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u/killing_time_at_work · 2 pointsr/InlandEmpire

I have an Amazon basics antenna for the bedroom TV. Works great.

For my living room TV, I have this RCA antenna. It's small enough to mount in the attic, or even in a closet. Costs a little more than the "leaf" type antennas, but range is great.

u/CAD007 · 4 pointsr/InlandEmpire

Take a road trip up Hwy 395 to the Manzanar camp. A very solemn but informative place. There is a visitors center with artifacts and you can drive or walk the grounds.

This is a very good documentary dvd about an entire community in San Pedro being interred and looted:

u/CutthroatTeaser · 1 pointr/InlandEmpire

Bought one, liked it so much I bought another to replace the cushion on my mom's futon. The prices fluctuate a lot, and different colors have different prices. First I bought a chocolate brown one in Feb for 135, then I bought a tan one for 110 in May.

u/vapeducator · 1 pointr/InlandEmpire

My neighbors are frequently confused when their power is out but they still see my lights and TV on and they hear the audio playing.

I have several of these Uninterruptible Power Supplies. Sometimes they're on sale from as low as $100-120, with their regular prices from $150-200. This cheeper one uses a modified stepped-wave inverter that will work with most electronics, but this better one has a pure sinewave inverter output that will work for even the most sensitive medical equipment. You can use the CamelCamelCamel price checker plugin app for Amazon to watch for price drops.

If you build a few PCs and get a few SmartTVs that are highly power efficient, then you can have enough backup power for Internet, phone, cable TV and LED lighting for more hours than any recent power outage. I have an ultra low power 35W TDP PC and 4K TV for under 100 watts.