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u/andrewsmd87 · 1 pointr/Huskers

If you're a beginner, then I recommend you get something like this or like his if you want the propane kind. DO NOT GET ELECTRIC.

After that, it's just all about meat temp, so make sure you get yourself a good portable meat thermometer. I recommend this guy. It'll give you the most bang for your buck.

After that, it's all about temperature, getting that brisket up to the right temp can take anywhere from 8-12 hours, depending on the cut. You can good recipes for rub and methods, but IMO, they'll always come out great, provided you get it to the right temp and slice it properly.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, smoking meat is something that looks incredibly complicated, but is in fact pretty damn easy. And it's an easy way to impress friends and family.

Other things you'll likely eventually want, but can get away without are some pit gloves a good long knife and a huge cutting board, if you don't have one.

u/16_oz_mouse · 3 pointsr/Huskers

If anyone hasn't read Jason Peter's book, it is a great read.

Bonus: He really truly hates Lou Holtz.

Hero of the Underground: A Memoir

u/goyotes78 · 2 pointsr/Huskers

Look like these to me:

adidas Golf Men's Ultimate Regular Fit Pants, Vista Grey, Size 36/30

u/padsker · 1 pointr/Huskers

I second this. Blackshirts flag is the only way to go in this situation. This one is pretty massive.

u/shawn77 · 5 pointsr/Huskers

Read 'Blood, Sweat and Chaulk'. It talks about TO and by extension Milt and inventing the counter trey.

u/tgbyfleming · 3 pointsr/Huskers

The stuff I bought says it has a controlled release of melatonin. Either it’s a placebo and it worked on me, or it actually does work

Edit: Changed word choice

u/apitillidie · 1 pointr/Huskers

Not sure on the shirt, but this will get you part of the way there: