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u/dividezero · 1 pointr/HighQualityGifs

people will have their problems with these but they are good additions or jumping off points for further research.

A People's History of the World

A People's History of the US - I don't remember if this book talks about Latin American relations specifically but it would be hard to tell this story without at least talking about it tangentially.

(i thought there was one for latin america but I'm not finding one in that series but if there is one, pick that up)

and of course pretty much anything by Chomsky, especially:

Manufacturing Consent

Caution: this is not only a long book but a DENSE one as well. Noam is not known as a storyteller. This book is no different. Every sentence is packed with gravity. It's looking specifically at the media's relationship with the US's relationship with Latin America but that's a good lens to go at that field of study.

In most of his work he focuses a lot on the Monroe Doctrine and its aftermath so you can pick up almost any of his work and you'll get some of it. Especially the earlier stuff.

u/frillytotes · 2 pointsr/HighQualityGifs

> You are aware that the book you're citing, Fertility: Assessment and Treatment for People with Fertility Problems, is literally about reproductive problems that may limit one's chances of reproducing( fertility problems), right?

You're aware that the statistic I was quoting referred to couples without fertility problems, right?

> its findings are inapplicable to my comments that couples without any reproductive problems shouldn't be surprised with pregnancy if they don't prevent it by using various forms of birth control

What you actually said was, regarding pregnacy, "the success rate is close to 100% in the absence of reproductive complications on either party". This is false. You then went on to say "Even if it is not planned, having intercourse without birth control when the two people involved have no health problems that could jeopardize the process can only lead to pregnancy". This is also false.

I gave you a chance to back up but you decided to dig your heels in and embarrass yourself further. Before you reply again, I recommend you educate yourself about basic biology. You can start by ordering this book and making sure you understand it. Happy reading!

u/MrMallow · 6 pointsr/HighQualityGifs

If you really are interested there is a follow up book about it. I believe the books are still considered cannon. It has mixed reviews on Amazon but its a decent read, not the best Trek novel but certainly not the worst.

u/watchinggodbleed · 8 pointsr/HighQualityGifs

Here's the full movie this is from. Just found and watched it after seeing this part. It's pretty excellent.

u/SpaissOwl · 3 pointsr/HighQualityGifs

We've only been able to convert one person in our immediate circle of friends. And the guy's wife won't even use it. My mother screamed when she tried it at my house, which was at least entertaining... ;)

This is the one we have. Luxe Bidet Attachment on Amazon

u/centexAwesome · 1 pointr/HighQualityGifs

Well, it is a minnow seine and that is what it looks like they caught.

u/emefluence · 0 pointsr/HighQualityGifs

Read a book, this one is good...

There were early experiments in packet switched networking throughout the 70s and a growth of packet switched networks in industry and academia throughout the 80s BUT they weren't federated into "The Internet" until 1991 and even then there was pretty much zero public awareness of it til 1994/1995. So it IS absolutely crazy to suggest a scientist talking about it, especially the way this clip talks about it, in 1978/79 which is when Cosmos was made.

u/MakeYouAGif · 19 pointsr/HighQualityGifs

He played rugby. He was very agile for the size he was.

The book about his life is really good

u/Travels4Work · 119 pointsr/HighQualityGifs

If you can turn a wrench and tape some threads, a bidet will change your life. Never again will you make a thousand smearing wipes that still result in skidmarks. You just pat dry and walk away clean.

The only problem is that you'll never want to poop away from home again.

u/helpnxt · 2 pointsr/HighQualityGifs

So Jacob Rees Mogg's farther wrote "Blood in the Streets: Investment Profits in a World Gone Mad"

And here is Farage beaming at the pound drop, sorry he wasn't doing thumbs up my mistake

Added point is here is a video from bloomberg explaining how dodgy Farage and Brexit election is

The problem is it is very hard to cut through the 20+ years of anti EU propaganda the shit rags like the Mail and Sun have been pushing hard with, here's that list

u/notaneggspert · 2 pointsr/HighQualityGifs

Does anyone have Bill O'Reillys PO box or have a way I can send him a children's book on the moon since this is apparently either too hard to understand or has to be fake news.

I love how in the full interview the next segment is on illegal immigration. Like who saw that coming?

u/Petrichordates · 108 pointsr/HighQualityGifs

On that note check out this comment by u/NChSh:

> Donald Barr is AG William Barr's dad

> Donald Barr was in the OSS, which was the precursor to the CIA

> Donald Barr gave Epstein his first job as a math teacher in an elite, politically connected school, even though Epstein did not have any qualifications or even a college degree.

> Donald Barr wrote a book called Space Relations, about a race of aliens that are so rich they become bored with everything and start a sex slavery ring and are also aroused by fear

Obviously crazy conspiracy theory but damn man. Add in their recruiter Ghislaine Maxwell's Mossad agent father and this is just a wild ride.

u/AsariCalimari · 1 pointr/HighQualityGifs

> And you aren't aware of the administration drugging kids so they are docile and quiet because you chug Breitbart, T_D, and FOX cock

Why can't you people just be polite when debating something with me? I'll bet you've complained at least once before about Donald Trump "ruining our country's reputation by slinging shit and talking bad about people on twitter" that's what you're doing to me right now. Let's have a discussion with some modicum of respect please. I'm not being mean to you. Maybe snarky, but not mean. Okay?

As to what you said, it sounds like you think we live in some Cyberpunk Dystopia where children are ... held in abandoned walmarts? I'd like to see more on that. Can't wait for it to be "children arrested at a walmart before being taken to a government holding cell"

What is the matter with you? Should these children be allowed to enter our country illegally because they are children? why should it matter if they are children? Are you saying that the adults being imprisoned for crossing illegally is acceptable? That's the only reason I can think for why you would only mention children.

I would recommend you read Enrique's Journey it tells the story of a boy named Enrique from Honduras who comes illegally, attempted several times and being deported I think seven times, to the United States to be with his mother. What he endured on the way to the US was 1,000% more horrendous than anything that happened to him when he got closer to the US border. You should be trying to prevent these children from coming here, and to instead lobby support for increasing their quality of life in their countries. They get abducted and put into sex trafficking. Women are raped. Girls have to wear shirts that say "I have AIDS" on them to scare away rapists. Mexican Police are corrupt. It's very bad stuff, and you aren't helping by virtue signalling on reddit, pal.