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u/shaman786 · 2 pointsr/IndiaInvestments

I think @partickbobstarpants has given a good list. And normally writing such a post will require at least 100 pages, here's something which I keep thinking about:


First, Learn meditation and staying calm. Losses are part and parcel of investing. People get high on wins and panic a hell lot when they take a hit. Sometimes withdrawing money too early. You need to be ready to take it on the chin. Sometimes you might come out looking like a fool. Just remember it happens with even the best of investors.


Second, there are multiple ways to win:


When you pick a Technical Analysis book, it show you some beautiful lines of Moving Averages predicting a stock going up and down, it will look down upon other techniques. What it doesn't tell you that Moving averages sometimes lag and whipsaw a lot.


When you pick up a Price Action book, it will show you beautiful charts of prices bouncing off Support and Resistance. It will again look down upon other techniques. What it doesn't tell you that in a fast moving market, no gives a shit about Pivots, Support or Resistance.


When you pick up a fundamental technique book, for example Value investing, it will show you beautiful examples of people buying companies at intrinsic value and then selling it off for double/triple gains. What it wont tell you is that finding correct intrinsic value is difficult even for Buffet.


It is not that each of these techniques don't work. The problem lies with people taking everything on faith and emulating what someone has said. People who are stuck in the copy mode, never win because all they know is to copy. Best investors are those who find their own way. The best example is the godfather of investing Warren Buffet - he started with Graham style deep value cheap stocks before shifting away to Munger/Lynch's good company at cheap price. He evolved and developed his own technique.


If you need a book to star off with, see if you can get a cheap copy of this: (while you can pirate it, I'd suggest buying so that the author can be rewarded for his work). The beauty of the book is that it is very basic as well as deep, things you will understand with experience. The point ,again, shouldn't be to copy his style word for word rather evolve your own.

u/Gaurav_Kuvera · 5 pointsr/IndiaInvestments

(2) A good starting point for an investor is -

- [Stocks for the long run]( Big takeaway - dont be scared of volatility. Stay the course and you will rewarded.

- [Random walk down wall street]( Big takeaway - true alpha is hard and other investors are equally smart so beating an index is not trivial.

- [Thinking Fast and Slow](,_Fast_and_Slow) Big takeaway - our biases are predictable and we can correct for them if we know them.

- [Devil Take the Hindmost]( Big takeaway - risk is real.

Have purposefully kept it small and diverse. More than often people list 20 book and the task seems so overwhelming that a vast majority chooses to not even start.

u/crabbytag · 1 pointr/IndiaInvestments

The Signal and the Noise, by Nate Silver. (Goodreads, Amazon)

Speaks about the way we make predictions in various fields, such as the economy, politics, weather, stock market, sports (which teams win championships, which players will become successful) and others.

He's the chief editor of the news website fivethirtyeight. Although its America-centric, the quality of the reporting there is peerless because its entirely backed up by data, rather than opinion.

u/hapuchu · 1 pointr/IndiaInvestments

If you want to know more about /u/vineetr said then you should read this book. It is pretty good.

u/kuwze · 1 pointr/IndiaInvestments

I think most TA is bs, but it is worth checking out Evidence-based Technical Analysis by David Aronson if you are interested in the domain.

u/learnnorsk · 1 pointr/IndiaInvestments


This book seems to have lots of information on why this portfolio is beneficial. Am still reading it.

It mentions exactly what you have stated. It also compares it with the 60/40 portfolio.

u/TeraBaapRandwa · 7 pointsr/IndiaInvestments

Why would countries buy more gold then? Each country is regularly increasing their gold vaults. When currencies fail, gold will decide your worth. Gold is much more than hedging against inflation, especially in a country like India.

Read this book. It's really good.

u/attofreak · 1 pointr/IndiaInvestments

I am just learning the very basics of stock trading. I started with Why Stocks Go Up and Down, and if I am done with it, I'll try Little Book of Value Investing. Maybe by then I will be able to comprehend The Intelligent Investor. The last one is considered a classic, but also too dense for novices.

u/craytheon · 2 pointsr/IndiaInvestments

Yes you need to learn technical analysis, if you did not know that what exactly were you doing in the last 6 months?

u/vineetr · 5 pointsr/IndiaInvestments

Found this free course scheduled to be held over 4 weeks later this year. The accompanying textbook: "Corporate Finance" by Ivo Welch, is available online(free). Reviews for the earlier edition of the book indicating it is promising for a novice.

I think this might turn out to be a decent course for someone who hasnt understood concepts like CAPM.

u/chabuboola · 1 pointr/IndiaInvestments

I think in this kind of falling markets, some people use value averaging.

Does someone use this technique here? I have not read the book but here is a recommended book.

u/joydeepdg · 5 pointsr/IndiaInvestments

> Was someone able to identify something fishy in their publicly released statements (balance sheets, P&L) or any other news/indicators which could have acted as precedence to something being wrong and thereby avoid such companies in their investment portfolio?

There are some ways to check this - but nothing that is 100% reliable.

You should read about Beneish M-Score and Financial Shenanigans.

The M-Score tries to predict if the reported earnings are being manipulated.

The book Financial Shenanigans looks at common ways companies try to manipulate earnings, cash flow and other metrics in their financial reports.