, black -- I make coffee at home and drink it once I get to work

  • collapsible 1L water bottle -- empty, I fill it when I get to work

  • breakfast: always 2 hardboiled eggs and 2 wedges Laughing Cow cheese in a small container

  • lunch, usually in divided container

  • plastic fork and knife -- I have dishes/cutlery at work but this is for days I'm not at the office

  • keys

  • sunglasses (prescription) in case with cleaning cloth

  • work badge

  • phone with pocket holding subway pass/driver's license

  • Bluetooth over-ear headphones

  • iPad (mostly used for reading on my commute/lunch break)

  • quick-grab mini toiletries: Burt's Bees chapstick, lavender hand lotion, hand sanitizer, sunscreen stick, tissues

  • zip pouch: credit/membership/insurance cards, tweezers, nail clippers, nail file, Tide pen, ibuprofen, checks

  • pen

  • small notebook
u/catupgrade · 2 pointsr/HerOneBag

I love these:

I'm taking two small ones on a trip this winter and they're great because they take up hardly any space on their own and they pack tighter than cubes or space bags. I think I fit 4 or 5 sweaters and a down jacket in one small bag.

u/j-o2 · 1 pointr/HerOneBag

Speedo is hands down the best, no frills suits. It caters to athletes. This is my fav

Speedo Women's Powerflex...

u/ScrewTheAverage · 5 pointsr/HerOneBag

We use a Mini Brush from The Body Shop and have been very happy with it (size, weight, cost, etc.).

We considered a lot of different types like foldable, pop-pop, etc., but ultimately picked this one because we felt it would hold up well longterm.

u/Juggernauticall · 1 pointr/HerOneBag

This is the hairdryer I bought earlier this year. It's tiny, dual voltage, and works great. I've used it all throughout Europe and the US and it works really well considering the size. It was $10 when I bought it but it's $15 now. Still not a bad deal, though.

u/eclair_via_foe · 6 pointsr/HerOneBag

The small soap box fits an entire Ethique bar, it might just squish the edges a bit. I'm using this exact set up so I know it fits!

ZaH Macarons Soap Box Packaging Soap Holder Soap Travel Case for Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower, Hand Soap and Small Towel (Small, Sky Blue)

u/nc63146 · 4 pointsr/HerOneBag

I know the square ones probably pack easier and are more reliable, but now I really want the little "Frequently bought together" fish and pig shaped bottles!

u/_CoachMcGuirk · 14 pointsr/HerOneBag

Or, a trio of Salux cloths for under $12 that can be machine washed and are so obscenely big you can cut them in half and they're totally still usable. Fantastic for both home use and travel. I've had mine for almost 4 years.