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u/RomanBeanstalk · 0 pointsr/INJUSTICE

I know, but when I preordered the game, under the "Special Offers and product promotions" section, it says Darkseid is a preorder bonus and when I preordered, I'm unsure if it said that.

Then there is this part in the Terms and Conditions (click on "Here's how" in the Special Offers and Product promotions section): "Promotion applies only to qualifying items displaying the offer message on their product information pages. Items that do not display the offer message do not qualify, regardless of the nature of the item."

I'm not sure if the promotion was displayed when I preordered it.

u/BluBlue4 · 1 pointr/INJUSTICE

I bought the Hori FPS controller. $45~. It made sense for me since I needed a new ps4 and ps3 controller, the extra button, programmable buttons, larger frame and the turbo button helps with the lvl 20 grind. Read reviews to get a good pros/cons. I love it.

u/sauerbraten42 · 1 pointr/INJUSTICE

Ordered this one i don't have it yet but i heard good things about it. Price is ok and i prefer dpad to stick.

u/Deathly_rYaN · 1 pointr/INJUSTICE

Before I buy it, is this the controller that will allow me to set it to play endless overnight?

u/mikedante2011 · 1 pointr/INJUSTICE

Yeah one of my buddies playing MVC which would be nice, and my other friends do SF, so it would get play time regardless. I would be bummed if i couldn't get it to work out right for Injustice. Now my question is this - Do you use the Joystick on the controller to play Injustice? I fight it so hard to play and generally use the control pad on the controller. Have you used a Fight controller for Injustice?

u/code7747 · 1 pointr/INJUSTICE

what about something like this or this

u/indie_mcemopants · 2 pointsr/INJUSTICE

You could pick up the Hori Fighting Commander for Xbox. I haven't used one myself, but from reading around, a lot of people say it has one of the best d-pads for fighting games you can buy (DS4 included).

u/Sephiden · 1 pointr/INJUSTICE

There is a lot, ground zeros which is a prequel series is still ongoing.

It would be easier to get the volumes:
[](Injustice: Gods Among Us Year One: The Complete Collection

I won't link the rest right now but that ones the start

u/orion1973 · 1 pointr/INJUSTICE

put as much health and defense on your character as possible, do the endless multiverse. Then, buy this controller. It comes with a turbo function.

u/ColeWestley · 2 pointsr/INJUSTICE

but is the Ultimate Edition the same as the Ultimate Pack? The only place i've seen the Ultimate pack even mentioned is Gamestop and Amazon. Gamestop's description doesn't mention the shaders while Amazon's does.

u/metallichris17 · 5 pointsr/INJUSTICE

Go read this and re-evaluate your life.

u/CuzImMikeG · 3 pointsr/INJUSTICE

Get this, it's what Semij is using and I also have one so I can play with my friend on his ps4 and I have the ps4 one so my friends can play with their ps4 controllers on my xbox. I've had no issues and experienced no lag.

u/robynndarcy · 1 pointr/INJUSTICE

Hori mini. $60 Canadian at Toys R Us. Not sure what the US price would be or where you could find one in stores.

u/IIIMingLeeIII · 5 pointsr/INJUSTICE

I bought fightpad last year and it's a feature. I assign it to a button and it'd have the effect of pressing the button really quickly until I cancel it.

It's this one Hori Pad.