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u/gruebeard · 2 pointsr/Incense

I don't know if I've ever been inside a Hot Topic, but I can at least tell you that Dragon's Blood is a fairly common incense scent. You can almost surely find something pretty close, even if you can't find the exact brand. Do post a pic, tho. Good luck.

For example.

u/hdhrant · 5 pointsr/Incense

Shoyeido makes high quality incense that is especially beginner friendly. You can browse their entire line on their website and they also sell a lot of items through Amazon. Their Daily Assortment pack is a good introduction to their basic style, and Japanese incense in general. I particularly like their Plum Blossoms. I buy most of my incense from Japan Incense. They carry Shoyeido as well as many other great brands such as Baieido, Kunjudo, Keigado, Kunmeido, and Yamadamatsu.

u/balehominist · 3 pointsr/Incense

Here's what I've learned. This coil is part of a Shoyeido series called Horin. You purchased the highest grade in the series. It has a stiff learning curve, being a Kyara blend. I've noticed that it's hard to pin down- the notes shift and bend as it fills the space. It's got a tanginess that might be strange coming from the Bosen Blessing coils. All the coils in this series have oils and that might be strange for you too. The first in the series, Nijo, is a very easy entrance, but relies greatly on oils for it's surprising identity. The affordable sampler is the best way to get your head around the series.

u/samgarrison · 2 pointsr/Incense

I loved the last sentences. What say you!? What say you!? Lord of the Rings flashbacks! Such an underrated Aragorn quote!

Anyway, about the stuff...

Those are a set of pads for incense specifically.

That one is from China, but you can choose strips or pads.

Amazon also has a lot of Fireproof fabric in general. I think any would work, as long as it's breathable like cotton.

u/Mikon77 · 2 pointsr/Incense

I will definitely see if she could let me borrow some to try. I've heard that artificial are harmful and that it's best to stick to natural. The ones I am thinking about ordering for my first sticks are....

u/mercimer · 6 pointsr/Incense


Looks exactly like it, thanks!


Edit: I just ordered 84 bucks of incense, neat

u/mofaha · 1 pointr/Incense

No idea, I'm not familiar with their site. I found them on Amazon.

Correction! I don't think I was actually looking at Boston Commodities inventory at all, and when I search their Amazon store it doesn't bring up any results from them.

It turns out the Tokusen Kobunboku I saw actually came up in "inspired by your browsing history" and was from another vendor. It's here if you're interested. Bear in mind this is not a vendor recommendation since I haven't bought from this place before :)

u/adelinarose · 2 pointsr/Incense

Yes, this is why it's so hard to trust anything online...This has literally 1K reviews though, what do you think?

u/DrWolfypants · 4 pointsr/Incense

Is this it? Creationtop incense:

The one selectable one is close but not exactly the same is the Australian Sandal : it has the lotus flower pinch hand gesture. The other choices vary with color of tube and also with flowers.

u/Venividivixii · 2 pointsr/Incense

I like the Chandan Insense that I buy off Amazon. It has a very earthy/exotic smell to it. It isn't fruity or food like at all.

u/TheHighestEagle · 1 pointr/Incense

That's really weird I was just lighting some before watching game of thrones, got it the other day. Apparently some think it has therapeutic properties. It does chill me out in a way nag champa and super hit don't.

I don't know what the resin smells like but this is definitely good shit.

I highly recommend trying it. This is a damn good price too. I might have to jump on it myself.

edit: also see if you can find Prana. If you like woodsy spicy shit you'll like it. I've tried it by HEM.

u/titusap1975 · 3 pointsr/Incense

Second on the Nippon Kodo wisteria. It is simply amazing. It is one of the few incenses in our house that we regularly run out of since we burn so often!



u/Atyrius · 1 pointr/Incense

You should look into coreless japanese incense. Burns nothing but incense and barely any smoke.

My favorite.

u/derkajohns · 2 pointsr/Incense

I always use Wildberry brand sticks cause the local tobacco shop sells them. Just ordered my favorite scent as a cone from them. I'll let you know how they are!
Peach - 100 Wildberry Incense Cones

u/acupunturista · 1 pointr/Incense

I do think it's interesting that most traditional incense formulas are heavily based on woods and tree resins. There are probably many reasons why we do this and I think of phytoncides as yet another more modern chemisty-based way to understand his phenomenon. Even Bozen has a specific blend -

u/xxwolfpackof1xx · 2 pointsr/Incense

I actually just got a box of incense too, I don't think mine is fake. It doesn't put off any black awful smoke when burned and smells wonderful. Link to the incense and pics for comparison

Even if what i got is a knock of of the real satya brand it still smells amazing and nothing like cheap incense you'd find in dollar stores.

u/ditfloss · 1 pointr/Incense

I'm assuming you're somewhat new to incense? I'll let you in on my thought process, since I'm new too. Unfortunately, I'm a hypochondriac, so I think what I'm going to do is get an essential oil diffuser. I fucking love nag champa, and they make it in an essential oil form.