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u/dzt · 6 pointsr/HomeKit

I have an Ecobee4 thermostat (although Alexa doesn’t work as well for me as I hoped) w/ Ecobee remote sensors mounted in every room. Not only is this great for managing the temp in the house overall, but now I can include temp changes in my automations and geo-fencing.

In addition, although I find them a bit slow to respond when using them as room entry motion sensors, the Ecobee remote sensors are great for automatically turning off the lights when a room is no longer occupied.

I also recently added some non-HomeKit “smarter” switches in my bathroom and laundry room. In the laundry room, I put a simple Lutron (not Caseta) motion sensor switch to auto turn the light on/off when someone comes/goes from the laundry room. Works fantastically, it’s simple, and not too expensive.

In my bathroom, I added three new Lutron (not Caseta) switches.

  • 1 is a dimmer w/ motion sensor... I use it for the ceiling fixture to come on automatically at 50% brightness (if the room is dark enough). It also turns the light off automatically.

  • 1 is a fan controller with a built-in timer. This thing is great. I set it to a 30-minute default countdown when turned on. The time can be adjusted from 5-60 minutes. Double tapping the fan switch turns it on until someone turns it off.

  • 1 is a plain switch to control the vanity mirror light bar. Manual on/off... that’s it.

    The first two of those switches are far more programmable than I thought... reading the instructions really paid off! :)

    The Lutron Claro wall plates are really great as well. They are very clean, simple, and modern looking... and their 2-part design makes it really easy to adjust all your switches for a precision installation (i.e. flush and straight).

    In my bedroom, my bedside lamps are controlled by 1 Lutron Caseta lamp dimmer w/ remote. I use the same style Caseta lamp dimmer for a few other standalone lamps... and even used one to automate (just on/off) my outside LED holiday lights last winter (the dimmability of which was fantastic, as they are normally way too bright).

    In conclusion, before spending a bunch of money, my advice would be to think carefully about how you/others use certain rooms and if a motion detection switch would suffice or if a more complex automation control is needed. Also... do the math. As others have pointed out, one alternative may be way more cost effective over another when you factor in the number of bulbs and/or switches involved.

    One last thing... I am renting a room to a guy who's on a totally different schedule than me and as such, I never knew if he was in his room sleeping or out of the house elsewhere. So... since I had previously added him to my HomeKit household... I use a combination of geofencing with his phone, and the Ecobee motion sensor in his room, to switch on/off a particular lamp when he comes & goes. That way... it's easy for me to know if I need to be quiet, or if I can rock out with my socks out.

    *EDIT: Added a bunch of links and more...
u/r0b0tvampire · 1 pointr/HomeKit

Here are my thoughts:

  • HomeKit is definitely the correct choice for ease of use and privacy
  • plugs are easy to install, can be used for a variety of things, do not require any modification of the home, and doesn't introduce confusion with wall light switches. My recommendations are the Satechi Dual Smart Plug (two- smart outlets that don't block an outlet and monitoring) and the VOCOlinc SmartBar (cheaper and doesn't block an outlet, but only one smart outlet)
  • get smart bulbs if you don't want to mess with wiring. The HUE are probably the best, and the IKEA are probably a more attractive price. Don't get too many color bulbs until you try one. The use of color in bulbs grows old after three days of "coolness". Wi-Fi bulbs will not require a bridge from the manufacturer. HOWEVER, you may want to consider something with bridge (like the HUE or IKEA). The bridge will have better performance due to how HomeKit communications work, and it might be better if you are in an apartment with congested Wi-Fi signals
  • The Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Lamp Dimmeris plugs into your outlet for connecting lamps that you want to dim
  • If you don't mind wiring, (its so easy to do that you could easily remove them when you move out) I highly recommend the Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Dimmer Switch. Rock solid and fast and easy to install. Its the best for lights because you don't have figure out the physical "switch" problem, and anybody can still use the lights in the apartment without having access to HomeKit.
  • An AppleTV for your hub


    That should get you going!
u/justinfanok · 2 pointsr/HomeKit

So my 2 cents would be to go with a combination of Lutron and Hue. I'm very particular and insistent on having the same design language for things like faceplates, switches, appliances etc.

