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u/InSixFour · 1 pointr/HomeMaintenance

You can get parts from any hardware store. They have them at Walmart. You can order from Amazon too. So lots of options. Here’s an Amazon link:

It’s cheaper at Walmart by a couple dollars. You can shop around by searching for “toilet tank repair kit.”

The kits come with fairly good instructions on changing out all the parts. If you need something a little more in depth or like watching videos check out YouTube. Here’s a video link for the kit in the Amazon link:

You can always come back here for help too! Good luck.

u/Mortimer452 · 2 pointsr/HomeMaintenance

These style mouse traps are the best. Easy to bait, easy to set, nearly impossible to get the bait without setting it off. A dab of peanut butter in the reservoir works well.

An excellent tactic that works really well with stubborn mice is to bait the traps but DO NOT SET IT for several days. Re-bait as necessary. Mice get used to a free meal at the traps every day. Then one day, bait and set them all, you'll get a mouse in every one.

u/jeldim · 1 pointr/HomeMaintenance

I meant somehow fit a filter on the intake grate, so the air if filtered on its way to the furnace. Is that a thing? I Googled it and found a product listed on Amazon that is a cut-to-fit filter to put on intake grates, but I didn't know if they were good enough on their own.

Something like this :

u/RickMcV · 1 pointr/HomeMaintenance

I use an outdoor plastic reversible area rug on my deck. It's woven recycled plastic and the style is available in many colors/patterns. It can be vacuumed, hosed off, scrubbed with a plastic bristle brush and best of all can easily be rolled up and moved by one person when it needs cleaning.


Something similar to this. Plastic Woven indoor/outdoor rug

u/syae · 1 pointr/HomeMaintenance

I'm not sure if you know that we have a grey PVC shower pan liner that goes completely around the interior bathroom wall except for the section between the door frame.

The following week includes many examples of a gray PVC shower pan liner:

Imagine if one of those gray PVC shower pan liner were properly installed except it had been cut between the door frame.

Therefore— except where the door frame meets the bathroom floor—it seems like it might be unnecessary to waterproof the area at the base of the interior walls because although the mortar is porous directly behind it the gray PVC shower pan liner is not.

Are you familiar with the following products?



I wonder if instead of using the rubber baseboard and sealing it with silicon as you suggested, perhaps it might be better to use one of those two products to waterproof the area where the door frame meets the bathroom floor.

u/bagomangopulp · 1 pointr/HomeMaintenance

If your apartment is in the basement, it's likely that the drains are not the problem. It's more likely that the water is coming in through the foundation. almost anything that needs to be done to fix this problem is going to require some pretty significant modifications/repairs. Since you are renting, I would reach out to your landlord.

In the meantime, to cut down on the moisture, consider hanging up some moisture removers

u/audigex · 1 pointr/HomeMaintenance

A drill plus a right angle adapter

You can also use a much smaller drill, or even better a compact impact driver which is a lot smaller than even the smallest drills

u/EveningNewbs · 1 pointr/HomeMaintenance

After you get it cleaned out, buy one of these. Just clean it out every time you shower and you'll never have a problem again.

u/MamaRabia · 2 pointsr/HomeMaintenance

This drain millipede is reusable and easy to use. We have the same type of drain and I use this all the time!

u/WyldTFyre · 2 pointsr/HomeMaintenance

I’ve fixed my own a couple of times, but I’m no expert. Use something like this, your local hardware store should carry something comparable. There are videos on YouTube as well. However, eventually you will have to replace the tub.

u/UpUpandAWAY_ · 1 pointr/HomeMaintenance

Yeah that metal piece can pop off and be replaced
YouTube has videos of it
There's cheaper ones too. I've replaced one with the Amazon one and it worked

u/Fauropitotto · 2 pointsr/HomeMaintenance

Use a screw driver to pry off the cap. Check youtube to see what I mean.

Of course, you don't need to remove any of this to grease them, you can use any aerosol lubricant that is able to use volatiles as a carrier to deposit the lube into the joint, then evaporates leaving the lube in place.

Silicon spray is perfect for door hinges. Won't leave any visible nastiness either.

u/HazelGhost · 2 pointsr/HomeMaintenance

I've been using these IKEA mirrors for years, but have had the devil of a time trying to mount them safely and effectively. They weigh about 1 lb each.

Reusable Scotch strips don't seem to do the trick (the mirrors fall after a day or so).
Permanent mounting tape holds... but rips up the wall on removal.

Are there any other options?

u/snakevargas · 1 pointr/HomeMaintenance

> professional to look at it?

Probably not, but you'll want to get it dried up ASAP. It can mold if it stays wet for a day or two. Especially if you have sawdust in the cavities. Drywall can dry out pretty quickly, or it can grow nasty mold if it doesn't have moving air to dry it.

I had a similar leak and I drilled several 1.5" holes in the downstairs wall and pointed a fan into the holes. I read that insulation doesn't dry out and I freaked out and pulled out the whole drywall panel a day later — but it was completely dry by then. You just need to force air through any wet cavities. You can rent high volume blowers at big box hardware stores or tool rentals.

Consider removing the affected baseboards to facilitate airflow.

If you like tools, you can get a moisture meter to verify that things are drying out.

u/MrSpiffenhimer · 1 pointr/HomeMaintenance

Something like this will work. You might be able to rent a similar device at a tool rental place.

You could also go with a handheld steamer, but that’s more for masochists if you have more than a single room of tile.

u/profmathers · 1 pointr/HomeMaintenance

I'm lazy, I just use a $6 plug-in outlet tester.

Power Gear 50542 3-Wire Receptacle Tester

u/anthonyalmighty · 1 pointr/HomeMaintenance

You can pickup a simple outlet test tool for very, very cheap:

I have one and use one to service homes new and old to test for common wiring fault problems. This could help you eliminate wiring issues from the problem.