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u/glatts · 1 pointr/Insta360

Thanks for the advice!

I went with this selfie stick which is about 12 inches shorter at max length than the extended selfie stick from Insta360, but It also has the option for you to extend it to around 47 inches, which is the length of the standard stick for Insta360, so it's kind of like having both sticks in one. Hopefully the slightly shorter length will also help with the wobbliness. Have you used your stick in the water yet?

I didn't like how the venture case looked underwater compared to the dive case. I wound up buying both just to be safe.

Regarding the cards I saw they recommended a UHS-I V30 with a max storage capacity of 256 GB so I went with the 256 GB version of this. I'm thinking I probably need another card anyways. Do you think it makes a difference to go to a V90? It doesn't look like Sandisk makes one and I don't know how well the other brands work (I've seen on here people have problems with other brands such as Lexar. The card I got is only about $50 on Amazon.

Got any recommendations for a cheap storage case or alternative solution for all this gear? Space is very limited. I was thinking of putting the venture case on it and covering it in a closeable silk pouch I have for sunglasses.

u/qroft · 2 pointsr/Insta360

That's why I bought me the Insta360 AIR.
As I already published a few weeks ago, it is possible to use the headphone jack of the smartphone to be used as a live-in either with a y-cable or a TRRS cable.

Last night I finished my first LIVE streaming test with 2Mbits in quality and I am absolutely astonished by the result. Keep in ond that you can go up to 10mbits, what should result in a perfect stream.
Here is the result:

But now what about your camera?
I suggest this: Try a USB hub. I tried this to see if I can use the cam via its usb type-c and at the same time charge my phone via usb type A.
It was not possible.
Maybe for you this could work out!?
These hubs cost about ~30 bucks but they offer several advantages as long as you use the type-c features.

OR: record the session separately. I record my mixes audio with a Zoom H2n and add that track later in post production.

u/xamar6 · 3 pointsr/Insta360

For the same purpose I bought this aluminum piece for ~$10 a couple of weeks ago and I'm pretty happy with it:

u/kick4h4 · 2 pointsr/Insta360

I had an old LG 360 cam, for which I bought a few stands, and found that this one, from Amazon, is quite useful with the insta360 selfie stick.

Since the selfie stick has a 1/4" socket on the bottom, this screws in, and gives you a very small stand that produces a tiny artifact at the bottom of the picture.

It's not wide enough for use on rugged or tilted terrain,but for a reasonable level area, it works quite well. The legs fold up, and though they don't click into place when closed, this can be left on the bottom of the stick when using it as a monopod, or it works as a handle if you're holding the stick.

u/ken579 · 3 pointsr/Insta360

I bought this Powerextra brand and it seems to have more stamina than the OEM batteries. Either way, definitely worth the price.

u/QuarkXPressU · 2 pointsr/Insta360

Recently I bought (09/30/2019) this remote on Amazon and it works with the Insta360 One X (firmware 1.18.32) photo mode only. It won't work with video mode for some reason. When in video mode, I press the remote shutter and the Insta360 One X switch to photo mode (about 1 to 5 seconds delay) to take a 360 photo instead of a video. Here is the review I posted for this remote shutter on Amazon.

"I bought this for my iPad and the Google Pixel XL phone. For some reason I decided to test it with the Insta360 One X since the Insta360 One X remote control is out-of-stock anywhere I looked (as of 10/04/2019). After I connected the remote shutter with the iPad's Insta360 app, I am able to take 360° photos. I have the latest firmware upgrade from Insta360. The one caveat is that it would not take 360° video even I manually switch the Insta360 camera to video mode. Even it doesn't take videos, I think I might use this at some point until I can get my hands on the actual Insta360 One X remote control."

Here is the video I posted on YouTube regarding this remote control in case you are interested. Remember, it only works in the photo mode for me.

u/EwanG · 1 pointr/Insta360

Not bad. I actually ended up with this:

Which works great for the camera (had to get a Go Pro to 1/4 inch adapter), but most of this is taken up by the stabilization frame and tubes. So I still may want to give the one you've linked a try since right now I have to carry a belt pack to have anything else on me.

u/spyboy70 · 1 pointr/Insta360

I still want the real remote (for the GPS function), but also just ordered a cheap BT remote after watching a few videos on it

for $8, it's worth taking a change


u/PM_ME_YOUR_GREENERY · 1 pointr/Insta360

I do have a 1/4" metal knurled mount point for the straps.

It looks pretty similar to this, I forgot where mine came from.

u/creature-ofhabit · 2 pointsr/Insta360

Yeah I saw that. Even last year the first model was expensive. I went with the ravpower route during my last trip: sd to ssd backup (see below). Was hoping to find a way to do direct backup instead of carrying the RAVpower around.

I’ve been playing with the idea of backing to my mini iPad but it’s generally not enough space as I only have 64gigs. I can use 600gigs on a week long trip

u/yaamen · 1 pointr/Insta360

I use the Joby Micro Tripod. Smallest I've found and is well built.

u/murrayrobb · 2 pointsr/Insta360

Get the Sandisk Extreme! Literally the only card I’ve ever needed and never failed on me.

u/Ne0nguy · 2 pointsr/Insta360

You could screw a lanyard into the bottom of the selfie stick with something like this:

But you will still need to be careful since its a single point of failure. If it becomes unscrewed when you aren't looking it will fall.

u/Octogenarian · 2 pointsr/Insta360

I got this one and returned it because the knob to tighten the ball joint stuck out and was always visible and never invisible.

Smatree Q3 Telescoping Selfie...

u/HeadF0x · 3 pointsr/Insta360

I don't think I can ever trust myself with a drone - I'll definately cause some sort of accident lol


I used something very similar this to attach the camera to my sunroof - nothing special!


Well that plus one of these extension bars (two to a pack)


aaaand one of these: