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u/xandarg · 1 pointr/HerbGrow

> My grow space is 3x2x3 just fyi

Ya, it def looked bigger than my cabinet, so I figured you'd benefit from a bit more veg to increase final yields (especially with plants that seem indica dominant, so won't stretch much).

>lots of little shoots all over the sides

Ya, that's from not LSTing vigorously enough. If the main top never is pushed completely below the vertical level of the side branches, the side branches will never become dominant. Also, those plants just look genetically short and stocky with short side branches, so they'd need extra vigorous LST, and next time around you should probably top them. They look perfect for topping. Like this one.. He's going for something like LBH's4-way LST, which is great for stocky plants that are hard with LST alone. Your plants look ideal for this method (but it's too late, so just good info for the next run!)

> How much did you end up with after your first grow?

Lol, I never put it on a scale. Once the dry/cure is done, it's all in various jars and I'm too lazy to pull it all out, put the jar on the scale, tare, then put it all back in!! But anyway, my first grow was in a closet, HSO Blue Dream, LST a bunch, 96w T5, ~100w of CFL side lighting maybe? I think I got maybe 2-3 oz, and it was maybe 3 feet tall. For my cabinet, here's a plant starting flower, here's that plant near harvest, and here's the harvest. As you can see, I could have easily vegged a bit longer and increased yield a bunch, but needed some new bud for my stash asap! :) So I appreciate the need for speed sometimes haha.

> I'd love to get a 2x4 sunblaze

Ah, I think that's what I've been using! Well, same deal, but different brand. Works well, but I'm def happy to be upgrading to a 400w HID tent in January :) The crazy pics of really fat colas we see posted just don't seem possible under CLFs/T5s unfortunately ;_; sadness

u/Endall · 3 pointsr/HerbGrow

Sounds like its shaping up to be a sweet garden. Sea of green methods definitely kick butt, especially combined with ebb and flow? Once that is dialed in you'll get some beast crops. Yeah if you can get what you need with panda film and save space not making walls then that would be good. My garden uses dry wall but i've seen some pretty sturdy and quality panda film spaces.

Having a door is nice! You don't want a flap but does that mean you don't want a zipper door in the panda film?

u/HerbLion · 3 pointsr/HerbGrow

Nice! Interesting link. I have some of this that works well too. I like gloves, that way if I have to make a sandwich or itch my ballz mid-trim I can just take off the gloves real quick. Haha.



u/no-mad · 0 pointsr/HerbGrow

Color was wrong but LEDs can put out plenty UV which can burn plants.
10pcs 1W 3W 365nm UV LED Ultraviolet . Op describes classic case of sunburn/transplant shock.

The spydrX a full spectrum light it goes 400-780nm. Some where in that light spectrum the plants are being burned.

I am talking about "floating row covers" not shade cloth. I have used floating row covers for many years covering transplanted outdoor crops. With excellent results. It does lower light levels ~10% which is perfect for this application. You can double or triple it if you need to.

Not everyone can just raise their lights indoors. I am not suggesting floating row covers for the entire grow. Just create a beneficial micro-climate for a week two to recover and adjust to their new environment.

u/LEDtrees · 5 pointsr/HerbGrow

I wish I had more details on the strain. The seeds are from a friend who has been growing outdoors for probably a decade. He originally planted pure strains of afghani and blueberry and has just been growing with the seeds they've been producing for years without tracking who pollenated who, so it's kind of a grab bag on how much of each are in these ladies.

My DIY chiller...I'll start off saying I was using frozen water bottles once I got into flower to keep my temps down, and it was just a horrible experience. Changing them 2 - 3 times day (if I could), jostling my res lid up and down to put them in, temps are up and down, etc. PITA. I really wanted to just buy a chiller at that point, but I couldn't justify the cost for a 3'x3' tent. So I bought a stainless steel wort chiller used in home brewing and ran the tubing into a 5 gallon cooler you can pick up for $20. Dropped a 185 GPH water pump in the bottom of the cooler (my left over pump from using a top feed in veg) and the wort chiller in my res. I keep 2 or 3 frozen 2 liter bottles in the cooler. With the wort chiller circulating in my res, the temps dropped from 74 to 65 in probably 20 minutes or less. It works so good at pulling the heat out of my res I decided to get a temp controller to turn the water pump on and off. I wired a Ranco ETC temperature controller into the mix and set the temps for 64 - 67 degrees. Pump circulates once the temps hit 67 and shut off at 64. The frozen 2 liters keeps the water cold enough to stay in range for 2 - 3 days before swapping out new ones. Granted a real mechanical chiller is set and forget, but for a rough total of $150 I'm pretty satisfied with what I put together. Plus a chiller uses 200-300 watts of power and still requires a pump, so I'm able to cut that cost out as well.