Lutron Caséta switches are quite nice. They work well as everyone has stated, but obviously lack color changing options. This is where Phillips Hue and the Lutron Connected bulb remote come in. Lutron makes a Zigbee pico remote that can control hue lights and can be mounted to look exactly like any other Caséta switch! You Just need the Pico wall bracket.

This seriously was a game-changer for me as it allows for a very dynamic smart home environment. I would use Hue for everything except for the fact that some of my lights (Dining room chandelier and other special light fixtures) don't have a hue bulb in their size or wouldn't look good since they are exposed.

Another really awesome feature if you have Sonos is they have a Sonos pico remote as well! So when I walk into my dining room, I can turn to the faceplate (with all nice looking, standardized switches) Turn on my Caseta dining room chandelier, my Bar lights (hue color strip), and press play on my dining room Sonos!!

No lie, I swapped every single Leviton Z-wave switch out for these. The flexibility of adding 3-ways, and placing switches wherever you want is seriously fantastic and can't recommend it enough.

u/RichardBLine · 2 pointsr/HomeKit

Put a few ethernet taps in every room, including the garage and bathrooms. Place an outlet above the kitchen cabinets so you can plug in any light strips of your choice. Put lights in the kitchen cabinets, so that you can turn them on by a smart switch.

For the garage door opener, this is what I use:

I've had the Schlage Sense for two years and it works great. The batteries really last a year.

Look into buy the Aqara hub on AliExpress:

Once you buy the hub, the door and window sensors are cheaper than any other Homekit sensors and are faster:

They have a curtian controller that's also good:

For shades, Ikea will be releasing their product in April. Lutron Serena shades are also great.

For dimmer switches, look into the iDevices dimmer switches:

They are more expensive than most other homekit dimmers, but are very reliable. They also go on sale often.

There is a Homekit diffuser that's really nice:

Use website Camelcamelcamel to keep track of price drops.

Go to the Homenetworking subreddit: and get advice on the best router for your needs and the best way to hook it up.

u/tannebil · 1 pointr/HomeKit

I stack a Hue switch on top of a switch cover. Not quite as ugly as sin but leaning that way. I have Decora switches so use a cover like this one.

Another option for a more permanent cover is this one.

You could use a smart switch if you wanted to be able to restore power after it was manually turned off but most smart bulbs (including Hue) automatically come on at 100% when power is restored so the user experience isn't great. Plus, in the normal state, turning them on manually takes two presses (off, on).

If local code allows it, you can wire around the switch and only control it with the Hue switches but that means turning off the power to the fixture requires a trip to the breaker box.

So, basically, there are no good solutions. It would be very cool if Hue had a wall switch that integrated a manual override switch with the Hue switch but maybe they don't see a market or it's more complicated than I imagine.

u/Bostonlbi · 6 pointsr/HomeKit

I've got a pretty fun set up in my Sunroom

Lights: some basic string lights, and a couple Ikea MAGNARP lamps plugged into some iHome Smart Plugs, along with Hue Full color bulbs in the ceiling with a Hue Dimmer Switch

The dimmer switch can not control anything but Phillips Hue bulbs but I wanted to use it to set a scene that turned on the string lights and lamps so I set the second press of the dimmer switch to turn the hue lights to a 1% brightness.
From within the Elgato Eve App I set an automation triggered by the Hue lights being set to 1% that turns the lamps and string lights on.


It can get pretty hot in the sunroom in the summer with a lot of activity from booth the people and the cat in the house. So I set up a system with Eve Room Sensor, Eve Door Sensor (used on windows) and iHome Smart Plugs to automate 2 fans set up in windows on opposite sides of the room. The Room sensor tracks the air quality and if it is low the fans will kick on, as long as the windows are open, (tracked by door sensor)
when the quality is good again, the fans turn off automatically, and they don't turn on while the string lights are on, since they are kinda loud.

Unfortunately our AC unit has a NEMA 6-15P plug so its not compatible with HomeKit.

u/TheSurfShack · 5 pointsr/HomeKit

So it’s a double hit with keeping the wife happy.

First, she won’t want you to replace everything you have. That would just be wasteful spending.

To make things easier to start, I would suggest the connected bulb remote from Lutron. If set up correctly you would have on/off as well as dimming control of your hue lights, while they ecstatically keep things looking tidy. (They fit in standard decora wallplates which should do the trick.

