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u/shinymetalass · 1 pointr/Invisible

I can truly empathise with you and I'm so sorry that it has been so rough. I'm 23/f with fibromyalgia and the the past year and half of the 8 years I've had it have been the worst. Fact is your life has changed, maybe not permanently, but in the here and now, it's different. Is it fair? No. But you can adjust to this life change and still be happy or at least, happier. I found this book very helpful in changing the way you think and interpret your sickness.

Have you thought about changing therapists if the therapy isn't working? I go to pyschotherapy and have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I also need antidepressants to keep my mood and depression in check ALONG with therapy. Since it is so severe, you could talk with your GP and see if he would prescribe anything or have suggestions.

In terms of work, I'm working part-time at home for a family business so I get a bit of occupation and some cash. Have you tried a part-time job or maybe helping out a close friend or family's shop if possible?

Friends may come and go. I realised who my real friends are when I got sick. Lost one very close one and other friends and solidified some others. It's hard. They may never get it. Don't feel afraid to go to them for support nevertheless. Friends are supposed to be there for you, though thick and thin, good AND bad times. Feel free to PM if you want to vent or talk. I'm on reddit everyday and throughout. You may not be able to go out with friends or bf but you can still keep in touch over the phone or online video chats. It's not the same but at least you can have a good convo.

What are your hobbies? Indulge yourself in them since you are unhappy. Do those things that bring a smile to your face.

I really hope things turn out better for you and soon. Don't give up. It can get better.

u/A-G-Moore · 2 pointsr/Invisible

I have suffered from Lupus for many years. I have recently completed my first book, "These Are The Faces of Lupus". Writing this book as been therapeutic, and I hope is will be useful (and entertaining) to others who suffer from Lupus, and those who enjoy a good book.

u/Jadis4742 · 2 pointsr/Invisible

This is the most comfortable folding cane I've found, but now I've discovered it makes a clicking noise whenever it's used on a hard surface. So that's annoying.

Still much more comfortable than my first couple of canes.