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u/RaN96 · 3 pointsr/ImSavingUpForThis

Don't buy a Yeti!! Blue mics are generally overpriced and offer the same quality that a cheaper alternative will get you. Get an AT2020 XLR and a phantom powered mixer. It'll be much much better than a Yeti and you can fine tune your audio settings with the mixer. If you don't want to deal with a mixer there is a USB version of the AT2020 that should save you $30.

There's also this bundle for $180 that comes with a Windtech Windscreen (Which is awesome, I use it on my AT2035) a pair of headphones and the AT2020 USB+.

u/darkpivot · 1 pointr/ImSavingUpForThis

A cheaper alternative that has worked REALLY well for me (especially if you're not a professional but still want great quality) is the Samson C01U. And it's USB!

u/karoop · 2 pointsr/ImSavingUpForThis

See if you can put your hands on this Berghaus Freeflow (Amazon UK) - it's the same size and I think it has very similar features to the Osprey, but the huge gap between the rucksack and your back is absolutely revolutionary and has increased comfort of my hiking tenfold!

u/its_the_internet · 1 pointr/ImSavingUpForThis

I absolutely love my Sigma 10-20mm.

You don't get the f2.8 speed, but otherwise it's a fantastic ultra-wide for the price.

u/ThoseGrapefruits · 3 pointsr/ImSavingUpForThis

I personally got Sony MDR-1706's not too long ago and absolutely love them. They've been making them for decades and they haven't changed at all. Check them out, certainly a lower price point than the Audio-Technica's and they are fantastic monitors:

If you do think about getting them, find some replacement earpads (the ones made out of velour). The stock ones are the same fake leather stuff that comes on most headphones and it makes a world of difference. The earpads I bought from Amazon aren't available in the UK for some reason, but I'm sure you can find them somewhere. With them (and even without them) the headphones are incredibly comfortable. I'll wear them for hours at a time with no problems.

u/techz7 · 1 pointr/ImSavingUpForThis

I dont have these ones exactly I have these ones. Four years ago I fractured my femur and since then I have had chronic knee pain that has prevented me from doing a ton of running/hiking. Getting these has been amazing because after you adjust the way you run to propper form landing on the balls of your feet the rest of me gets tired before I feel it in my feet. Also If you can I recommend finding a store around that you can find your exact size because they are in EU sizes and they are supposed to fit very precisely.

u/meowwehaveaproblem · 1 pointr/ImSavingUpForThis

Personally I don't like being tied to any one company. I like choice. One of these and a callcentrics account or any similar company will do the same thing.

u/zachstanley · 6 pointsr/ImSavingUpForThis

Reminds me of this . Except the casio is $14.

u/StarBP · 2 pointsr/ImSavingUpForThis

FWIW, the only difference between this and the cheaper model is that this one can plug into a mixing board.

u/fotolyfe · 1 pointr/ImSavingUpForThis

Get this instead:

go for the preamped one, plus the built is ergonomically better. I have the Rode VideoMic and the shock mount is suspended by those rubber bands. The rubber band caused a break in the mount, where the tabs are.

u/Jackrabbitnw67 · 1 pointr/ImSavingUpForThis

I agree with this guy full heartedly. Another option would be to spend $100 on an electric bur grinder and get a siphon coffee brewer instead. Just as quick if not quicker, you'll make a way better pot of coffee, and you get to impress your friends with your snobbish coffee methods all at the same time.

Or get an aeropress which isn't as fancy but still makes a killer cup of coffee and lightning fast.

Also buy a scale.

Here's all the stuff I just mentioned: