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u/sassmo · 4 pointsr/IBEW

I'm going to 2nd a few things from other members:

Take care of your knees. Pocket kneelers are awesome and fit in the back pocket of most jeans or work pants.

Take care of your back. I had a 19yo kid who was in really good shape on my crew who blew out his back because he always lifted heavy shit without help.

Take stretch and flex seriously. Look up extra wrist, shoulder, and torso stretches and do them at home.

Pick up a portable, quick and convenient hobby. Board games, cribbage, magnet fishing, disc golf, etc. Mental health is also super important when you're working and driving long hours.

You're probably going to spend long hours driving at certain points in your career. Find something to listen to. NEC does a podcast. There are some really good fiction podcasts. Public libraries have a free audiobook app called Libby.

u/SkienceIsReal · 2 pointsr/IBEW

Hey man, your a 2nd year, don't beat yourself up. The jman should be working with you, giving you pointers and stuff.

If you don't have a nail apron yet, get one. It will significantly increase your speed. I use a 4 pouch nail apron and I love it. I put a tool pouch on it and when it's time for break I just unclip and all my tools are off.

Also see if the jatc has extra help pipe bending classes. Mine has about 2 extra ones per semester, they are on saturdays but it's well worth it.

u/WellThatsAwkwrd · 1 pointr/IBEW

This style of meter is pretty convenient. You can put one of the probes so it sits out of the meter so you can hold the meter while also testing instead of having to set the meter on something or have someone hold it

u/Brandincooke · 2 pointsr/IBEW

Apprentice Tool Set for Trade Professionals, 6 Piece Klein Tools 92906

$72 is the one he is referencing I believe

u/BirdPersonWasFramed · 3 pointsr/IBEW

this is the tool pouch I use and it’s more than enough. Going to big and your back will hate you.