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u/Trendy2 · 1 pointr/HuluLive

With a digital antenna, yes. Uncompressed HD as well - looks 5x better than what Hulu Live was sending. I just use the Mohu Leaf antenna, about $40 and they work really well in our home.

u/bubbamudd · 1 pointr/HuluLive

Hulu doesn’t stream ABC in my area so I got an antenna, Homeworx PVR, and 128 GB flash drive for the college football games. Hulu does have the tv shows a day /hours (?) after broadcast.

Some people reported using the ESPN app since ABC is owned by them. I just got the antenna to cover all the bases. Works great.

This is the antenna: AmazonBasics Indoor Flat TV Antenna - 35-Mile Range