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u/TheThirdWhey · 1 pointr/ImGoingToHellForThis

Well I think I did make factual claims, but I definitely didn't justify them to a sufficient extent. Here are a couple of books which develop the only possibly contentious claim, that the U.S. and U.K. backed overthrow of Mossadegh led inexorably to the Islamic revolution:

I apologise that I can't really go into depth on this topic myself; frankly I'm not knowledgeable enough to come close to doing the argument justice, and I have simply drawn my conclusions from the existing available scholarship, such as the above.

It should be noted, however, that this is not a particularly controversial position; I'm not a historian and haven't studied history beyond the undergraduate level, or modern history at all, but as far as I'm aware there aren't many academic sources that would contradict the claim that the overthrow of Mossadegh and the subsequent perception of the Shah as a Western lapdog were significant contributing factors to the revolution of '79.

u/therealleotrotsky · 8 pointsr/ImGoingToHellForThis preserving in translation many classical texts that would otherwise have been lost. Do you think Aristotle contributed to the Western Canon? The Roman Catholic church sure does, just ask St. Thomas Aquinas. Now who do you think you have to thank for that? I'll give you a hint.

And guess who Aquinas' favorite commentator on Aristotle was? This guy named Averroes, whose full name was Abū l-Walīd Muḥammad Ibn ʾAḥmad Ibn Rushd‎.

Try reading a history book; you might start with A History of the Arab Peoples.

u/lowlifecreep · 1 pointr/ImGoingToHellForThis

the wiki on Korea before WWII and after is good for the facts.
I'm reading Nothing to Envy at the moment which recounts stories of defectors from after the war up until the present from North Korea. Gives a good incite to the day to day life of a North Korean.

There are some great films about the Korean War

Brotherhood of War

The Front Line

This film about the boarder of North and south is great also


u/MichaelLogic443 · 2 pointsr/ImGoingToHellForThis

Haha bro I feel u, no homo

guys with big roosters should stay united

btw I found the Shirt on amazon

u/jojojoy · 1 pointr/ImGoingToHellForThis

> DNA test to determine your ancestry and ethnic background. Oops

I didn't say genetics don't exist. Just that the concept of separate races isn't supported by them. Obviously if you did a DNA test on me you could see where my ancestors came from. What you couldn't say in any way that is supported by the scientific community is that I am somehow a separate species or race from someone else, just that I come from somewhere else.

I never said that ethnicity didn't exist.

I'm talking about books like this, ie: recent works that could help to introduce you to what are currently the most subscribed to theories.

Guns, Germs and Steel is widely discredited.

u/riptide81 · 22 pointsr/ImGoingToHellForThis

I don't think you could ever prove a perjury charge based on slang but acting like you could disprove it using a "slang dictionary" is pretty retarded.

Also it seemed weird that a dictionary supposedly from the 80's would describe things as dating to the 80's+. "Cassell's Dictionary of Slang was warmly received when its first edition appeared in 1998."

u/GodOfAtheism · 1 pointr/ImGoingToHellForThis

This is what got me more into dirty jokes. I was like 12 or so when I found it on my mom's bookshelf.

u/SlyUnderPillow · 3 pointsr/ImGoingToHellForThis

For those who want to know, this is real. Here's how to get your own.

u/3423553453 · 9 pointsr/ImGoingToHellForThis

There is no historical evidence of a written language in the entire sub-saharan region of africa at the time.

And no the slaves didn't come from the other regions of africa where was some written language called Ge'ez, they mostly came from Senegambia:

Also confirmed by my school textbook.

So you should really get out of your cucked history books, or maybe talk to actual historians:

[link removed because automod]AskHistorians/comments/1nz7k6/were_there_no_native_written_languages_in/

Also, there was no wheel and no two-story building and no vessel that could even dream of crossing the ocean, you want more ?

I know it's hard to swallow for liberals but humans are different, blacks have a bigger penis, better musculature, more testosterone = more inclined to violence = less inclined to get educated = lower IQ.

Asians have a smaller penis than whites but are also smarter so I don't see why blacks would have a problem acknowledging other differences.

Also, if you want to learn more about the history of humans on this planet: Great read.

u/[deleted] · -12 pointsr/ImGoingToHellForThis

On a more serious note, someone actually wrote a book about this called "40 Million Dollar Slaves".

I had to read it for a bullshit nigger loving English composition class in college. It's an alright book though.

u/Doisha · 1 pointr/ImGoingToHellForThis

If you go by the bible, which is literally the only source you can go by for this topic (Roman/Jewish historians only offhandedly mention Jesus's existence and execution, obviously don't talk about the theology of the situation), then Jesus did fulfill the prophecies.

So far, I've explained to you that early Christianity was literally made entirely of Jews that accepted Jesus as the messiah; they followed Jewish law, kept kosher, etc. I've also explained that, in spite of the fact that being a Christian could get you killed, so converting to Christianity was dangerous to your health, it became the dominant religion in the region, and later the empire. But here's another thing: Jews had a special status for religions in the Roman empire. They did not have to bow to the emperor or acknowledge him as a god, as all other religions did, because the Romans respected that the Jewish tradition went back more than a thousand years and was older than the Roman faith. When a Jew converted to Christianity, they lost that status; Christianity had no tradition, the Romans had no respect for it. When a Christian refused to bow, they were killed. Christians were accused of being witches, cannibals, cowards, and just generally dishonorable scum.

Of course, I'm assuming you didn't read that far into the comment because no matter what I say you just repost the exact the same sentence.

Its literally impossible to prove that Jesus fulfilled the prophecy and I can't even begin to try because the only source is the Bible and I am much more of a religious historian than a theologian. But what I have told you (and you've chosen to ignore) is that Christianity went from being a small group of Jews that accepted Jesus as messiah, to a large group of Jews, to a large and persecuted minority within the Roman empire, to the largest religion in the world. The number of people that accepted Jesus as the messiah has outnumbered those that don't for around 1900 years. The Bible, which is the only source you can go by for religious information, says that Jesus fulfilled the prophecies. So the core of your argument is basically "The Bible is a giant lie" and there's not really a way that I can dispute that, nor am I going to try to.

Sorry that it took me a day to respond to you; I'm sure you were holding your breath. My phone died when I just as I finished typing this yesterday and I finally got bored enough to type it again.

Here are some sources, in case you actually are interested in the history that I've been talking about:

Diarmaid MacCulloch, Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years

Any primary sources references in that book will be found in: John W. Coakley and Andrea Sterk, Readings in World Christian History, Volume 1: Earliest Christianity to 1453

Free online Bible, in many different versions including audio book

u/lawyer-up-bro · 188 pointsr/ImGoingToHellForThis

According to world renounced economist Thomas Sowell:

In the 50s, she would have been 20% more likely to have known who her father was. In terms of the decline of African-American family, welfare did more damage in one decade than slavery or Jim Crow did over generations. At-least, that is what the data concerning single parent households show.

u/tepocheclote · 31 pointsr/ImGoingToHellForThis

> That isn't science. Remember how gays were in the DSM until the psychiatric establishment backed down after some political protests? That's when they lost all credibility.

The "back in the day science said..." argument is frankly, fucking retarded.

Scientific theories are continually revised

I can guarantee to you that shit we believe to be true right now will be proven fucking wrong ten years from now.

And that's because that's how science works. Don't try to disguise your homophobia with a "call to science" when you obviously have not a single clue of what the scientific method entails.

I recommend you read Stephen F. Mason's "A History of the Sciences".