Now my general rule of thumb is to prevent “dumb” accessories. Something that can easily lose its power and no longer respond. The only hue light in my house vulnerable to this is the 2 A19 bulbs above my stove. I just always leave the stove light on now as the connected bulb remote is nearby, plus it controls under cabinet hue light strips (thus double benefit).

For long term happy wife / happy life (following not just rule 2, but rule 1: don’t waste money) I would suggest the Lutron Caséta line. They can be configured in 2 pole, 3 pole, and 4 pole (takes creativity). They offer dimming & on/off switches. They also offer Serena shades which use the same hub, and have the same size of remote.

I have friends who say that decora sizing doesn’t matter, but it’s once you add on to your setup with outlet switches, blind control, lights, fans, spotify, etc… that having everything on a single wallplate is super nice.

On a final note. To change colours, I drive via Siri allot. Most of my scenes would have a colour, but if not then a simple “set the kitchen to red” will suffice.

edit: link

u/bdoob3 · 2 pointsr/HomeKit

I have really liked the iHome smart plugs. I even have one for outside lights and they’ve all worked like a charm.

[](iHome ISP6X Wi-FI Smart Plug, Use your voice to control connected devices, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit enabled smart speakers

u/PHPdiddy · 5 pointsr/HomeKit

I have a similar situation. I'm in a house built in 1955 and in the process of replacing switches with a Lutron setup.

One thing I wanted to be clear on is what you mention about a lack of neutral wires. From my understanding (and granted, I'm not an electrician, but have done my fair share of wiring jobs around the house), even houses from the 50s would have neutral wires. I'm wondering if you've confused ground wires with neutral wires. Neutrals are usually white wires while grounds are usually green or bare copper. Again, I know this as I'm in the exact situation. My house has no ground wires in most locations, but neutrals are everywhere as expected.

I only have one switch in the house the controls an outlet, but here's now I tackled it.

u/elementwrx · 1 pointr/HomeKit

I’ve got 2 low voltage transformers to power landscape lights. I’d like to control the lighting via HomeKit and I’m wondering what the most effective way to do that might be.

I was thinking of two options, but open to other ideas...

  • Buy an outdoor smart plug and set the transformer to “always on” - is this iDevices switch my only option? I was hoping for something less expensive.
  • Find a HomeKit compatible landscape light controller

u/omgsus · 2 pointsr/HomeKit

These are the ones I use.

You can set how the voltage variable behaves too. You can set it to on or off or only from off then 30-100 etc.

Take note of the amperage limits.

Edit: for style select the 1000W dimmer version for the high amp dimmer part. Again, have an electrician or someone verify the kind of dimmer you’ll need for the motor on your whole house fan. Technically these switches aren’t for handling those kinds of loads but they might work without catching on fire, best to make sure with a professional. ;)

For a rule o thumb, the 1000w dimmer with 120 volt in your looking at 8ish amps.

Edit2: if random downvote was actually a downvote. Explain.

u/ConanTheBallbearing · 5 pointsr/HomeKit

Here’s a set of two dimmer switches, hub and remotes. No neutral wire required for these so couldn’t be easier to fit

And here’s just the hub and a basic switch. You do need a neutral for the switch

It’s not cheap to get started for sure (mainly due to that bridge) but Caseta, apart from HomeBridge, has been my most solid HomeKit device. The bridge never requires a restart in my experience. I honestly wish I hadn’t invested so much in Hue before I used this.

u/Sternberger · 1 pointr/HomeKit

What makes Nold interesting is the ability to control 2 doors as well as attach a magnetic sensor to let you know the open/close state. This is why I loved the WeMo Maker so much.

If you want an inexpensive garage door opener, use this with a WiFi outlet:

Enclosed AC/DC Power Relay with Protection & De-Bounce. Screw Terminals. 120V Trigge...

u/bloomerang · 1 pointr/HomeKit

Lutron also sells a plug-in lamp dimmer. I have one and it's great (and yes, it has a Pico):

(If you want HomeKit control, you would also need to buy a Lutron Caseta smart bridge if you do not already have one.)

u/bootay6969 · 3 pointsr/HomeKit

Lutron caseta is much simpler than it looks at first. You will need the wireless switch and the wall plate hat matches the number of switches in a location (e.g. a 5-switch install needs 5 switches and 1 5-gang wall plate).

