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u/elinordash · 2 pointsr/HomeDecorating

BOOKS!! Ideally, hardcover.

It doesn't have to be the only thing there, but I think shelves like that look best with a decent number of books.

There are a couple of ways to easily and fairly cheaply fill your bookshelves.

If you have kids under age 10, there sets of Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and Boxcar Children books that run about $20 for 5 books. That's a reasonable price and if you have kids, someone will probably read them eventually.

The Strand Bookstore offers a couple of ways to buy a bunch of secondhand books for cheap without having to go through the stacks yourself. There's Books by the foot which offers bargain hardcovers for $15/ft and bargain hardcover fiction for $35/ft.

A lot of etsy and ebay sellers offer bulk books.

And (obviously) you could always go to bookstores yourself.

Your shelves look to narrow for bins, but you could fit magazine files. A row of them can look very nice, if you have a use for them.

Considering your overall color scheme, I would focus on lighter natural colored items. The purple pitcher is hard to see on the shelf and would probably work better elsewhere. I'd change the photos you have now into lighter, slighter bigger, maybe matted frames so they stand out. All the same frame might work best (and you could buy one or two extras for future use)

Possibilities: Chestnut magazine file, Off-white Fjalla magazine file, Puffin in Bloom collection, Barnes and Noble Collectible Editions, Barnes and Noble Classic Hardcovers, Anne of Green Gables set, Christmas Classic set, Nancy Drew Starter Set, Hardy Boys Starter Set, Ivory Mosaic frame, Copper frame, Darjeeling Carved Frame, Raised-Interior Frame, Small Volcanic Ash Vase, Spirit Stem Vase, Brass Duck Bookends, Brass Duck sculpture, Brass Swan Family, Brass Apple Paperweight, MCM plate, Lenox Vase, Lenox Bud Vase, Dragonfly Trinket Box, Florentine Box, Set of 2 Florentine Boxes, Hull Moon Basket, Brass Cricket Box, Pair of Shawnee Vases.

u/lapolista · 5 pointsr/HomeDecorating

Oh man I preach Emily Henderson’s book all over the place but I think it could be really helpful for you. It’s very approachable and helps you identify what you like and how to execute it, and I’ve found it to be one of the best design books out there.

I’d also recommend getting on Pinterest and making different boards for different rooms, and starting to pin things you like. You’ll see some patterns start to emerge, and it’s a great resource IMO.

In the meantime, I’d say have them paint everything a light grey or beige just so you get used to living in the space and get to know your own sense of style and what you want. When you’re more aware of what you’d like your space to look like and what you like, then you can repaint. Paint is cheap so it’s not a big loss.

Congratulations on your first house! How exciting!

u/lilmidjumper · 8 pointsr/HomeDecorating

Your TV is up WAY too high, i would adjust your hanging system to be at least a foot and a half lower than it currently is. You could always get make a TV/bookshelf wall unit to go around it. It covers wires, acts as storage, and fills the space without being in the way. I'd recommend a lighter toned wood color, like a grey or an oaky color. For concealing wires, a big help would already come from lowering your TV, but there are different options such as these

But some people prefer to do the more hole-poking meeting of cutting a hole where the wire starts, and another hole near the outlet. I personally don't recommend that method especially since you're likely going to have studs in the way. But a thin, long tv console could easily cover a majority of the wires that bother you.

A good method for figuring out the size of furniture you want to buy is to outline the area of space you want the piece to take up using blue painters tape. You can easily adjust the dimensions, and you can run it up a wall to figure out height. Step backwards and sit where you normally would to see if you'd be okay with something that long/tall/wide and adjust until happy. Once you've found the basic dimensions you'd be happy with you can go online and start looking.

I personally wouldn't recommend a free hanging console if cords bother you, it won't conceal much. However if you're worried about a large tv console, you could try a few free hanging shelves below for storage, and some nice simple prints on the wall as well.

u/TenDown · 1 pointr/HomeDecorating

Hi! First I’m thinking one or two floating shelves above the sink that would match the one above the stove. Or a shelf/hook duo for pots and pans like this or this.