EDIT: Here's a (bad) picture where you can just see the top of the wort chiller coming out of my res. I cut a slit in some paper plates to slide the chiller tubing through to cover the hole. The cooler sites just outside of the tent.

u/WiseGuy44 · 1 pointr/HerbGrow

Cool tricks I use:

Use a cheap pop-up laundry basket for a cheap drying rack you can buy any where.

These racks are my solution to getting pots off the ground. They stretch across my 4ft tents and hold up 5gal Smart-pots. 3 of them will cover the base of a 4x4. Super Sturdy & I really like how it looks.

u/Lawnmover_Man · 3 pointsr/HerbGrow

It works reasonable well, but it isn't completely free of issues. The focus wheel is kinda janky, the focus depth could be better, but it gets the job done. When you move the material to the left, it will move in the viewer to the right. Kinda weird, but one gets used to it.

Bottom line: There are better ones, but this thing gets the job done.

(German Link)

u/bone_mode · 2 pointsr/HerbGrow

man welcome to the club. I'm, hopefully, coming out of this problem. if it weren't for bubble bags, i feel like i would have lost most of my last harvest crop to spider mites.

im a big fan of dunking plants in a 5 gallon bucket of water and [] (pyrethrum dust), neem, and all sorts of folaiars, neem, alcohol, soap, water; safer soap; different extract blends; pyrethrum in water; etc.


a few grows ago, i asked a hydro store if they had avid and they sold me some under the table. that was killer. i never noticed a difference, and the latest i sprayed was at the flip to 12-12. but i ran out, and hoped to keep everything safer.

i've used bombs. but by the time i consider bombs, it was too late. that's just me. maybe you move quicker.

if your in flower, i'd say run it till the plants die, make ice hash, bleach your tent and be try to keep a ipm preventative schedule. that's literally what I'm in the middle of. with the ipm, i do good, but when i do good, i lose vigilance, and get nets again. its a constant battle.

u/leo-theleopard · 1 pointr/HerbGrow

My buddy has a few of these in a 2x4 currently. It’s neither of the two you listed,
but it puts out 103w and has a good spectrum.

Here is a pic he sent me of his plants with the light I linked. It’s a solid light for the price.

u/harmenj · 1 pointr/HerbGrow

Well, you where lucky in your choice then. I had mold on my harvest while my humidity meter said it was 60%. It turned out to even point at 60% while put in a wet towel (where it should read 95-100%). I found a lot of stories how much consumer humidity meters are inaccurate, ranging from 5% off to 25% off.

On amazon you can buy the xikar for 19$

u/The_Troll_Gull · 3 pointsr/HerbGrow

Yes true.. Cheap pH pens are worthless and break fast. I am getting this monitor

u/bacon_flavored · 1 pointr/HerbGrow

I would buy ph up and ph down as well as some hydrion test strips (the ones that run from like 5.5 to 8 not the larger range). Use them to adjust the water after nutes are added, or if not adding nutes just adjust the water by itself (adding nutes to water affects ph so you want to adjust after, not before, adding them).

Your target range for soil should be 6.6.

6.4 or 6.8 is acceptable as well but no higher or lower if possible.

u/SuperAngryGuy · 2 pointsr/HerbGrow

Just a heads up. Cloning outdoor plants for indoor use is a major no-go due to the likelihood of a spider mite infestation. Even moving outdoor plants indoors can be problematic since spider mite eggs can live for about 4 weeks in a carpet. Once a plant is outside it should stay outside if possible.

Get this book- it will have about all the information you need.