For most people, the switch you want is
LUTRON P-PKG1W-WH Caseta Wireless 600-watt/150-watt Multi-Location In-Wall Dimmer with Pico Remote Control Kit, White

The single gang wall plate is:
Lutron CW-1-WH 1-Gang Claro Wall Plate (1 Pack), White

And you will need one bridge (you can get a bundle of 2 dimmers, 2 picos, and a bridge but that bridge isn't the pro model which you may not need, I got it just in case, but I'm not using any of the additional integration capabilities):
Lutron L-BDGPRO-WH - Smart Bridge Pro

You can also get a plug in dimmer for Lamps which acts as a range extender, and the non-dimmer switch for other devices such as potentially a ceiling fan or lights that just don't need dimming.

Hope that helps!

u/thenewsandwich · 2 pointsr/HomeKit

I picked up the iHome 5-in-1 sensor and I'm doing something similar to this with it, but for temperature. Oddly enough, I have to use the Elgato Eve app to set up the automation. Here's the setup:

-Koogeek wifi smart plug
-iHome sensor
-Eve app
-if the temperature goes below x or above y, turn off/on outlet, respectively

It shows up in the Home app as a really funky automation but it works. Anyways, you might have some luck with the iHome sensor. Oh, it also shows up in the Home app without any work arounds and can be used as a triggering event.

iHome iSS50 5-in-1 Smartmonitor, 24/7 Home monitoring from anywhere

u/eagle101 · 2 pointsr/HomeKit

They are fairly easy to install IF you are comfortable with electricity. They do come with easy to follow instructions.

Here is what you need:

u/laydros · 1 pointr/HomeKit

Caseta has non-dimming switches that work with HomeKit. The more reasonably priced one requires neutral but the hard to find one doesn't. (For some reason it's on Amazon for $58 instead of $70+ as I write this)

These can be used to turn a fan on and off, but not control the fan speed.

I wish there was a Caseta version of this combined controller (for a reasonable price) that can work with one wire to the canopy.

u/not_jimothy · 1 pointr/HomeKit

I assume that it is, but I can't confirm it. Are you in the US? If so, you'd be better buying either of these, which I can confirm are two wire:

Dimmer and Remote


Both are less expensive than the item on eBay, and the first one comes with a Pico remote. I've bought several of each of Amazon. (Lowes and maybe Home Depot also stock these).

u/filmbuff96 · 0 pointsr/HomeKit

You may also want to try the lutron dimmer plug you could set different light levels different periods of the day: 11pm-7am 40%; 7am-10:59 100% etc. you can set two homekit automations for when motion detected and when not detected (turn off) for each time period. I’ve found the hue motion sensor to be very responsive in this scenario, make sure firmware is updated. (needs hub and it’s worth it)

u/lukelmiller · 1 pointr/HomeKit

Vocolinc Flower Bud is fun for a beginner it has both a light and a diffuser all for $50. I recommend it to people who are getting started.
Amazon link here

u/Yashico · 1 pointr/HomeKit

The pico switches I use I pair with Hue bridge then I pair to the lights and they work seamlessly. Now they do not show in HomeKit or in the Hue app but they work as a normal switch would On/off with dimming capabilities.

This is the exact one I use and have about 15 of this throughout my house. They tend to run cheaper on amazon. But they work well with hue bulbs and you do not need a Lutron Hub. They connect wireless to the Hue bulbs. It’s important you pair them to the same signal as the Hue hub to make sure all you Lights and remotes are on the same channel. I had some trial and errors with this, first I didn’t pair them to the Hue hubs channel.

u/lyone2 · 0 pointsr/HomeKit

These? iHome ISP6X Wi-FI Smart Plug , Use your voice to control connected devices, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit enabled smart speakers

u/justinb19 · 3 pointsr/HomeKit

I have two Hunter Signal fans and love them. I have the remote "cradles" next to the swithces and use these covers over the switches so nobody turns them off.Switch covers

u/God_TM · 5 pointsr/HomeKit

I'd recommend the leviton (you'll need a white wire (neutral)): Leviton DH6HD-1BZ 600W Decora Smart Dimmer, Works with Apple HomeKit

No hub or bridge needed. Just wifi.