And for on top of the fridge maybe something like a singular drawer? There are a few options here. Although that might make it a bit stuffed. That space is super tricky! Maybe some basic racks ? Or no rack and you could put cereal, dry pasta, and other loose foods in some jars (like the ones already on your counter) and stick em up there, which would also free up that space on your counter for other things.

It’s a small space, but very cute!! Best of luck to you guys!!

Edit: formatting and more ideas

u/IMIndyJones · 2 pointsr/HomeDecorating

I'm late to the party, but I think this floating shelf would look great in the corner. Having them off the countertop will make it easier to clean, and you won't have to worry about water damaging wooden shelf legs.

With this in mind, I would try something like these sink shelves under each window, if you are planning to keep the plants in that area.

u/val319 · 1 pointr/HomeDecorating

You could definitely go with a nice brighter area rug or something with colors you like. Unique Loom Jardin Collection Colorful Abstract Multi Area Rug (8' 0 x 10' 0) Persian Rugs 6490 Multi Colored 8 x 10 Abstract Modern Area Rug nuLOOM Traditional Waterfall Vintage Abstract Area Rug, 8' x 10', Blue Nourison Celestial Modern Abstract Area Rug, 6'7" x 9'7" (7x10), Sealife Multicolor Grey or go neutral on the rug. I would be inclined to pick a rug with multiple colors I like to mix things up or something neutral like this. nuLOOM Trellis Cozy Soft & Plush Shag Rug, 7' 10" x 10', White

u/HelloWorld5609 · 3 pointsr/HomeDecorating

Feeding a power cord through the wall like that is likely an electrical code violation (US code for sure, but depends on the country). You would need to add another outlet behind the TV (extend the bottom outlet) which is the best long term solution, or you could pick up a kit like this. But this kinda looks like an apartment, so that would kinda make these suggestions useless.

u/Taco_Fiasco · 2 pointsr/HomeDecorating

Awww! Show us the cat please! I have a dog that sheds like crazy too. This thing has worked wonderfully to quickly and easily de-fur my car and furniture:

u/m4gpi · 2 pointsr/HomeDecorating

I was also going to suggest postcards, or images of things you love, like coffee or flowers or shoes - you can cut from magazines. Or pretty wrapping paper. You can also go weird and put in images of Barney the dinosaur or factory smokestacks (for example).

Or add your own art! If you are not even remotely crafty, Anybody can make sunprints!

u/WATOCATOWA · 1 pointr/HomeDecorating

If you own, I’d order one of the in wall kits from Amazon. They’re super easy to install and they make it look so much nicer!

u/Funkydiscohamster · 1 pointr/HomeDecorating

You can't go wrong with a real interior design book. I had [this] ( in my first semester. You can get them cheaper in a second hand bookshop sometimes.

u/DeliriousDreams01 · 6 pointsr/HomeDecorating

You could also buy a longer cord, route the cord horizontally to the door frame and the down along it and then back over to the outlet. You could also buy a kit that would allow you to do the cable through the wall. Like this:

u/WayLandShark · 4 pointsr/HomeDecorating

What about something like this?

Or maybe you can run the hardware across the top of these two walls and install these doors:

If you don't want to spend money, you might be stuck with curtains.

u/Jenjenmi · 5 pointsr/HomeDecorating

Consider using a paintable cable keeper that adheres to the walls. Whatever cables can't be neatly wrapped and tucked out of site, running them in this way down to outlets makes them almost disappear.

Wiremold C110 1-channel CordMate Kit, White

Or maybe find a wall mount shelf that would hold your turn table and put it to the right of your existing shelf? Then you could tuck as many of the cables as possible to the bottom of the shelf and that would help a lot.

Is this one from Ikea big enough for the turntable?

u/ckilgore · 2 pointsr/HomeDecorating

We had the same issue and I got one of these handy guys to hang on the bar.

u/twoslow · 13 pointsr/HomeDecorating

find a space between the studs that doesn't have a firebreak. cut a hole in the drywall behind the TV, cut another hole under the wall unit. fish wires through.


u/bryanvb · 1 pointr/HomeDecorating

First, buy velcro cable ties like this and use them to fold the wires to their shortest. You probably want the large wire bundle end to be at the back of your PC or TV. Then get a cable hiding box like this to hide the strip. Toss the router in a basket with a lid and you should be set (get a plastic one if you're worried about fire).