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u/owls-and-vergubas · 40 pointsr/HobbyDrama

I highly recommend the USA Today app for getting started with crossword puzzles. The app is free, unlike NYT, which is a yearly subscription. The puzzles aren't as difficult, and it has a feature where it will tell you if the letter is wrong right away, which I found really helpful when I was starting out.

I also recommend looking into getting a puzzle book like The NYT Best of the Week Series for Monday or The NYT Light and Easy Crossword Puzzles. With books like these, you have the answers in the back, and there's something nice about working with pen/pencil and paper.

Once you start doing crossword puzzles regularly, you'll learn that there are tricks the constructors use that can help you find the answer. For example, if a clue ends with a question mark, like Friday's clue for 17-Across, Split tickets?, you know it's a play on words or unconventional answer, which in this case is STUBS. If the clue didn't have the question mark, you'd be thinking along the lines of the action of splitting tickets, a more literal interpretation. Also, if the clue is abbreviated in some way, like another example from Friday, 35-Down, Pres. Obama's signature achievement, you know the answer is also abbreviated (ACA, or Affordable Care Act). Another tip: NYT doesn't do it, but a lot of puzzles will let you know how many words are in the answer, which is really helpful.

You'll also start to learn certain words that are used a lot because they help the puzzle "work", like:

  • EPEE, a fencing or dueling blade
  • ESAU, Isaac's son in the Bible
  • ORR, as in Bobby, one of the greatest hockey players ever
  • YSL, the initials of designer Yves Saint Laurent
  • ENE/ESE, shorthand for compass points east north east and east south east

    Obviously I am really into crossword puzzles, and could talk about them longer than anyone would want to listen. I'm so excited that my post has sparked the interest in you, and I wish you many happy hours of puzzling! Feel free to message me if you have other questions or want to know more.
u/MonicaMcCallan · 8 pointsr/HobbyDrama

Oh buddy, I just ready the synopsis for Daugher of Mystery, and it's wild! If you haven't read it, you should check out The Conquest by Yxta Maya Murray. It tells a modern day story of a rare book restorer in Los Angeles while also telling the story in the book she's restoring. Historical romance usually isn't my jam and I write strictly contemporary f/f romance, but this book's stuck with me for a long time.

I was just talking on another post about how different the tropes can be and that f/f tend to be way more sensitive (i.e. cheating is a HUGE dealbreaker, power dynamics, etc.) which can be good and bad. I think due to the problematic nature of past lesbian pulp fiction and the shit show that is lesbian representation on television currently, and lack of lesbian movies (seriously, Marie Claire just published a piece about the lack of queer rom-coms), f/f readers (of whom the majority tend to actually be queer women) still don't have enough of the HEA (happily ever after) or just easy, fun reads that they can come back to again and again without getting lost in drama and angst, especially if you're stuck in a tiny, less than progressive town and don't know a ton of lesbians IRL. I'm going to stop there, but I could write a book about my thoughts on lesbian romance novels.

This was my comment from the other post re: lesbian pulp fiction and what a fucked up world it's been:

> There are few books with happy endings written in the 1950's and 1960's (considered lesbian pulp fiction) because although they weren't censored, the fairly explicit rule was that there could be lesbian sex/romance, but the characters couldn't end up happily ever after, usually one of them killing themselves or deciding to stay in their old life. On top of that, because of the cheaply printed (pulp) paper and the deviant nature of the works, a lot of them were thrown away or burned after reading so as to not be discovered by > anyone.

Regarding the m/m, I 100% agree. Once my books started doing well, I'd creep on the Top LGBT Fiction lists where I was ranked with them. M/M romances were 95% of the top 100 LGBT books (like seriously, outselling the top f/f stories by 10x at least), and I was so surprised at how many were written by women and how most of the reviewers seemed to be (straight) women.

This is the entrepreneur in me, but I'm so shocked when I read amazing fanfic and wonder why the writer doesn't repurpose the story and publish as an original piece. There's some really, really great stuff out there, and I didn't even consider that others probably steal it and profit.

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u/Goo-Bird · 52 pointsr/HobbyDrama

There's a lot of factors in play with the cost. First is that a lot of furries work in IT and make a lot of money. Second is that the furry fandom very strongly believes in paying artists a fair wage. A plushie at Target could be sold for $15, but it was made in a factory in China by people who are paid pennies per hour. The plush that was lost was a one-of-a-kind item, no doubt hand-sewn, and probably took special designing to translate a fursuit design into a small plush. Factor in materials and time spent making it, and that jacks the price up further. Compare to very high-quality plush toys carried by retailers and $300 is pretty industry standard. Here's a moose plush that's over $100. And here's a giraffe that's over $1000.

As an artist myself, I love furries. I know a lot of friends who are able to pay rent making art because furries are so good to the artist community.

u/Foxhound631 · 5 pointsr/HobbyDrama

These are my personal favorites. they're not the cheapest out there, but they perform great and they're still waaaay cheaper than official Nerf darts.

u/SeventhRiddle · 4 pointsr/HobbyDrama

Hah, I guess he just saw an opportunity and didn't know how to handle it gracefully... that said, I think his backers had the right to react badly, and he didn't know how to handle that, either.

Another very beautiful art nouveau deck is the Tarot Mucha! Here are some pics, though they look more washed out than the deck actually is.

u/Nixflyn · 1 pointr/HobbyDrama

Hey OP, if you haven't already, I recommend getting a paintball chronograph to measure dart speed. They're very easy to use and will shut down any arguments they make as to "my gun is just loud" or some such. Safety checking is very fast when using one of these.

I was a paintball ref for 3 years and routinely threw people out for adjusting their markers mid-game.

u/Hufflepuff-puff-pass · 36 pointsr/HobbyDrama

Yes, they hold much better than the rubber ones do so you’re less likely to lose them. I don’t do Disney pins but I do collect pins and have a jacket that’s practically covered. Since I switched to the locking backs I haven’t lost a pin.

Here an example on amazon