They also have a non dimming one as well.

u/petemayhem · 2 pointsr/HomeKit

I use a iDevices Outdoor Switch with outdoor globe string lights. It’s beautiful ambiance on my back deck.

u/enz1ey · 0 pointsr/HomeKit

Personally I’ve had great success with this:

The decora style matches all my other switches and is still “normal” enough that anybody knows how to use it right away. No confusing buttons. It also gives a satisfying click before bouncing back to the middle position and has a customizable LED. It even comes with an ivory colored faceplate if you need it.

It doesn’t come with a wireless remote, but isn’t that what HomeKit is for? The last thing I need on my coffee table is another remote anyhow.

u/draegs · 1 pointr/HomeKit

I'd recommend the iDevices brand outdoor plug over the iHome one. I've used both and had much better results with the first one. My iHome plug would frequently drop it's WiFi connection despite only being 10 feet and one sliding patio door away from an access point. I now have an additional iDevices plug located roughly 40 feet from the house and it never has issues.

Just be aware that while the iDevices plug has two outlets, they cannot be controlled separately.

u/D-Smitty · 6 pointsr/HomeKit

Camelcamelcamel says otherwise. The 2 pack is usually $160 on Amazon, just like Home Depot.

u/GoBucks2012 · 2 pointsr/HomeKit

The ceiling fan in our living room is split between two dumb switches right now: fan on the left switch and light on the right switch. I suppose I could swap out the left switch for an iDevices switch to control the fan. Any reason you think that wouldn't work? Is this the one you have?

u/Nouniard · 3 pointsr/HomeKit

Is there an advantage to this over Leviton’s Decora Smart Dimmer that I’m missing? It’s half the price of iDevice’s offering.

u/tskjockey · 1 pointr/HomeKit

I think it's sold out.


EDIT: Looks like it's back!

u/Sharpest_Balloon · 1 pointr/HomeKit

Yup. Otherwise just abandon the mechanical switch and drop a Caseta remote in. Nice thing about the remote is auto 50% (if you want it) and you can program it to turn on extra accessories (hall light or...?) as well.

They look just like switches - you just need one of these Lutron PICO-WBX-ADAPT Pico Wallplate Bracket

u/enoughbutter · 1 pointr/HomeKit

The smart hub is what gives you HomeKit compatibility. Actually I ordered almost the same as the first kit you linked (two switches, two remotes, one hub, except mine came without the remote pedestals and was a bit cheaper) and what they sent me was two separate packages-one had one switch, one remote and the hub, and the other was just a separate package, with the switch and remote, and I believe your second link is what they sent me.

I am going to guess you will get the same one package with the hub, switch and remote, one package with one switch and remote, and one package with two pedestals for the remotes-just a guess :D

It is my understanding that all of the Caseta switches can be seen under HomeKit with the required Caseta Hub.

u/TheKobayashiMoron · 1 pointr/HomeKit

The iDevices switches are on sale at the moment on Amazon. $69 for regular, $62 for dimming.

iDevices Wall Switch - Wifi Smart Light Switch, No Hub Required, Single Pole/3 4-Way Set up, Works with Alexa

iDevices Dimmer Switch - WiFi Smart Dimmer Switch, No Hub Required, Single Pole/3/4-way Set Up, Works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Home

u/coldestdesert · 1 pointr/HomeKit

Don't mean to hijack but I see this as relevant, if I purchased this kit which states it's homekit enabled (

and this switch which has no mention of homekit (

Will the seperate switch work with the hub and all switches would then be homekit compatible? Thanks heaps if you are able to confirm this

u/peteisanidiot · 1 pointr/HomeKit

Had the same problem with family flipping switches so I added these to the switches I wanted to limit manual control over. Not cheap, but not unsightly. You can knock out the corners so the switch behind the plate can be used as normal but with the plate being a reminder to think twice.

