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u/FrenchPressMe · 1 pointr/Homeplate

Thanks for the great reply! Looking at a couple cheaper equipment items on amazon - just to see if I really enjoy playing the sport again since its been so long!
Thanks for the length recommendation - that has been the hardest to find. Looking at this 19$ glove on amazon -

No good baseball stores around me other than big box stores walmart/academy sporting goods.

Excited to get back on the field! I definitely need to find a batting cage to get some practice in. Any good intro videos on fielding/hitting basics.

u/drinck7 · 1 pointr/Homeplate

I enjoy reading The Science of Hitting, I read it before every season and have book marks that I refer to throughout periods of the season if I am struggling. Its more of a mental thing, but helps with relaxation at the plate and a few mechanics.

I also have read The Mental Keys to Hitting in the past, another good one.

Another thing you can do is watch video of yourself, I like to compare swings with good contact/bad contact. I generally watch one part of the body to see if i did something different.

u/meanie_ants · 1 pointr/Homeplate

I don't know about antifog, but I just bought this cheapo pair on Amazon and I like them pretty alright. For me, perfect for beer league softball or men's league baseball.

u/dseals · 3 pointsr/Homeplate

Best way I practiced hitting by myself was with this thing. That turned my swing into a solid, straight line swing and got me comfortable with where my wheelhouse was in my swing, and once you get into a rhythm with it it's actually really relaxing.

u/TrendingSUP · 1 pointr/Homeplate

yeah, you can usually find some good deals on EBAY for decent balls that are cheaper than the shit OLB3s even.

But I found this on Amazon

probably can't beat this barring some sort of sale/steal on EBAY or AMAZON (a few months ago I found a dozen new MSBL balls on Amazon for 18 bucks shipped).

u/Vern-dawg · 2 pointsr/Homeplate

I recommend both of these. They are very good, very well laid out, especially the first one. Outside the conditioning aspect, to improve your game, you need to play. Hopefully your on a summer team to get reps in. Otherwise find a buddy trying out like you and start getting together. Hit in the cage, do some blocking, work on the pop time. Make your own schedule focusing most on your weak points.

u/Lord_Mordi · 8 pointsr/Homeplate

This is my favorite book that goes over all of that stuff you need to know in great detail.

u/ball_and_mitt · 3 pointsr/Homeplate

I got this set (may have been a little different since it’s been awhile) of weighted baseballs .

But I would start with a regular ball and increase your throwing distance slowly. You aren’t looking for velocity or throwing the ball “on a line.” Just getting those muscles use to throwing long distances for strengthening. Even if it’s a higher looping throw (not straight up in the air) it will work.

Once you feel that you have “peaked” (throwing the long ball isn’t pushing you any longer) then move to a 7 oz and start the process again.

u/slowbitch · 3 pointsr/Homeplate

For electrolytes I use this stuff from amazon. It's awesome. LyteShow - Electrolyte Concentrate for Rapid Rehydration - 40 Servings (With Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc)

u/bob_sacamano_junior · 1 pointr/Homeplate

This book helped me a lot. The chapters are really short and to this day I still read one or two before a start. It helps me focus on the task at hand and take some of the emotion out of pitching.

u/notfelixhernandez · 3 pointsr/Homeplate

There's this ball with a built in sensor for under $30. I've never used anything like it so I can't speak of its accuracy from experience, but the reviews are mostly positive.

u/bio7 · 1 pointr/Homeplate

For only $300 you can basically get a Stalker II Pro equivalent. I own one and it is extremely accurate and reliable.

u/adamt_22 · 3 pointsr/Homeplate

It really depends on the quality of ball you're looking for. These might be similar to the ones you're talking about, but they are terrible quality. The exterior of the ball is plastic, while a real baseball is made from leather. In soccer terms, it's similar to a glider replica instead of an official match ball.

If you're looking to buy baseballs, it'll be rare to find a place online selling a single baseball. This is an individual Major League baseball, but they're kind of pricey. It's up to you on what kind of baseball you're looking for.