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u/_Chemistry_ · 2 pointsr/Hoboken

You might be interested to see how San Francisco addressed street parking. They installed meters that would allow for variable pricing based upon supply and demand. I think this could work in Hoboken, especially along Washington Street, to encourage more short-term parking for the street and encourage people to use garages for long term parking.

Also there's a good book called "The High Cost of Free Parking" by Donald Shoup. There's an excerpt here that people can read.

u/dgsigets · 2 pointsr/Hoboken

If thats your price range I would check craigslist. Go for the good names like Schwinn or even Trek. Grab two locks, a Ulock for the front wheel to the frame and a chain lock for the back wheel and frame to a post. Have gotten wheels, seats, etc stolen off my bike so learned that the hard way.

You may want to do the Hudson bike share for a month or two while saving up for a solid bike. Roads here are torn up so if you ride on cheap tires you'll get a flat on the first day. I bought a Critical Cycles Harper Single Speed as my first for 200.00 on Amazon. Poured 300 on it in maintenance / replacement parts in the last 6 months. The crankset snapped one day while I was up in the saddle and took a hard spill. I'll never cheap out on a bike like that again.

A)Look for a cheap used bike on craigslist and take it to a bike shop to get fixed up.
B)Do the Hudson bike share until you're comfortable spending 500+ on a complete bike.

If I didn't love riding single speed so much, I'd probably drop the money and ride this as my daily commuter. Just look out for the cheap no name brands that try to make their bikes look aesthetically pleasing with cheap parts.

u/0703x · 3 pointsr/Hoboken

Done - look for lightweight tote bags on Amazon. They fold up really small but are really for carrying around smaller/lighter items which works for me for the spur of the moment type shopping. You're still going to need the heavy duty bags for Shop Rite. They are like these -

u/nows · 0 pointsr/Hoboken

Just clean it up. Be an example in your community. With some garden tools, gloves, and a trash bag you can do it in less than 10 mins.

u/LisaS4340 · 2 pointsr/Hoboken

Brita, Pur, and Zero Water are not that great. You need something like this:

u/badquarter · 1 pointr/Hoboken

I'm late but I did the same thing and used these. Albeit I'm in downtown JC.

u/annhogeggplant · 8 pointsr/Hoboken

Not trying to be a dick, but a couple tips to prevent this happening to you in the future and to others:

  1. Don't lock your bike in Hoboken (or any urban area or college campus) with a single $30 bike lock. A lock like that could be used for locking your tire to the frame, but even then I'd be hesitant. The reason is that the only person you are dissuading from stealing your bike with that lock is someone who would take an unlocked bike, but otherwise has no plans to steal a bike. Your bike was probably specifically targeted because of your lock.

  2. Don't lock your bike with all the other bikes right by the PATH station entrance (or anywhere there are a large number of bikes locked up). Locking up your bike for an extended period is not a "safety in numbers" type situation. Lock your bike up a block or 2 away. Somewhere that still has heavy foot traffic but that isn't so crazy (and with so many bikes) that no one will notice someone messing with it.

    Personally, I use two Kryptonite chain locks. In my opinion, a more expensive lock is worth it in comparison to a bike that is worth several hundred dollars. Even if you do opt for a cheap one, I think the brand-recognition even on the ones that are easier to cut might deter thieves from even attempting. I use one for my frame and one tire, and the other to lock the other tire to the frame. When I take my bike down by the PATH station, I lock it up around the corner in front of the TD Bank.

    At any rate, I hope your bike turns up. Make sure you file a report with the police and, as other have mentioned, keep an eye on CL and other P2P sales platforms.