Dual Option Wall Switch Guard (3 Pack) Clear Rocker

u/BrettStah · 1 pointr/HomeKit

Leviton has a 3 way switch solution. You need either of their 600W or 1000W “master” switch, along with a less expensive switch remote that is installed in the second location:

One of these two:

Plus one of these:

u/Muawiyaibnabusufyan · 1 pointr/HomeKit

This can help I believe but people have mentioned HomeKit connection is glichy as in it often goes non-responsive

u/krails · 1 pointr/HomeKit

Amazon has the Lutron Caseta on/off switches. For some reason they actually cost more than the dimmers.


u/barkerja · 2 pointsr/HomeKit

Leviton DH1KD-1BZ 1000W Decora Smart with HomeKit Technology Dimmer, no Hub Required

u/smarthome2017 · 1 pointr/HomeKit

I think have narrowed down the problem. It's my idevices switches. These ones:

After unplugging them all everything is back online and working! My network is also responding much faster. Also Plume is now functioning much better. I'll continue to monitor.

u/dylanweber · 2 pointsr/HomeKit

If you just want a switch that turns a fan on/off with no speed control, you can use Lutron Caseta's non-dimming switch. It requires a neutral wire.

u/also_HIM · 3 pointsr/HomeKit

Use a Caseta switch and put Pico remotes at the other location(s). The difference between the normal Caseta dimmer and the dimmer+remote is only $5. Edit: And another $6 for the wall plate bracket, forgot the set doesn't come with one. Edit 2: If you don't need dimming functionality, Nicksatx is right that you can even keep the mechanical switch. You'll probably have to buy the non-dimming on/off switch online because I've never seen one in a store.

u/canada_dry99 · 2 pointsr/HomeKit

Can likely use same wall plate for Lutron Caseta

For Pico remotes you need to get a wall bracket to install in gang box (can use same wall plate)

u/famousxrobot · 4 pointsr/HomeKit

I am using iHome and iDevices. Works with HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant. The iDevices I have gives me power consumption details. Both cost $30.



u/LCSG49 · 2 pointsr/HomeKit

I bought an iDevice timer

That timer is exactly the same one we used to control the pump on an inground pool. It was hardwired to a junction box. I think it may be in a box somewhere. It lasted decades.

u/nhmerino · 1 pointr/HomeKit

I’m having the same problem. Anyone knows of this would work in Europe with 220.

Leviton DH1KD-1BZ 1000W Decora Smart Dimmer, Works with Apple HomeKit

u/Gqsmoothster · 1 pointr/HomeKit

I use a Koogeek switch with this relay plugged in:

Enclosed AC/DC Power Relay with Protection & De-Bounce. Screw Terminals. 120V Trigger Input.

The relay senses the 120v and closes the circuit of the two wires from your fireplace. In my case the fireplace had an external thermostat connected to it. I took out the two wires from the thermostat switch and connected those two wires to the relay. Now when the relay senses current it closes the circuit of the fireplace switch but without adding any electricity to it.

u/richie510 · 1 pointr/HomeKit

Checking the price on camelcamelcamel shows that it as dropped slightly below $50, but has spent a lot of time at $100. I would assume it is related to limited supply. Note that idevices is selling for $80 on amazon, but it is not “prime”.

u/jodyw912 · 1 pointr/HomeKit

If you are up to doing a bit of wiring you can put together a rig that will work.
To do so you need to get a powered relay. There may be some on Amazon. Maybe something similar to this one but maybe one that already has a 220 plug on it.
Then use a iDevices or iHome plug to power it.
If not sure about wiring get an electrician to handle it.
Not quite a standard way of doing it but it would work.

u/mag2007 · 1 pointr/HomeKit

Ops, my bad, didn't noticed it wasn't from Eve.
Here is one from ONVIS:
Onvis motion sensor (
But it looks like, he is compatible with HomeKit too.

u/mattvandyk · 4 pointsr/HomeKit

I am looking for 2 things:

  1. A 2-pole 240v switch to operate my pool pump. This is the only thing I've been able to find. Does anyone have any other/better suggestions?
  2. A 1-pole 120v two-speed switch with load up to 8-10 amps to operate my attic fan/whole-house fan. This has been shockingly tricky to come by and frankly, I have no idea what to use. I think this should work, but it is single speed which means that I will be losing the "low" functionality of my fan (which is a big bummer because that's what we would use it at the most). Alternatively, some folks have pointed me to this one and indicated that I could set it up so that, say, 0% = Off, 50% = Low, 100% = High, but I'm a little sketched out by that. Any other suggestions? Wondering if this will work.